Friday, May 7, 2010

Get Laud 2010 Collection

Happy Friday friends!  How's the week treating you?  Mine wasn't that bad because half of it was spent in Macau!

Today, I will be talking a bit about fashion.  When it comes to clothing, "comfort" comes first. before trends, but it doesn't hurt to be trendy and comfortable at the same time.  While I was browsing through my dresser,  a "New Years' Day" Dress caught my attention.  I purchased this several years ago to give me good fortune.  Not sure if that helps but "polka dotted" dress rules on New Year's Day!

I bought this dress from Get Laud and I am very ecstatic when I get my own copy of Get Laud's 2010 collection. The brand and myself reunited after so many years!  I am actually excited with a couple of pieces they launched recently and I will share the 2010 collection to all of you.  You can click photos to enlarge!

Ms. Phoemela Baranda , top model turned tv personality, is the newest endorser of this local clothing brand. That's a wild cover!

Phoem was officially launched as the face of Get Laud, walking the runway with the store’s newest collection. A fashion icon for more than a decade, Phoem is proud that she gets to represent the company’s vision of delivering Philippine-made clothing to all women without compromising style, comfort and affordability. 

Speaking from an insider’s point of view Phoemela said, “Get Laud has very unique designs and wide variety of style you can choose from. You can go for casual chic to elegantly stylish. From vibrant colors and prints to tone down earth colors and it comes in plus size. Get laud is very up to date with excellent quality at an affordable price. It's a fashionista's heaven.” 

For someone who is deemed to dress good all the time, Phoemela has learned to scout the local fashion stores to score great bargains that are as stylish as its more expensive counterparts. An avid fan of the local designs, she said that some of the best pieces could be found in our local retail stores. Like most models, she even goes all the way to Tutuban to hunt for fashion finds, which she can mix and match, into a sassy ensemble. 

A smart dresser, influenced by her years of experience in the fashion industry, Phoemela doesn’t dress for the trends. She still prefers classy and simple outfits that can be converted from day wear to evening wear as she skips from modeling to hosting and attending events. On casual days, she favors plain shirts and shorts, owing to its comfort. Comfort for her is the key to looking good. "When you're comfortable you're confident,” she says.

Found any outfit that tickles your fancy?
I do have a couple in mind!
Enjoy window shopping! :P

If you plan to shop for real, here are the list of branches for Get Laud! Nationwide
  • Alabang Town Center
  • Glorietta
  • MarQuee Mall
  • Metropoint Mall
  • Edsa Central
  • Festival Supermall
  • Lim Ket Kai CDO
  • Market! Market!
  • NCC Mall Davao
  • Pavilion mall
  • Robinsons Metroeast
  • SM City Batangas
  • SM City Cebu
  • SM City Bicutan
  • SM City Fairview
  • SM City Lucena
  • SM City Marilao
  • SM City Pampanga
  • SM City San Lazaro
  • SM City Lipa
  • SM City Sta. Mesa
  • SM Supercenter Molino
  • SM Supercenter Valenzuela
  • Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
  • 168 Mall
  • Starmall Edsa
  • Tutuban Mall
  • SM North EDSA (Opens April 16, 2010)
Keep Smilin'
Stay happy


  1. Ms. Phoemela Baranda's makeup in the shot is beautiful. I need to recreate this look and wear it on a night out!

  2. So cool of you to introduce some of your local brands to us!!

  3. I've known this brand from years back, and witnessed how they exerted so much effort in coming up with new designs and improving their products. Great job for Pinoys! =) I saw animal prints!!! I guess I should visit one of their stores soon!

  4. wow! very cute designs! thanks for sharing Nikki, maybe i'll visit their shop tomorrow LOL

  5. Fuz, thanks ! I'm glad to introduce local brnds to the world :)

    BudgetBeautyGirl, I know, its super smokey and wild!

    Dang, So true. You're right, animal prints = so YOU :)

    Khymm, let me know which one you bought! :)


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