Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation

I've always had my arms open for Mineral Makeup. But having them in powder form can really be a pain in the "arse" at times! It is embarrassing to have someone clean the air conditioner asks: "Anyone using powder products daily????" I tried to deny it...but either I tell them the truth or they'll think my husband is gay! I go for the Truth..no choice..no choice... hahaha

Imagine the excitement when I learned there's liquid mineral makeup available in the market! And best of all? It's within reach!

Maybelline Clear Smooth Liquid Foundation says ---

Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation is breathable yet full coverage that gives a healthy luminosity.
Clinically proven: No oil. No fragrance SPF 18/PA+++
Directions: Apply prior to sun exposure. Dot on forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Smooth with downward strokes until well blended
Net: 18ml
Made in China
Shades available:
C02 Rose White, N02 Shell Beige, W02 Natural Buff, W03 Apricot Sand

Askmewhats says ---

  • very lightweight
  • no breakouts
  • inexpensive
  • coverage is build-able
  • has SPF!
  • the mineral liquid foundation dries up to powder finish
  • doesn't dry my dry skin
  • evens out my skin tone
  • no weird scent
  • its mineral makeup and it's NON-MESSY!
  • people who are looking for HEAVY coverage will find this quite sheer
  • needs to retouch for oilier individuals
  • too much wrinkles on skin? this sets in fine lines (so be careful in application, use a primer prior to application)

This has a consistency of a tinted moisturizer, I find that using this sparingly gives out a nice glow minus the coverage. If I want more coverage, I can easily pile on the product without it going thick and cakey on me. Piling on the liquid mineral foundation gives out a soft dewy finish. I can easily cover up more flaws by setting it with a setting powder or a powder foundation.

This is a great product to take along for my traincase because it works so natural for people who requested for natural look. Would you believe this would be great for kids' makeup and also men's? I'm talking about special occasions like weddings. If they opted for natural look, this is a great product!

  • if you own this and have some breakouts: please do not skip the step of concealing
  • if you don't need too much coverage: using this alone works.
  • if you want medium coverage: lightly dust your face with a setting powder
  • if you want heavier coverage: after applying your liquid mineral foundation, pat on your face gently with your choice of Powder Foundation. I've tried it and it gave me a really nice even coverage.
  • if your skin oils up after a couple of hours: use a face primer prior to foundation application
  • practice applying this using different tools, sponge to brushes to fingers and see which one worked the best for you. Personally, using a wet sponge works for me.
Will I repurchase?

Yes! In other shades as they are so affordable

Where to purchase and how much?

Maybelline counters nationwide for Php299.00 (approx $6.25)

Now wouldn't you want to be up close and personal with this product?
Shade in Natural Buff
(Thanks to Jim Ros from Maybelline,
he told me the perfect shade for me is Shell Beige!)

Squeezy tube

Ingredients list

Consistency, shade
pea size amount on hand

Here's a before and after shot

Used 2 pea sized amount on one cheek

See how it even out my skin and undereye area?
but it does not COVER everything

Hope my review helps out girls out there who are on a budget for a good quality foundation! Share to me your experience with this product if you own this! I'll be glad to share tips and tricks with everyone!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!

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  1. I've always been intrigued about mineral liquid foundations especially Maybelline's, but when I saw that Maybelline's has parabens and all the other stuff that are not in pure mineral makeup, I just had to put Maybelline down. Can you do an update on this? Like after month's usage just to see if you get any irritation. Thanks for the review, Nikki.

    Have a great day

  2. I've roughly tried this before based on their samples in watsons or guardian
    I must say I do prefer Rimmel's Lasting Finish 16 Hour Foundation

  3. I have this but can't try it as the shade is too dark for me :( Nice to hear that it works though :)

  4. ooo...looks great on you! :) i wonder if this'll hold out on my oil-slick skin though..hmmm...maybe should try and see... :D

  5. Thanks for the review Nikki!! :D

    Hmmm... how come it looks so good on you?? lol!! :D Ok, i'll give it another go with a wet sponge and see if it's better! :D

  6. Shopn'Chomp, thanks!

    Tish, I know what you mean about Parabens I'll use it more and let you know how it goes, askmewhats revisits for sure!

    LyNn, thanks for your feedback, no rimmel down here! So i'll settle for Maybelline for now :)

  7. PB, I know what you mean if it's the wrong shade, it just won't work for you!

    Bee, oohh Oil slick skin ? You can try this with primers! Don't even try to use this alone! LOL Oil land! for sure !lol

    Jenn, hahahaha wet sponge, give it a go and see how it goes, then try to pat on with setting powder :) it's a hassle but at least you're not wasting the current one you own :)

  8. wow it suits you! very natural coverage. im using the angelfit foundie, it has the same shades as the mineral foundie. Im using N02 shell beige. I think we have the same skintone! yey! at first i was torn whether to buy the angelfit or the Mineral. I'll try this after my Angelfit runs out.. This is nice coz may SPF18..

  9. glad that you are liking this. i'm oily skin and i love this. :) i also don't get bothered with the parabens since it is in minimal amount. :)

  10. Thanks for the review! I've got the Pure.Minerals liquid foundation and I think it's excellent! I wear Ivory 10 and I'm NC20.

    I think that Maybelline's mineral foundations are really underrated, but like you say, they are very good!

  11. for the price i would say it does quite a good job! i think if i were to choose between powder and liquid, i'd prob prefer liquid anytime

  12. i saw this at watson's nung minsan and i wanted to try it..but i still have some bb creams and i didn't know what shade to get..did it oxidize on you? i have relatively oily skin kaya i need to set my foundations with powders..but since you like it i'd like to try it too :) what shade would you recommend? i'm between nc20-25..you see my photos naman hehe

  13. Oh wow!! Looks great :D Gives such a dewy smooth finish... will def. check this out~

  14. Thanks for the review. It looks great on you! I wanted to try this but even their lightest shade is too dark for me. I'm glad that it works for you though.

  15. i've been curious about this product too!

  16. Khymm , yes if Shell Beige is your shade, then we do have the same skintone :) I haven't tried Angel Fit myself :)

    Shen, sis! I know, you look great with this foundation! :)

    JC, ooohh Ivory, I guess we're on the same NC20 but I'm more on the warm side :) Yes, they are underrated and they do create great products!

  17. Prettyybeautiful, for the price, it is worth it! :) I know what you mean about the messy powders lol

    Miemiemie, so far, I've used it on me and didn't oxidize on me! :) Shen used it and she's got very oily skin and she loves this! :) NC20-25, you could be Shell Beige too OR natural buff :) They'll both work for you :)

    e.motion in motion, i'm glad you like the dewy finish! :)

  18. Gio, it is my pleasure, sorry the shade doesn't match you though :) e is too dark for me. I'm glad that it works for you though.

    Crystal, its really great to try this product because they are affordable, in a nice squeezy tube and it's easy to use :) Goodluck!

  19. the foundation looks great on you!! gives you a lovely glow :D

  20. ooh i have this! though it doesnt last on my skin :( you gave me an idea. if i get in a good mood, i want to make a review of all the foundations i own. but im too lazy haha

    really appreciate you always taking time to make reviews and what not. :D

  21. OoO.. Thanks, for the review. I've wanted to try this.

  22. NicNic, thanks! I do love the glow too!!! :)

    Steph, I know what you mean, I do expect it not to last on everyone's skin due to its dewiness too :) Thanks for appreciating my reviews and for letting me know it helps :)

    jasmin, you're welcome!

  23. Hi!
    I'm intrigued by MMUs, because they seem to have a lot of benefits and it looks natural. I want to try a MMU foundation powder, but I'm torn between cover girl's trublend and maybelline's mineral power. Could you please give me advice on which one is better?
    thank you:) btw, I love your blog-you rock!

  24. Margarita, actually, I am loving both. Hmm...let's say the Maybelline Mineral one has more "natural finish" that has a bit of a glow while the Cover Girl's Trublend is more of a matte finish :) So it really depends on what type of finish you're looking into. Hope this helps

  25. 299 lang po yan? i thought 599 yan... do know the prices of maybelline clear smooth mineral make ups? hoping for your reply... thanks..

  26. Hi Anonymous, thanks for your query, I've emailed the wonderful people from Maybelline and here's the list of prices:

    Clear Smooth Mineral Make Up line:

    Powder Foundation: P599
    Liquid Foundation: P299
    Blush-on: P499
    Concealer: P469

    Hope this helps

  27. Do your prefer to this for me? Haha. Uhmm, comment ka nalang sa blog ko para mabasa ko kagad yung reply mo. :))

  28. ive read several of your reviews.
    and i should thank you for reviewing this. :)
    i immediately purchased this after reading your review, and it works very well on me. i love how it slightly lightens my dark undereye. i have to say that for someone like me who doesn't wear makeup very much, this product did a great job.
    thanks again nikki! :)

  29. SOFIA! I can't tell sis pero if you are on for heavy coverage then no na! But if you want dewy natural finish, this is great!

    Eiykaa, hey thanks girl for letting me know that my reviews are helpful to you and thanks for giving me a feedback that this works for you

  30. hi Nikki...I really like your blogspot...please more on mascara and eyeliners....
    and please use darker shade for your letters...
    hehe...it is so hard to read kc e...TY!

  31. hi!
    I've read it contains paraben..won't it be harmful for our skin?
    thanks! :)

  32. as far as i know mineral make up only contains the main ingredients like titanium dioxide, iron oxide and other that is exclusively for mineral make up only. this product contains paraben and this will unlikely cause irritation of the skin and notice that the titanium dioxide is labeled at the bottom of the ingredients which only means that its not an effective make up..

  33. will it leave a dark yellowish colour after you apply for hours? i've use different brand of other foundation liquid and all those disappointed me...the first few minutes after applied makes me look fairer and brighter...but after sometimes, it turned my face dark yellowish colour! i wonder this maybelline foundation liquid will give that bad effect too?

  34. @Anonymous Better na? hahahah yup back to dark background light font :)

  35. @yannemishan09 all makeup will cause harm to skin so its really better if you use less and check on ingredients! :)

  36. @Anonymous You know what? I think your skin is acidic which means most of your foundation will turn yellowish or darker on you! Have you tried on using 2 shades lighter foundation on you? It looks really fair at first but once it settles down, it goes to your original shade!

  37. Hi! :)

    I have a question about this, I just finished make up school and I'm starting to build my make up especially for gigs. Recently I received a request to do make up for an afternoon wedding for the entourage, do you think this foundation can do the job? I'm a bit in a tight budget pa kasi heheh :D hope you can reply and or send me suggestions, love your blog! :D

  38. @Make Art by Karla So far this can be used for clients BUT it depends on the skin condition, you have to prep them really well with a primer especially if they are oily :)

  39. Hey Miss Nkki . Wanna ask , is it ok or like appropriate for me to use concealer? I have red spots and dark spots in My face and its kinda embarassing! >.< Im only 16. Any Tip?
    -Anyways, its @Juno.

    1. hi Juno, yes, you can feel free to use concealers applied only on red spots and dark spots of your face then set with powders. But since you're only 16, try to be careful on not using a lot of products on your face, sometimes, it's the growth hormones and it'll be gone before you know it! Just keep in mind to clean your face properly and wear sunscreen.


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