Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Emperor's Dimsum & Teahouse + A new Palette

Hey there!  Happy weekend food tripping to everyone!  Over the weekend, it was quite busy and I was tired so we've decided to try on something warm, TEA!  There's a new Dimsum and Teahouse place at Wilson Street San Juan, it was right in front of the DEC, where I buy Chinese Delicacies for take out!

The restaurant gives out a warm ambiance, a restaurant good for family gatherings! The place is obviously new and people are definitely intrigued to try this new place right in front of the famous DEC, Diao Eng Chai , where I purchase the famous fresh lumpia and chicken pie!

The place is tastefully decorated and there are cute photos of Chinese emperors on the sides of the room :)



Fried Squid in Salt and Pepper
Php265.00 (approx $5.71)

There's something different with the vinegar they use, it's not a regular vinegar taste, I think they mixed it with something which made it totally different.  The Fried Squid are quite small though as compared to other restaurants but they are soft enough to chew.


Sate HongKong Noodles
Php220.00 (approx $4.78)

I love Sate Noodles at Chinatown area, I was having high hopes for this noodles because I've been craving for this for months!  I am a bit disappointed as this was served on a sizzling plate which made the noodles taste different, a bit burnt in my opinion and the noodles are too oily! 


House Tea

Glad they got this wonderful hot green tea to warm up my tummy and remove the oily taste inside my mouth!  I will definitely go back to this restaurant and try their other dishes, its out fault, we didn't order well! lol

Before I end this post, I just want to let you know that I received my own 88pcs Neutral Eyeshadow palette from Dollface Cosmetics, shipping was a flash and the package was packed super well so I got everything in piece!  Thanks Pearl for the great service.  I will use this and do a review on this soon!  Swatches will be shown too!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Aww, too bad the food was not the greatest hehe at least the tea was good! Awesome palette, can't wait for swatches :D

  2. love ko emperor's hmm yumyum. Have you tried HK choi garden sobrang sarap din don :)

  3. I used to go to Wilson a lot back in college when I was dating a Chinese guy. We used to compare Chinese restos, too and it was fun. Thanks for the review, Nikki!

    Happy Sunday :)

  4. Oh this is one of my fave restos! It's not really new as we've been eating there for the past two (?) years. Must haves at that place are its yangchow, hong kong noodles (not the sate one, forgot what it's called), hakao, xiaolungbao and most of their dimsum. Oh, the salt and pepper spareribs dish is great, too :D

    It's owned by DEC :D

  5. e.motion in motion, yeah, its ok at least the tea is good enough :)

    Kim, yes, I've tried HK Choi Garden!!! :)

    Teeyah, no problem, happy sunday to you too sweetie! Belated Happy Birthday!

    Kaye, thanks, i think they renovated or something? I really didn't see them before and I'm always at DEC, yup, I saw the owner of DEC staying there at Emperor :)

  6. the neutral palette looks awesome! that's seriously all the neutral colors you need!

  7. oh, i can't wait for your swatches! i've been eyeing this palette for a while, but i've been trying to stop myself because i have too many eyeshadows that i don't use.

  8. It's too bad the food wasn't that good but the palette looks beautiful!

  9. Connie, you're right, and I'm glad I finally got them!

    Lily, yes, swatches definitely coming up :)

    Gio, yeah, I think I'll still give this resto a try, i didn't do justice to them by ordering just these 2 dishes :)

  10. The Fried Squid in Salt and Pepper looks so yummy! Too bad I'm in Australia lol!


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