Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Home Cooked Meals

Home cooked meals are still the best in my opinion!  There are a lot of great food out there but nothing beats the warmth of meals made by your relatives or loved ones!  Thinking about it, I do miss my mom's cooking!  My mom doesn't cook much recently but before I move on to the sad story, let me go to the brighter side.

We were invited by Keith's Aunt and Uncle for a dinner over the weekend.  Keith and I love their cooking and it really fills the tummy with a huge smile on our faces!  I love it that they prepare different and well thought dishes each and everytime!  What did we fill our tummy with?

Steamed egg with eggplant

Steamed egg itself is wonderful, but with a mix of eggplant
and the soft texture of the egg, perfect to start the meal!

Fish Fillet Strips

This is my ultimate favorite!  The batter they use is perfect and not oily at all!
The meal was accompanied with home maid mayonnaise!  Sorry not on photo
the Fish strips was gone in less than 10 minutes! lol

Noodles with Vegetables

The noodles my look dry or tasteless
but looks really can be deceiving
it's the healthiest and most tasteful noodles I've tried

Hong Ba (Red Meat)

A Chinese version of Adobo (Filipino Dish) 
Pork leg cooked til the fire is "red" served with thick sauce.
These are basically cooked in long hours! The longer the better
The photo of the Pork may look dry but there's a separate sauce that came with it

Nothing beats dessert!
A nice Dairy Queen 
Vanilla Ice Cream Bar Cookie Bar

And a DQ Dilly Bar

Do you prefer home cooked meals 
or you'd rather spend the money to dine outside? 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm trying to lose weight and like before, whenever I stop by your blog on the weekend, I just have to EAT!!! Gonna go grab me some food now. lol

    p.s. miss ya bunches *huggies**

  2. I agree. Nothing beats home cooked meals! I miss those, too, especially since my mom lives in the US. So when friends bring me homecooked meals, my smile stays on all day :)

    Don't be sad with your mom. I know she's been having some health issues and I've been praying for her, too. I know she'll get better [like, really better] and she will be cooking meals like those, too! :)

    Oh and I love steamed egg! Anything with steamed egg, actually. Happy Sunday, Nikki.

  3. I think I'm a bit of both. There are times when I want outside food, but then there are times when I CRAVE home-cooked meals.

  4. Delish!!!
    I love home-cooked meals too! any recipes you care to share atsi?

  5. Yum, yum! For me, nothing beats home-cooked goodies! It's a hit or miss with restos. home cooked delights are ALWAYS perfect!

  6. ehehe.i love dilly bars!!!!i prefer home cooked mEALS!!!

  7. OOh, I love steamed egg with ground pork! Aw, haven't eaten that in awhile...


  8. Hmmmm... Sarap!! It looks really good! ^_^

  9. EbeautyBlog, twin! you don't even need to lose weight you sexy girl!!!

    Teeyah, awwww I wish I could bring you home cooked meals everyday!!!! :) thanks for being such a sweetheart, thanks for being super sweet and for being understanding to my situation! You don't know how much that means to me eventhough I haven't met you pa!

    Arezu, I understand, well, I would crave for restaurant food if the food at home tastes crappy! LOL As you know, sometimes, it happens!

  10. Maryjoyce, ohhh I'll see , I'm not a good cook, I just cook what I feel and the taste always came out good but I won't say Fabulous! I always cook for my mom when I go home...

    herroyalbleakness, I know what you mean!

    Shobe, my hubby, while I type is eating another Dilly Bar! LOL

    Sarah, :)

    CG, ground pork in steamed egg is yummy! i just had that again today!! Sorry, I'm not making you feel bad!

    Iyah, thanks sweetie

  11. Yay! to huge piece of ice cream!! Amazing!!

    M son in love with steamed eggs too :)

  12. I'm in england right now and i miss my mom meals so much ^^ thanks for this post, so yummy ^^

  13. MEGA DROOL on the first pic. This is not good for my diet lol

  14. I'm hungry :S I prefer home cooked food because I can eat more and also eat in front of the tv/computer. :P I know it's unhealthy.. LOL!

  15. Lavender, :)

    ☆Anastacia☆ , awww the steamed eggs warms my tummy! I'm not an egg eater but I can eat a lot of steamed egg!

    Carine, awwww, I know how you feel! When will you go back and have some home cooked meals?

    Nanzy, so sorry! and girl! no diet for you! you are not even fat!

    Sue hahahaha so sorry!

  16. wow they all look good. Ive only tried of the Pancit but Ive never heard of the steamed egg and the chinese adobo before. Damn they sound really delicious.

    as of right now my mom is making korean bbq and I cant wait to eat lunch. I live at home with my mom and its always nice to have home cooked meal whenever I want.

  17. Ooh, this food post reminds me of my Ku Tsiong, he cooks the tastiest Cantonese dishes around, coincidentally my family and I were talking about them and I said I miss his cooking. I remember in my younger days when we were neighbors, I'm always around their house during lunch or dinner time haha. Sadly he's very old so he doesn't cook anymore but I'd like to visit him and give him a big big hug for those happy tummy filling childhood moments.

  18. Home cooked is best! We go out maybe 3 times a week--Friday, Sat Lunch and Sun Lunch, but the rest of our meals are at home.

    The fish looks YUMMY!

  19. Yumm! :) I love the dillybars at DQ. okay im

  20. Nothing beats home cooked meals for me.

    The food looks delicious!

  21. i love homecook meals!!! :( missing my mom's food right now

  22. My mom is from Pampanga, and as most Kapampangan, she's a genius in the kitchen. But since my parents separated, she rarely cooks (lost the appetite for it), and I often dine outside =(

    I hope your mom will get well & cook meals for her lovely daughter again. And your attitude really brightens my day, Nikki! You're like the ate I never had. =D

  23. Becky , awwww go ahead...and try some steamed egg, you can even do it at home, it is easy!

    Chelle, ohhhh I love it when neighbors share their food :) you are luckY! But yeah, getting old is tough, you just want to rest and hope someone does the cooking for you :) I'm sure someone takes care of him now as he took care of so much people in the past!

    JC, that's great to have variation :)

  24. Sush, so sorry hahahha

    Gio, what's your favorite home cooked dish?

    Xin, awwww is your mom a great cook?

    NeuroChiq, you are too sweet! awww people from Pampanga I believe can cook!!!! I will be your ate and you will be my younger sister! no problem, I'm the youngest in the family so I don't mind adopting a couple of younger siblings :P thanks for wishing my mom well, its really depressing but I know i'll be ok!

  25. yummm everything looks good!

  26. The fish fillet strips looks so delicious!!!!

    DQ!! I love their stuff!! It's so good >.<

    I prefer to go out and dine rather than home cooked meals most of the time because I'm a rather picky eater and I RARELY get to eat out. So when I get the chance to do so, I get SOO excited! LOL

  27. Jo, thanks

    Lisa, fish fillet taste FAB!! I can still taste it at the moment yummmmmmyyyy so what's your favorite dish?


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