Saturday, December 26, 2009

AMW Reviews: Monda Oval Steel Mixing Plate

I am not a born artist and anything that looks like "painting" or "drawing" products scares the hell out of my brains!  I am allergic to anything artistic and I am quite surprised I grew up to be a Makeup Artist.  That's one mystery in life I guess.

I've always thought mixing tools for makeup are useless and just a marketing strategy to make people spend more money.  But when I get into makeup class and learning that being a makeup artist, I don't need to own every shade of foundation available in the world,  I learned the art of mixing, and with the art of mixing, comes the mixing tools needed!  Embarrassing for me to admit, I've used square carton boxes to mix my stuffs and girl, I swear, it doesn't look good! :)

That's when stainless steel mixing plates made especially for makeup artists or enthusiasts.  I'm glad we have it available down here and I don't need to look for it at the "cooking" section! 

Monda Oval Steel Mixing Plate says ---

No description on the website.  I can't even find it there.

AMW says ---


  • made of stainless steel, do not rust
  • very handy, perfect for mixing lip product, foundation or any other cream/ liquid based makeup
  • very professional looking
  • easy to clean up
  • useless for people who hates mixing their make-up
  • quite pricey for a mixing plate (but this lasts forever!)
I've used a lot of plastic plates or even cardboard to mix my makeup and it doesn't look professional at all!  I'm glad I got my own stainless steel plate for mixing which looks very professional and hygienic at the same time.  This is perfect not only for makeup artists but for make-up addicts out there who loves mixing their foundation or even lipstick shades!  I am one lipstick mixer so this is a perfect tool for me!  I like it that the plate is quite spacious so I have enough space to mix different products without having to wipe the plate each and every time.  

  • goes hand in hand with the mixing steel spatula

    • always clean up your mixing plate right after usage
    • spritz the plate alcohol prior to usage to make sure it's hygienic
    Will I repurchase?
    1 is enough for the rest of my life.  Do not lose this though! :)

    Where to purchase and how much?
    Locally, at HD Makeup Studio for Php750.00 (approx $16.30)

    Brand name printed on the plate


    shaped like a painter's mixing plate


    Just the right thickness


    Easy to hold


    Do you mix your makeup?
    Do you use a mixing plate?

    Keep smilin'
    Stay happy!


    1. i'm scared of buying a mixing plate this expensive because i might lose it! same thing with the 500 peso spatulas :P

    2. This looks professional! I don't think I'll ever use it since I don't really mix makeup products, but it would be very useful for makeup artists.

    3. hmmm, this would be good for my oil painting hobby! LOL. not for my face. not for my makeup.

    4. hello.
      i have been reading your blogs but this is my first comment.
      I love your entries and you're very artistic.

      I just wanna add : ^^ It's not the way how to hold the palette. hehehe the way you hold it is so cute...
      Ill do my best to instruct in case you don't or the reader's don't know.

      in your last pic of the palatte,
      in the exact same position as the way i view it, flip it on left, then make sure your thumb is inserted in the hole.
      that's the proper way to hold. your thumb controls and balances the palatte for better grip.

      tip: also if your mixing many colors, dark to light - left to right. i guess this is to protect the light colors from blending to the dark colors since light colors are so delicate.

      i hope this helps...

    5. Parang I want one, I got a spatula from steph. Still contemplating on which steel palette to get hehe

    6. Crystal, I know what you mean, i always make sure to check that I don't lose this :)

      Gio, yes, so true, if you're not into mixing makeup, this isn't that important :)

      Jojoba, you are too cute :)

      Dahee, thank you so much for the comment and the suggestion, trust me, I don't hold my palette this way! :) Thanks for finding it cute though, I held it on my left hand as my right hand is the camera :) Thanks for the tips, I'm sure readers would pick up a lot from you too so keep on commenting :)

      Caby, I know what you mean, there's the square one pa di ba? I like this though, the size is just right :)

    7. i can't imagine how "not artistic" you were before you got into make-up and nail art! if perfection can ever be achieved, i'd say ur works are sooo close!

      nice mixing plate btw!

    8. Hi Bianca, that is very nice of you to say :) Thank you! You are such a sweetheart :) Happy holidays :)

    9. I don't mix my makeup, but I use a CD for liquid makeup application.

    10. Amazing as always


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