Saturday, May 22, 2010

AMW is Excited to Try: By NATURE Handmade Soaps

When a dear friend Phoebe told me about a new organic goodies from By Nature Handmade Soaps, the name itself stuck my head as my dear old skin is in dire need of quality natural product!  My first thought was, is it expensive?  Thank goodness she sent me a price list and I breathe a sigh of relief.

Price for Regular bars:
For full bar: Php95.00 ($2.00)
For half sized bar: Php55.00 ($1.20)

Price for Special bars:
For full bar: Php125.00 ($2.70)
For half sized bar: Php75.00 ($1.63)

I got these 3 variants a couple of weeks ago but I don't want to waste my current soap, thank goodness for the hot weather I try to take a shower many times a day to finish up my current soap!   Call me crazy!  I agree! hahaha

Let's take a closer look on what I currently own

Cocoa Butter Melt
This soap is unscented
(100% natural)
Your skin will get all the pampering it needs from the cocoa butter in this soap, with soothing and emollient qualities that will leave your skin all soft and moisturized.

Tangy Orange
This soap is scented
(96.83% natural)
With the sweet scent of orange oil comes a wonderful bar that is zesty and invigorating.  Every bath will leave you feeling fresh and uplifted.
Sea Mud Pie
This soap is scented
(100% natural) 
Get more supple and hydrated skin with this soap. Dead Sea mud promotes natural skin regeneration and draws out impurities. Also contains lavender essential oil for healing and geranium essential oil to balance sebum production. Witch hazel extract is added to serve as a natural astringent and antibacterial.

If you're interested to check out other variants, go to Island Berry website and choose away!  Thanks Phoebs for introducing this to me!
As you all can see, I chose mostly soap bars that are moisturizing enough for my super dry skin!  I am excited to give this a try but I have a predicament...which variant should I use first?

Can you help me out?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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