Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AMW Reviews: Vaseline Healthy Sunblock SPF30

I have this certain addiction for sunblock nowadays!  I haven't been leaving home without sunblock because of the harsh rays of the sun!  I'd rather do the extra sunblock application rather than going out under the sun and come home with uneven skin tone,  skin darkening, or worst --- WRINKLES!  

I've used so many brands of sunblock and since I was invited to be one of the Vaseline Bloggers, I have to at least give this brand a try and Vaseline Healthy Sunblock is first on the list!  I've given this product a test under the worst case sun scenario!  Here are my two cents...

Vaseline Healthy Sunblock SPF30 says ---
Non Sticky Water Resistant Sunblock Lotion
  • protects and nourishes your skin to keep it healthy
  • with yogurt protein known for skin nourishment and Aloe Vera Extract known to replenish skin moisture
  • SPF30 and Broad Spectrum Sunscreen PA++ to effectively protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation
AMW says ---
  • smells divine!
  • very cute colored packaging, easy to find!
  • non-sticky
  • water resistant and sweat resistant
  • 2-in-1: Sunblock and moisturizer
  • skin feels very moisturized 
  • consistency of the product is just right, not too sticky nor too wet
  • absorbs to the skin in an instant
  • it did protect me from skin darkening, I came home with just very minimal tan!
  • no signs of allergies or irritations
  •  for people who aren't comfortable with SPF30, they may find this a bit low compared to other brands available out there ( as a city girl, I am seriously ok with SPF30 for a sunblock)
  • need to wipe the mouth every now and then as product tends to build up on the cap

This is the best smelling sunblock I've tried to date!  It's scent is fresh and has a tiny hint of "tangerine" smell.  Re-applying this product every 4 hours is not an issue as it never gets sticky!

Did you know that?
if your skin normally takes 15 minutes to burn, using SPF30 means it will take 450 minutes for your skin to burn instead of the usual 15 minutes!  Isn't that cool?

  • apply all over body 10-15 minutes prior to sun exposure
  • re-apply after every 4 hours especially on prolong sun exposure
  • always take this along with you for re-application
  • always keep this in cool, dry place
  • do wipe the "mouth" of the sunblock for "OC" purposes
  • if skin irritations occur, STOP using the product immediately!
  • do not forget to apply on areas that are commonly missed (ex. ears, back of the hand, etc..)
Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?
At leading stores for approximately Php200+ (approx $5.00), will give the exact amount once confirmed!

Here's a closer look on Vaseline Healthy Sunblock

Check out its consistency, not too sticky nor wet

When rubbed, it shows a "white" film as most sunblock does

Absorbed to the skin immediately after further massaging

Have you tried this sunblock?
I'd love to hear from you!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I like Vaseline products too! They are cheap and works pretty well!
    Nice review!

  2. Awww this one sounds perfect except for the low SPF!! I burn in under 5 minutes, so i need at least SPF50 if i hit the beach or am on the road!! My Sunplay SPF130 comes in handy here then!! :D

    But still, this is great to have for daily use!! Thanks for the review!! :D

  3. Thanks for this post. Being brown skin usually don't think about sun block but it benefits all skintones.

    Please check out my nail polish blog

    Thank you :)

  4. been looking for a sunblock that's not sticky for everyday use.. i wanna try this Nikki! its not so expensive too.. thanks for sharing!

  5. thanks for the review, i'm having a hard time what sunblock to choose from a range of sunblock that is out in the market, definitely i will try this! effective and not that expensive...:)

  6. can u use this for the face?

  7. Wow. It takes my skin less than 10 minutes to burn. Guess I'll need a good sunblock but I don't like the stickiness. But thanks to your review, I found out this one isn't sticky. :P

  8. now i gotta go smell this. and sis..u just reminded me the fact that i never use sunblock for body! ouch!

  9. Thanks for the review. It sounds like a wonderful product and so cheap too.

  10. i've been using this for more than two years now! it feels light and isn't expensive. i've never reviewed it though, haha lazy me. :P

  11. i am so particular abt sunblock smell but its good that u tell me this smells good!

    sorry i havent visited in a while
    been so busy lately

  12. I have to try this! I've been changing from one sunblock to the other but nothing seemed to be light. Thanks for the review and I will definitely give this a try.

  13. Anastacia, so true! My mom uses the Vaseline Lotion as well and she loves it!

    Jenn, I know what you mean, people would go for SPF50 nowadays but on regular days that I'm always inside the office, this is enough :)

    rmcandlelight, oh man! So true, most brown skinned individual does not take care of their skin anymore thinking they are dark or brown anyways. Thanks for the reminder !

  14. Khymm, no worries, my pleasure, give it a try, I'm sure you'll like it!

    Fortress, goodluck! Let me know how much you like it!

    Anonymous, as much as possible, most sunblock that's made for the body are better off used for the body. Some people have sensitive skin on the facial area. I suggest you purchase a separate face cream with SPF!

  15. Pammy, yes, definitely NON sticky at all! I can vouch on that!

    Xin, yes, yes yes, please do wear sunblock, I recently did, and I've been applying non stop!

    Gio, no worries, my pleasure

  16. Crystal, glad you like it too! You're right about the light feeling! You better share your thoughts on this product!

    Yumeko, no worries dear, I know you've been super busy

    Margarette, goodluck, let me know once you've tried and review it :)

  17. thanks for the review! it's definitely going on my shopping basket when I go to the mall!

  18. Dustbunny :) Thanks girl! And let me know your thoughts on this when you finally use it! :D

  19. Hello...may I ask, since you like both of the Vaseline body lotion (healthy white with SPF 24 and healthy sunblock with SPF 30), which one is your favorite? Izzit body lotion with just SPF 24 is able to protect human skin from sun burn? :)

  20. @Anonymous I like both! When I know I'll be under the sun for long, I'll use this SPF30, on regular office days without much exposure to the sun, I use the whitening with spf24 :)

  21. @Anonymous I like both! When I know I'll be under the sun for long, I'll use this SPF30, on regular office days without much exposure to the sun, I use the whitening with spf24 :)

  22. between this one and the healthy white spf 24, which one do you prefer?

    1. If you like the added whitening go for the Healthy White spf 24, and it's great for daily use!

      If you know you will be under the sun for long period of time, go for this! :) Both are great in terms of light, non greasy feel!

  23. Can I apply it on my face?

  24. Is it ok f i only use spf30 @ night and in early morning after i take a bath ??

  25. Our school s too hot even in classrmx..isit ok f i only use spf30 ??


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