Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Lancôme Oscillation Mascara

Mascara, mascara...
how much I need thee
but how lazy I am to use thee...
When fairy godmother waved her mascara wand...
ahem...Oscillating Mascara Wand...
I have to take a closer look...
and give it a try...will it be happily ever after for me and my lashes?

Lancôme Oscillation says ---

7000 oscillations per minute

Press the button and experience a breakthrough sensation in application. In one easy new gesture, let the vibrating brush combined with an exquisitely smooth formula wrap every lash up to 360°.

Instantly see a fascinating gaze: lashes appear ultimately extended, remarkably separated, and virtually multiplied in number.

Askmewhats says ---

  • love the size of the brush, perfect for my lashes
  • as compared to other oscillating mascaras: I love that I have control on the on and off switch
  • no more wiggling
  • I find this perfect to use on other people especially clients who have very short lashes, I don't need to wiggle much which may cause mascara to be scattered all over her eye area.
  • because of it's nice length, I don't even need to curl the lashes especially on mature clients who hates eyelash curling.
  • lengthen the lashes, curls it even without using the curler
  • no smudging
  • the wand is not too wet as compared to other mascaras
  • I seriously love the brush of this mascara! It's perfect for my lashes!
  • battery died down on me in less than 3 months :(
  • battery super difficult to remove
  • pricey as compared to other mascaras
  • clumps a bit (but this can be fixed by brushing my lashes again with a lash comb)


Did I ever tell you I'm a lazy mascara user? I can easily go through full makeup and forget about putting on mascara...I know I know...don't blame me..it's just..me!

Ever since I started using the Lancôme Oscillating Mascara, using mascara daily is something I look forward as I'm enjoying the "ticklish" sensation on my lashes and how much it lengthen my non-existent lashes. Come to think of it, the reason why I'm lazy to put on mascara is because I'm lazy to curl my lashes! And using this mascara can let me get away without curling my lashes which is a plus factor! :)

The only downside? I don't know why but the battery of my Oscillating Mascara died down just this morning and I haven't even used it daily and it's definitely less than 3 months :( Sadness!

  • no need to wiggle, just apply starting from roots slowly going to the tips
  • apply 2-3 coats as many as you like depending on the "type" of lashes you want
  • if you still find that this mascara clumps your lashes, use a mascara comb and gently comb your lashes through...perfect de-clumping method!
  • if your battery died down same as mind, you can purchase LR44 battery.

Will I repurchase?

If this mascara is on discount! (yes, cheapo Nikki strikes again)

Where to purchase and how much?

At Lancôme Boutique Greenbelt 5 for Php1,995 (approx $42.00)

A close up look at the on & off button

Thanks to the hubby
Here's to show you
how to change the battery

Do you think your lashes are worth oscillating?
Or would you go for regular mascara?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm scared of vibrating mascaras.... Sooo close to my eye!! I'm very accident prone..... I don't think it would end well for me :)

  2. Hmmm...I'm thinking that I always keep my mascara brushes, so if the battery can be replaced, I can get the cool vibrating mascara once - and keep the brush ;D.
    And other Lancome mascaras work brilliantly :).
    But I'll probably wait for this to go on sale too, because I'm so bad at buying base/staple make-up (lol) ;).

  3. I'll pass on this..I hate removing mascaras at the end of the day haha and I still have so many lancome mascaras I haven't used up yet (and they are all over 6 months old) tsk tsk :)

  4. I'm intrigued with the idea of a vibrating mascara, but I feel like it wouldn't make a difference?

    I'd have to try it myself, lol.

  5. Oh i tried this one at the counter before. I didn't like it because it smudges and clumps on me! Plus, it's so expensive!!

    But it great to hear that this one works so well on you!! :D

  6. wow i think it works well on u nikki. i have never tried this before though, but i doubt i iwll get it since its pricey + im also not a mascara fan. haha

  7. Oooo, thats so expensive! I'm sorry that the battery died out so soon especially since the mascara is 42$! I wonder if the Maybelline oscillating mascara also dies out so soon.

  8. It really lengthens your lashes and curled them up! :D
    But I think I'd pass on this. Besides the hefty price tag, the mascara isn't really volumizing, which is the most important feature I'm looking for in a mascara. :)

  9. ♥ Kendall ♥, it was scary to look at at first, but I don't feel the vibrations anymore afterwards, I am getting used to it :)

    Cris,I have thought of that too! :)

    Crystal Gale, Me too! i hate removing them at the end of the day! But I really am in DIRE need of longer lashes :)

  10. Arezu, I think other mascaras can work the same!

    Jenn, sorry about the smudging and clumping, I haven't seen any smudging on my side but the clumping is true!

    Prettybeautiful, we are the same! I'm not into mascara too!

  11. Y, I know, I felt bad the battery died down on me too! :(

    Shuu, I know, I am looking at the photos and my lashes are curled up at an angle eventhough I didn't use any curler :)

  12. Aww love the lashes girl especially the side view! I am not really into oscillating stuff, I'm pretty much fine with my Maybelline Intense XXL primer and mascara, and L'oreal Voluminous, but this really worked good for you. I'm impressed. :)

  13. I'll have to think twice about this one! It's very technical!

  14. The brush of mascara looks really nice. Totally cool size for lashes. It's looks so nice on your lashes too. So natural curling.

  15. Mascara isn't my fave makeup too -..- but I try to use it because I'm lacking long and abundant eyelashes :p

  16. The Shades of U, awww, I'm glad you liked it, I like the way it curled up a bit :)

    JC, hahah it is a bit too technical! LOL

    Anastacia, I love the wand the best! :)

    hana, same with you, mascara is the least favorite makeup item which i direly need! LOL

  17. If I had a mascara like that, i will never be LAZY! :D

    We have tons of fake lashes around us and it's a breather to see you Lancome-ized lashes, Nikki. They look so natural.

  18. much as i love lancome i don't think i would actually buy this..hehe

    its too expensive for a mascara...

    one of my policy is to not spend too much for a product that will expire in 3 months...
    i think it would be a waste of money naman..
    lalo ngayon at taghirap tyo

    but i have to say that it does make your lashes look fuller & longer!

  19. Oh wow, you changed the battery! How coool is that? I may link you in my Oscillation post if that's okay. I doubt I'll be replacing the battery since I review a new mascara every week. Mascara is the one thing (other than lip balm and liner) that I feel like I HAVE to wear everyday. I look dead without it. LOL!

  20. i got excited after seeing your before and after pic, but for 1995? ouch!

  21. The mascara looks great on you! But I think I'll pass since it's so expensive and I prefer more volumizing mascaras anyway. And I'm not convinced I won't poke myself in the eye with the vibrating wand, I'm so clumsy!

  22. herroyalbleakness, hahahah I know what you mean, I am too lazy to apply fake lashes too! :) Thanks for liking this on me!

    ~tHiAmErE~, I know what you mean, we aren't easy on spending stuffs for mascara especially the life span of mascaras are the shortest :) Thanks for your thoughts on this!

  23. B , I don't mind you linking the changing of battery! lol I am that desperate! i love the mascara! and I want to maximize it! What a girl to do??? lol

    Gel, sorry! :( hahahha

    Gio, I know what you mean, I am looking for both volumizing and lengthening too, so I actually use 2 mascaras at times!

  24. i love how you wrote "cheap nikki strikes again" its so cute

  25. thanks for the instruction on how to change batteries...i just bought mine and i loved it...anyway, the girl in lancome told me that if the battery dies before 3 months they will replace them...just give it back to them together with your receipt...hope this helps...i mine in rustans essences (g4)...

  26. M :) You know how cheap i can get LOL But hey quality doesn't suffer :)

    Cathy, thanks for letting me know :) I can change them myself! at least I don't have to go back to Greenbelt for this :) Thanks though, will keep this in mind :)

  27. Maybe the battery is only meant to last for 3 months. O_O I mean, mascaras should be thrown away after three months right?

    1. Hi Anonymous, oh no, the battery ran out in just a month! :)

  28. If the battery runs out, and you can't easily find "LM44", you can also use Energizer "357" as a substitute.


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