Monday, August 16, 2010

Salon Report: Straight & Smooth Salon

I have my fair share of  good and bad salon experiences.  I went through a stage where I love having my haircut at least once every 2-3 months, and I would go to different salons to try on different hairstylists,  if only I was blogging then, you'll see me reporting on different hair salons across the Metro.

First time I heard about Straight and Smooth Salon was from a fellow beauty blogger friend Tara, who had her INOA Hair Coloring Treatment there.  Factors I'm looking for in a salon:
  • Friendly staffs - they don't need to be super friendly but are courteous enough to know your needs and make you feel comfortable
  • Nice ambiance - a place where you feel comfortable right away once you step in the salon, I actually prefer not too bright lights as you get to have your hair wet, messed up and you don't want people to see you from outside.
  • Prices not over the top
  • Ample magazines to read
  • Internet connection - isn't it great to check your emails and read blogs while someone treat your hair?
My requirements are not too high eh?  But over the weekend, I was able to visit Straight & Smooth salon at Amorsolo Street, Makati. Did they pass my requirements?  My watchful eyes?  Read on....

Straight & Smooth salon says ---
A place to relax for those long straightening and smoothing procedures. Where the Vain don't complain.

AMW says ---

  • very comfortable ambiance, a mix of white and yellow lights, not too bright nor dark

  • comfortable wash area, neck is not painful or left hanging

  • huge sofa for waiting area that I myself would love to lay down raise my legs and sleep. *hahaha*

  • comfortable seat 

  • has a huge table beside you and you can actually turn your seat around and not look at your face all the time
  •  I find this the biggest pro: has FREE WIFI access, and for those who did not carry their laptops with them?  They lend you their their laptop for free!  Ease of getting online!

  •  they have a tip box and you won't be pressured or "embarrassed" on the amount of your tip as you can put it straight inside the tip box separated per staffs

  • magazines are new and up-to-date, wide range from HMM, Town & Country, Real Living, Metro, OK!, Mega,  etc...
  • serves water, iced tea, coffee plus oatmeal cookies - trust me, I had 2 cups of coffee and gazillions of oatmeal cookies, I LOVE!

  • I can't stop gushing about how delicious their brewed coffee is (coming from a coffee addict)
  • my companion was well taken care off too!
  • super friendly staffs, does not try to sell me other treatment or services.
  • location, Makati is a business district so parking space could be full especially on weekdays
Wonderful experience!  Two thumbs and toes up!  I'm not the only one who got a V.I.P. treatment, I've seen how they treated other customers who were all quite happy base on the looks of their faces and how much they thank the staffs for job well-done.  What I love about this salon is the "personal touch" they give, you don't feel like they're doing "hard sell" on the products and services they offer but they give you advises on the treatment your hair needs.  

To show you how much I love their salon?  First time in my life to have my legs crossed  like a frog while I surf the net! :D

  • never do a treatment just because you saw your friend did it and looks good on her, always talk to the professionals and have your hair checked to see if the said treatment would work for your type of hair.
  • do not show a haircut or hairstyle of an actress you look up to and want the exact same look.  Your hair texture, thickness and even the shape of your face will make the same hairstyle look different on each individuals.
  • if you have allergies on certain ingredients, do talk to the salon staffs about it.
  • call the salon for appointment and be there ON TIME!
Will I go back?
Definitely, next time, I'll try their haircut service!

What treatment have I done?
Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy.  Will talk about this treatment separately, wait for it!

Straight and Smooth Salon
#120 Amorsolo Corner Legazpi St., Makati
Tel. no: 632-759-5105
Salon days: Mondays-Saturdays
Salon hours: 9:00am-8:00pm

We took a photo of the services offered and the price range.  You can click photo to enlarge.  It was night time when we took this picture so sorry for the dark photo.

Before I end this post, let me share the cute door handles of the Straight and Smooth salon. Blow dryer and flat iron!!! 

Have you had a great salon experience lately?
I'm glad the recent 2 salons I've been to puts me at ease!

Have a wonderful start of the week
Keeep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. ooh cute salon. I love going to salons with my gf's and make a fun day out of it.

    I really like the door handles at this salon - so quirky!


  2. Ahihi! I did not notice the door handles and the tip box! Watchful ka talaga, sis! :) Di ba kakarelax lang sa Straight and Smooth? Sobrang nice nila! I am going back for a touch up soon. Pag humaba na ang hair ko :)

  3. Thank you for this Salon Report, I appreciate you too the time to list down and cover everything we need to know about the salon I will visit for a haircut for sure I'd love to hear about your Keratin treatment. God bless and more power

  4. I had my INOA there as well, super okay nga sila =) And the owner, Andrea, is very hands on pa! I'm yet to post about them, too much on my hands now, but definitely, thumbs up for them too! =D

    PS: I saw the door handles, ang cute nga! =D

  5. Wow! You are so good at visiting all those beauty salons! Lucky you :D

  6. Ahhh..this place seriously looks amazing! and a free internet use its pretty dang dope!

  7. Roxy, so true, its a nice bonding moment with the girls! I missed going to salon with my sister!

    Tara, naku girl, yon ang una kong napansin! hahah I am very observant kasi eh and I will go back for the hair cut for sure!

    Sharlene, no problem, I am glad my post helped you out to have a quick overview of the Salon

  8. Dang, yes, I was surprised Andrea is the owner as I saw her cut clients' hair :)

    Anatacia, I am lucky to have the time to pamper myself over the weekend!

    Becky, free internet is a huge PLUS!!!!

  9. Great salon review, Nikki!
    I wished, I have found such an awesome salon here myself. :/

  10. Great review. The place looks amazing!

  11. Jess, so you haven't found one yet? Do you have specific salon you go back to?

    Gio, thanks!

  12. wow the prices for the services are really good. Hmm it seems I now have a place where I can get my hair colored haha

    Loving the super cozy feel of the place :D

    1. Sayang I learned they closed na! But go to Piandre Instead! Same owners :D

  13. punta na kaya ako today.thanks for sharing nikki:)

  14. They are closed na early this year...visit Piandre at BGC instead, same owners, same great service!


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