Friday, October 16, 2009

AMW Reviews: Dollface Dual Ended Brush Set

A year ago, when I first laid eyes on the Essence of Beauty brush set at the CVS website...

.... I wanted it so badly! Yes, you read that right, it was A YEAR AGO. But it was impossible for me to order from CVS online site so I forgot about it and moved on with my brush purchasing life!

Early this year, when I studied at the Basement Academy for makeup class, my dear friend Shen took out her Essence of Beauty Dual ended foundation and concealer brush and I was in awe! I touched it and fell in love with it again....then several months after, I saw this....

Yes, on a local seller site! Talk about FATE right? It's available at Dollface Cosmetics site and it's within reach! I messaged the owner Pearl of Dollface right away and asked if this is the same brush as Essence of Beauty, she didn't know about it but looking at it closely, looks like it came from the same supplier! Same or not, I don't care, I got to get this!

Dollface 3-pcs Dual Ended Brush says ---

3 dual ended brushes with very soft hairs
  • Foundation and Concealer brush
  • Angle Brush and Purse Powder Brush
  • Blending eyeshadow and Angle eyeshadow brush
AMW says ---

  • very soft
  • affordable for 6 types of brushes
  • the set can be used for travel and you can put makeup on your whole face with this set
  • no weird scent
  • no bleeding or shedding after washing (note: the Blush & Powder duo, the black one bled only a tiny bit but only for the first washing, 2nd and 3rd? No problem)
A photo of the brushes after washing, it dried up looking as good as new!

  • each brush are labeled, so you won't have difficulty in using them especially for first time makeup users


  • for people like me who's used to storing brushes in a mug upright, how will I do the same with this? lol
  • the beautiful brand name "dollface" surprisingly is only a sticker, it was really pretty so I thought it was etched, after first washing, the edge of the sticker is coming off. Not a biggie but still...too bad the silver sticker is just too cute and I want to keep it that way.


Essence of Beauty or Dollface, I don't care! These brushes are pure love! Coming from someone who owns several pieces of brush, I don't mind purchasing more of these! I prefer using these brushes for personal use. I like how I can easily do makeup early morning with only a few brushes!

Out of the 3, my ultimate favorite dual ended is the Foundation/Concealer! The Foundation brush is the best foundation brush I've tried to date, it has the perfect density and it applies liquid or cream foundation easily! I like using the concealer brush to spot conceal then blend the rest of the concealer with the foundation brush! Since I got this set, I swear, I've been using these daily and I am actually looking forward for my makeup application daily!

Based on my statement above, sounds like I fell deeply in love with just the Foundation/Concealer combination right? Well to be honest, the other 2 aren't bad as well. But I can easily find dupes for those other 2 easily, but really, because the foundation/concealer combination is just too great, I wouldn't' even care if the rest are crappy! Well it does help that all 3 aren't crappy! So thank you Brush lord! :)

  • if you plan to keep the brand name, swipe the "dollface" sticker with a clear coat of nail polish!
  • if you have brush roll, store these brushes in a brush roll or pencil case to protect the bristles
  • wash the brushes well prior to usage
  • keep them clean, if you don't have brush roll or pencil cases, wrap these brushes in a towel after every usage to keep them from germs
Will I repurchase?

Yes! Is it bad that I want another set for backup? Just in case? That this set gets lost? Or am I just being paranoid and greedy? lol

Where to purchase and how much?

At Dollface Cosmetics site for Php950.00 (approx $20.00) + Shipping

Let me show you up close and personal
the brushes and its usage

Foundation and Conceal Brush
Foundation (L) - cream or liquid foundation application and blending all over the face, great to blend out harsh lines from concealers too
Concealer (R)- used to spot conceal under eye circles, spots, can even be used to apply lip products if needed to

Angle and Purse Powder Brush
Angle Blush Brush (L) - great for contouring powders and blush powders
Purse Powder Brush (R) -
I find this great for highligting the undereye area, nose bridge, upper lip area and forehead. Powder highlighting products or pressed powders are great

Blending Eyeshadow and Angle Eyeshadow brush
Blending Eyeshadow Brush (L) - for highlighting powders, contouring powders. I find this perfect for blending contouring powder on the nose area.
Angle Eyeshadow Brush (R) - for powder eyeshadow application or highlighting the brow bone area

I have never taken so much photos for brushes! Hope this post is useful for all you brush addicts out there who wants to get your money's worth. This set is definitely worth every single penny!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. These looks just like those CVS brushes, so many people love those but I still think they are a bit prickly...Maybe it's just my bad luck.

    Actually a brush roll wouldn't help that much since the hair will just get frayed once you are pushing in the slot...

  2. Nice! I don't own EOB brushes but I've always wanted them. I hope Pearl will also have the EOB fine crease brush.

  3. Great tips about storing the brushes! I always wonder how it supposed to be store ... Thanx for the tips and tricks!
    Th brushes looks so nice especially the contour angled brush :)

  4. Fabulous! I've been wanting a few new brushes but have had to buy them one at a time because the good ones always seem to be so pricey!!!

  5. wow Nikki~ these are quite affordable! I think I have the same prob as yours too, coz I store them in my mug.. LOL! :D

  6. thanks for the review. never heard of the brand before, but i think for right now, I'll just sick to my essence of beauty brushes

  7. I have 3 EOB brushes all e/s brushes and I love them! They are all dual brushes too and is a pain for me to store so I just put them in their individual cases which they came with.

  8. Those brushes really looks like EoB brushes! Great find, Nikki. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Citrine , hahaha so far, mine isn't that prickly and i'm lucky I guess. oh when I said brush roll, it's my fault, i did not specify, I was saying just put it in between those pockets (not shooting them inside) but just put them and roll least the bristles are protected :)

    Tih, oohh are they good? The fine crease brush?

    Cabyness, they really are!

  10. Anastacia, no worries, its my pleasure to share my tips and tricks that i learn :)

    Khalia@GlamourandLove , I know there's a lot of inexpensive ones that works as good, we just have to look closely :)

    Sue, hahahaha they are laying down on my brushroll or at times towel! I take care of them that much! hhahaha

  11. Nehs, :)

    Angela, well it's a local brand and they just newly sell them within the month or so :)

    Nikkiz, wow 3 brushes!! Oh yeah, their individual cases are good for storage too!

    Pammy, no problem, my pleasure!

  12. I think I've seen the imitation of this set on eBay before. I really want the angled brush/purse powder brush one. I don't have a favorite brush for shading yet. Do they ship to Indonesia?

  13. Fifi, yes, I checked with Dollface and they do ship internationally, even Indonesia :)

  14. wow I just saw this last night when I watched Michelle Phan's YouTube videos...

  15. Thanks for the review ands tips. They look nice!

  16. I've always wanted these set of brushes too! Thanks for the review :D

  17. This is highly tempting! Nikki, I think you're my enabler!

  18. wow. very nice, thanks for the review I'm also planning to get this one. :)

  19. people rave about these and i always seem to walk right by them without thinking too much about it. shall have a better look next time!

  20. arghhhhhhh u make me want these brushes soooooooo much... in fact, I'm looking for a good flat top brush... eyeing on EM flat top brush but my local seller don't carry them anymore... too bad... now, seeing your Dollface brushes really tempting me so much.. I wonder they ship internationally ?

  21. i saw this at their site & im so intrigued. just like you, i've always wanted the EOB brushes too..

    thanks for the review!
    i'll be putting this on my brushes to buy na

  22. I love these!! Perfect for on the go. I always have a hard time storing dual end brushes. I always end up smushing one end. Boo!

  23. Chelle , oh yeah, Michelle Phan loves to use these brushes!

    Gio, I know! they do look and feel nice!

    Connie, no worries, my pleasure, funny thing, I've always thought you own one set!

  24. Nina, lol. so sorry!!!!

    Charry, enjoy! I"m sure you'll love it

    M, lucky you! You have them right in front of you! But you snobbed them! LOL

  25. Syn@3sTh3sI@, yes, they do ship internationally!!!!

    ~tHiAmErE~, eeeekk we're both the same! I guess its just not readily available down here so it's easy to forget!

    B, I know, but i don't care, its just wonderful!!!

  26. omg these are the brushes i want! i saw them being used by a guru in youtube and i've been hunting for a local seller. thanks for sharing the link!

  27. Aye...I don't have EofB or Dollface in my area. And I don't want to order online...

    But great review! Glad that you found new love ^^

  28. Bea, no worries, :) I'm glad I was to help you gals out. I am the same, I've been hunting these brushes like crazy!

    Lisa, really? No CVS in your area? Oh yeah, you're in Canada...well maybe..if you visit the states ? Add that to your shopping list! lol

  29. ohhh looks like something I would buy heheh. Thanks for posting!

  30. wow that brush looks promising I want to try it :P I met dollface already at bazaar in THE FORTH :) she's cute hehe

  31. Sush, no worries, my pleasure! Are you lemming for this set too?

    louie, I haven't met her personally...but I saw her photos, she does look cute :)

  32. You make me want to get this brush set too!

  33. Jen, awww let me know, I know you just bought brush sets :) So do think if you needed this pa :) Goodluck!

  34. i first heard of essence of beauty fr michelle phan on youtube, it's kewl that someone is bringing in these items for us to try and use. dollface also resell coastal scents pallets and put their name on it right? even the gel liners, i think.

    thanks for the review ^_^

  35. Marge, I think the people from Dollface cosmetics purchase those directly from the supplier, not from Coastal scents that is why they are allowed to put in their own brand name (last time I checked, that's what I was told). yes, they do have palettes, gel liners, brushes :) My pleasure for the review!

  36. Hi!

    Sent you an email using the Email link in your profile. Do check your spam box as my emails sometimes get filtered there.

    Would really, really appreciate your thoughts!:)


  37. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog while reading about brushes.

    Is this the same one as what PROPS TOOLS AND COSMETICS are selling?

    I think they also have the same suppliers since most of their products are the same as dollface but cheaper. Just fyi. Thanks! Helpful blog. :)

  38. @Nikki Castillo Let me know if I was able to answer your query. Thanks

  39. @Mady Not sure! could be the same, could be different, I can't tell as I never bought or seen the ones you mentioned. Thanks


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