Monday, May 24, 2010

First Sight of Laoag City

Hi people of the world!!! I am having the time of my life and let me share to you first what I visited on Day one.

The St. William's Cathedral is the largest Cathedral in South East Asia I believe.  This was built to support the Christians in Laoag.  Once you go to the entrance, you'll see short description about the Cathedral.

A full shot of St. William's Cathedral, perfect with clear blue sky at the background.

Hannah, Ada and myself took time to appreciate the architecture of the church.  Everything was so serene and I took a moment to pray to thank the Lord for the wonderful blessings this year.  Being part of this Road Trip is a Jackpot itself!

A couple of walk away from the Cathedral is the famous Sinking Bell Tower which I was told sinks 1/4 inch a year! 

What does a girl do if there's a bazaar close by? Check out the stuffs that were on sale!  Hannah, Ada and myself took time to checkout the hats, the accessories and trinkets.  We actually bought bracelets for souvenir!  I am proud to say, I bargained and got a good deal!  Growing up a cheapo pays! LOL 

We also saw the Tobacco Monopoly Monument, after talking to a local, we learned that it was built to serve as a thanksgiving to the Crown of Spain.

We ended the afternoon with a well known "Pancit Canton" at La Moda Panciteria.  They are awarded as one of the best restaurants in Laoag and after tasting their "Pancit Canton" (noodles) with Bagnet, I can't help but agree.

Did you know that?
Our beauty blogger Shen, gave me a call last night and I was told this famous restaurant is owned by her family!!!  I should have known and asked for bigger servings! *laughs*

I have to say bye for now!  I'd love to share more about my adventure but I'm outside and laptop battery is dying down!!!

Keep that big smile coming and join me as I go through my Road trip and local readers (girls), please do not forget to join the daily contest!

What's in store?  Vaseline gift packs worth Php1,000!!!

Thanks everyone for being excited!
Love ya all!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Wow, that looks like so much fun!! I wish I could be able to enjoy Ilocos roadtripping, but whenever I'm there everyone is too busy to go anywhere so all we can really do is cross the street and go to the beach!

  2. The picture of church looks so amazing! Very beautiful!

  3. I can't remember if I've been to Laoag or not yet.. Lol. But that pancit looks really good! Yum yum!!!

  4. I miss Laoag's crispy Bagnet and Sukang Ilocano!

  5. Just curious... aside from the bell and the caretaker... what else can be found inside the Sinking Bell Tower? Is it still open to public? I've been wanting to check what's inside.


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