Saturday, October 2, 2010

AMW Flying to Seoul, Korea!

(Note: All photos taken from Google Images, these are not my own, thanks to the owner of these photos for such wonderful shots)
Good Saturday!!!  Sense any happiness in me?  To my dear Twitter friends, you all know why I'm super excited, I've been waiting for this day!  My much awaited vacation to one of my "wish to visit country someday"!  


I've always been dreaming of visiting this country because of the countless Korean series I've watched!  I have to admit, it was the FOOD that caught my attention, when they cooked their home made  instant noodles and slurp their way like it was gourmet meal!  Oh, I won't forget those scenes when they're heartbroken and decided to have a drink in one of those public "tents" while keeping themselves warm while the restaurant owner would serve them (what seems like) unlimited Bulgogi!  Yes, I am salivating, I am a PIG and I am proud of it!

I've tried street food in Taiwan and Thailand and I will definitely not give this a miss!  I have a feeling I can skip full course meal jumping from one street food stall to another!  Eeeekkk so excited!  *tummy growls*

The tourist-ry side in me will definitely check out some of the well-known sites!  Most of them I've seen on Korean drama series and photos!  I don't have the luxury of time to visit a lot of sites but I'll definitely would not miss the famous N Tower!  I am excited to leave our "lock" on N Tower's Locks of Love! 

I am embarrassed to admit, but I wasn't able to watch the famous Korean Drama "Winter Sonata" which made this island famous!  Nami Island!  I will actually visit this place not because I will be reminiscing the scenes of the series but the picturesque trees I've seen on photos are breathtaking and I want to see them in real life!  I believe Autumn is the best time to visit as the trees are quite colorful!  *eeeekkk*  Sensing another excitement from my side right?

Korea is also famous for their palaces!  They have several palaces worth visiting and I don't think I'll be able to visit ALL of them!  But I won't come back home without visiting at least one!  I am very much intrigued with any country's rich history!  I'll try to look into some English tours, or what a heck?  I can just read about the palace online and go there and venture the palace ourselves!  That'll be COOL!

Shame on me if I will give Korean Cosmetics a miss!  Why will I be called a Beauty Blogger if I don't give these cute stores a visit?  Thanks to Xin of Prettybeautiful for all the tips on almost everything!!!  She told me I can check out Etude House, Skin Food almost after every 50meters!  Eeeeekkk!!!! Now that's the 3rd eek for this day! 

It's an adventure I've always been dreaming to do and thanks to Mr. AMW for being as excited as I am!  The weather is just perfect by the way!  Mr. AMW is one "walking perspiration" so the cool temperature ranging from 10 degrees celcius to 23 degrees celcius is another PLUS!

And before I end this post, we will be traveling on an adventure, no tour packages or tour guides!  (Maybe, we can book one day tour if we wanted to maximize our time), but hey!  I am getting excited because of the adventure we will be taking!  Just look at the Seoul Metro Map!  I love it!  I am getting confused NOW! hahaha

I will be staying at the "shopping center" of the city, Myeong Dong and the hotel has free internet access, if I get the chance, I'll be updating you guys on my adventure!  I know somewhere down the road, someone's going for a visit and it'll be helpful to see some tips just like what I did reading other people's Seoul Travel Blogs!

I can't help but wonder, will I find guys wearing eyeliner on the streets of Seoul????

I'll report back on all tiny details for sure!
Now...let me say my final "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!"
I hope you guys will find my Seoul Travel Experience as exciting as how I am feeling right now!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm excited for you as well! Enjoy! and happy tripping, will definitely look forward to that post.

  2. god bless you nikki on your trip.. enjoy..:D

  3. Yay! I have to travel by metro in Seoul too :)

    Welcome to Korea! Amazing plans!

  4. I super envy you!!! I want to travel to Seoul Korea too! But then again, it have to wait till my baby can be left alone (super insensitive me if I go ahead and travel when my baby is out of this world diba?) But I am super sure you would have fun. Update me on how the food trip went. Enjoy your time with Mr. AMW I am sure this is a much deserve break that you both are looking forward to! Oh! Please take photos of cute kids in Korea, I super love to look at them. :) Thanks! Happy Trip and enjoy the food tripping!!!

  5. hey nikki! have a happy trip, im so excited for you! :) :)

  6. wow!!..I hope you will having fun during your trip to Seoul Korea..I hope you will meet Anastacia too..=)..Can't wait to hear and see the picture from you soon..

  7. Have a great trip Nikki!!! :D :D

  8. So exciting! Your post just made me excited too haha. Have fun, Nikki! :)

  9. have fun girl! looking forward to hear everything about seoul! :D

  10. hahaha.. I can sense your excitement oozing out of this post. Have fun! ^^

  11. Wahahaha! Looks like the Adam Lambert look is in. Korea is starting to become like Japan, where men look androgynous.

  12. hi, i am a reader. i am happy for you.
    been to korea too. dont forget LOTTE WORLD, EVERLAND, MYEOG DONG CATHOLIC CHURCH - the first catholic church in korea. ALso, INSADONG - its just near Namsan Tower. You can find - traditional stuff here.
    Also, Namdaemun and DongDaemon Market- they are close to each other. Just in the City near myeong dong.

    If you want food adventure: try SUNDAE. ;-)

  13. cool!! will definitely wait for your report when you come back, i'm going to korea too next year with my friends :)

  14. wow enjoy your adventure! i'm sure it's gonna be awesome!

  15. OMG, nikki! Yung metro map nakakaloka! Good luck haha. Hmm... I know a lot of people going to Korea these days. Is it really just because of Pinoys' fascination with K-pop? Bring lots of warm clothes, ha? It's almost winter na yata there in Seoul. Miss you!

  16. I LOVE KOREA! Everland is the best, still keeping my wrist ticket till now woohoo!

    Enjoy every minute there sis! Take care!

  17. Have fun! Hope you enjoy your trip and meet Lee Min Ho. :) Good luck on the guyliner hunt. :)


  18. happy for you dear!

    i hope to visit korea too, someday :P


  19. omg going to seoul korea has to be the best vacation for me ever! not only do i love the culture, its so easy to get around and go to your destination even if most people don't know how to speak english. they will really help you out if you have this lost look on your face haha :D

    myeongdong is my fave shopping district, most would say namdaemun or dongdaemun market but myeongdong comes alive at night and its such a treat to walk around taking in the sights.
    have fun!^^

  20. im excited and happy for you.. ive been to korean for 2 years around 2001 or 2002.. and what can i say.. i really want to go back... go visit dongdaemun, and namdemun,myeongdong, for ur shopping place , the namsan tower.. ride the subway.. ull definietly seen it around everywhere... also visit the place where pinoys meet iforgot where is that place...

    but for sure ull enjoy ur stay there especially its almost autumn there enjoy...

  21. Hey! Just the name of Seoul made me mad all over again and again... :)
    It's really great to hear tt you're living nearby MyeongDong. It's the prefect spot to land I think. :D Must walk on every single streets on MyeongDong okays.. :) There's really lots of thinks to grab along as u walk there. :D Make sure u try the super long yoghurt ice-cream and see shops and shops of Etude.H and Face Shop, also one huge Nature Republic there. :D
    YOU'll def enjoy the trip even w/o our congrats and envy and jealous blah blah blah..! Haha~

  22. Finally, you're off! Enjoy your trip, sweetie!! :D

  23. you are too funny nikki~
    i hope you have lots of fun!
    maybe see a celebrity or two XD

  24. ey ang saya naman, have a fun and safe trip.

    apparently their hair care products are really good as well (really good like their cosmetics and skin care).

    take care, can't wait for your haul vid/entry.

  25. hope you could try and review tony moly products..I've seen it on other blogs but it isn't available here..and is it true that skin food prices are triple times higher here???


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