Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AMW Reviews: Pond's Perfect Matte Pressed Powder

Happy to know, I have readers who are students!  My age is definitely far from being the "highchool or college" student but my heart is always there!  I got a lot of queries on cheaper alternative for a powder!  I have to look back during my college days when I purchased my first face powder ever!  Oh, actually it was gifted to me by my dearest sister!  It was the Pond's Loose Powder in Pink packaging!  (remember the loose powder type that's housed in blue, pink and yellow-orange packaging?)

In my opinion, if you're a student, your skin is still young and fresh and piling on heavy foundation is not advisable.  Trust me, your skin will thank you in the future for letting it breathe as much as it can! 

Today, I will review on a pressed powder that's widely available in the market!  I've been seeing this everywhere!

Pond's Perfect Matte Natural Sheer Pressed Powder

I got mine in Shade 02 Rosy Beige

Pond's says ---
The light, super-fine powder will help you reduce oily shine to keep skin looking naturally smooth and matte.  With UV protection.

Net Wt.: 10g
Best before: 2 years from manufacturing date

AMW says ---
  • packaging - product is well sealed and housed in a very feminine box!
  • the foam that comes with the compact is quite good
  • very light on skin
  • I don't have a lot of oil but on the oilier zone like the nose and chin, it does reduce shine
  • gives a nice matte finish that's natural-looking
  • because it's "pressed" powder, toting this along in your makeup kit is easy! No messy makeup pouch!
  • never cakes up
  • using a brush, it does not dry up on me
  • there's a whole located at the bottom for you to be able to depot this powder, this is great news for makeup artists who want to transfer these into palettes for easy storage
  • packaging includes manufacturing date at the back
  • has SPF for that added protection
  • no skin irritations and does not cause my skin to break out
  • packaging doesn't have mirror for people who like applying with a mirror
  • for someone who does not like fragrance on their powder, this has a faint scent, like that of the facial wash!
This is an inexpensive alternative for the MAC's Mineralized SkinFinish Natural but this one has a bit more "shade" visible!  I like using this powder for touch-ups, to lessen the oily feel and look minus the added coverage!  

from Pond's 
  • dab puff onto pressed powder and spread gently across skin.
  • use as part of your Pond's Perfect Matte Skin Care regimen.
from AMW
  • sponge application may be nice but I find using a big face brush to gently brush onto your face looks more natural and application is easier!
  • if you prefer to use the sponge, wash it regularly with soap, water and a bit of gentle dish washing liquid
  • never drop your powder compact!
  • if possible, do not share the puff with another person, if needed, use a brush instead
  • the SPF included in this pressed powder is not enough for outdoors, do not forget to wear your sunscreen!
  • if dry skin find this a bit too drying for them, try to purchase their different pressed powder variants, or, you can gently brush this powder only on the part of the face that oils up
Will I repurchase?
I just did, gave another one for mom!

Do I recommend this?
For budget conscious who wants a no fuzz product that works on oil-control department?  YES!

Where to purchase and how much?
At leading groceries, beauty stores for less than Php200 (approx $4.00).  Sorry I wasn't able to take a peek at the exact price, holler if you know the price and I'll do my part in checking this as well!

Rosey Beige swatched on hand and blended
See how it disappeared onto my skin tone

A super close up photo using Myra VitaGlow Tinted Moisturizer and Pond's Perfect Matte Pressed Powder.  Sorry for the super glowy face as the flash was directed towards my face! 

Obviously, when I am too happy, my lids disappear!  So monolids out there?  You guys are not alone! *hahaha* 

I hope you find my review helpful!  Of course, feel free to comment if you have further queries about this product!  Again, do purchase these products at your own discretion, your skin and my skin are totally different so be careful ok?

To our Chinese friends out there, Happy Mooncake Festival!!!  Since I'm following the Chinese Holidays, I will be off work today and head on to mom's and help her with the Mooncake Festival preparation! 

 **photo from google image

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. oh. i posted my comment on the dollface post. lol.

    anyway, happy mooncake festival. again ^_^

  2. i was supposed to get this one the other day but ended up buying myra e instead.. maganda din pala ito... :D

  3. you look so pretty & glowy. nice review! :D

  4. i was contemplating before on what pressed powder i should be buying. I think this is very inexpensive..i can't remember the exact price but i think it ranges from Php150-Php250...still cheap...but i ended up buying the Fanny Serrano 2 way cake.

    i remember that i had a bad reaction before on the pond's cream so i was a little bit worried that this would make me break out

  5. ang cute ng fotd mo! :) you look so young and happy!

  6. I remember using Ponds pressed powder when I was in college and i agree it does minimize the shine. I forgot why I stopped using it though.. Will check this out!

  7. Your skin looks so radiant and glowing on your FOTD. Pretty! :P

    Now if only I am not allergic to Pond's. I actually bought this and while it controls the shine, I broke out with. :(

  8. Jenobebs, it's ok :) tayo tayo lang naman! hehehe Thanks for the comment

    Donna, I'll try the Myra din soon and see if I can compare these 2 :)

    Helen, thanks!

  9. Thia, Oh yeah, some people do have reactions with Pond's, thank goodness I didn't!

    Crystal, awww thanks, that's a super duper nice compliment!

    Khymm, same here, there are so many products I've used before that works and I can't even explain why I stopped using it too!

    Pammy, thanks for liking my FOTD, it's actually a bit overexposed with the flash! Sorry that you're allergic to the brand too

  10. Oh Mona! hahaha they do! They've been making those for quite some time now! :) You're too cute!

  11. hi! i loooove reading your posts! your pretty pic above is like an advertisement for ponds! haha can u post the ingredients? thank u! :D

  12. Hello po! Yung powder na po ba na iyan is pde sa mga tanned skin like me? kasi baka mag mukha along espasol kpg ngpressed powder ako. Usually kasi ung mga pressed powder they look tan in color but when you apply it na eh ang putiputi.. medyo tan po ba yung color nya? thanks


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