Saturday, March 13, 2010

Readers' Corner: Maybelline Clear Smooth Foundation and Blush Size

I got a reader question a couple of weeks ago asking me about the Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Foundation and Blush size.  The reader thought both sizes are the same!  Of course I can't explain to her in measurements as that would make me sound too geeky!  :)  I really am, but I don't have to act that way right?  So I hope you find this Q&A portion helpful! :)

Let's start with the pot size, Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Foundation comes in 8g while Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Blush comes in 4g pot. So obviously, the foundation pot is double the size of the blush pot which is acceptable because we use the blush on the cheeks area only.

For the brush size, as seen photo below, the Foundation k-brush is a bit fluffier and denser while the blush k-brush is a bit slimmer and lesser hair.  Both brush length are the same and texture are the same too!  I find the Foundation brush better for both foundation and blush application!  I find the blush k-brush to be a bit too small for my taste!  So using the foundation k-brush for both foundation and blush is my preference and it saves a lot of time too!

I hope the photos say it all!  I went to an event recently and I will be reporting about it soon!  2 words "Mineral" and "Flowers".  That's all I can say for now!  It was a great event and I learned so much, seeing the other beauty blogger friends made my week too!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  It was a tiring but happy one!  My secret?  No matter how tough life is, I always put up a smile and everything will feel much better!  You give it a try!  It works!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. OMG! Again, I have to try some minerals too...

  2. I have tried the pure mineral foundation before but it broke me out! And it's one of the first makeup product that has ever given me a break out of some small pimples where I applied it on my face and neck. :(

    Other than that, I have only used it once and I do not like it at all. The foundation kabuki brush was not soft enough and the bristles were more like scratching my skin. I bought the shade OC1 Light Ochre, but it turned out to be too yellow on me! Glad you like it but I will not purchase it again.

  3. i have their mineral blush.. will try their powder foundie soon =) very informative post!

  4. Nice ...the mineral make up is really being talked about and shows a difference over a period of regular use.This set seems to be interesting too.

  5. Anastacia, so you haven't tried Maybelline? :)

    Natalie, so sorry about having breakouts from Mineral makeup! the K-brush isn't the best but I think for its price, it is actually ok!

    Khymm, thanks

    Mineral Makeup, yes love both the foundation and the blush :)


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