Friday, October 8, 2010

Korea Report: "Winter Sonata" Land (Nami Island)

Nami Island or Namiseom's name was originated from General Nami, he died at the age of 28 after being falsely accused of treason during the reign of King Sejo, the seventh king of tthe Joseon Dynasty of Korea.  Sounds a bit like the times of China Dynasties!  I've studied Chinese History and after my tour in Korea, I am really interested to learn more about the Korean history as well!

To get to the island, we have to go to the Ferry Wharf and buy tickets there!  We pass by Naminara Republic and that's where we line up for our ferry ride.  Ferry ride takes approximately 5-8 minutes and it's the best time to take a breather and enjoy the view of water and mountains!

Once we reached Nami Island, you can see the tomb and tombstone of General Nami.  Although his grave wasn't discovered, you can still see a tiny "hill" built where his body was supposed to be buried.  It started out as a pile of stones then a tour company arranged the grave with soil and developed Namiseom into an amusement park!

We did not walk by the grave, I don't want to step into something else you know! *shudders* hahaha

Nami Island is quite easy to walk around and you can see random colored trees!  Perfect for anyone who's into nature!

We walked by the area named "First Kiss", this is the exact same spot where the 2 characters BYJ and CJW has their first kiss ever!

First kiss as seen on the photo gallery made especially for the Winter Sonata fans.

They made a special table with the snow man and woman, its not real snow by the way but isn't it cute?  In this blog post, the main characters are....

Mr. and Mrs. AMW!!!

For those who loves to bike and wanted to tour around the island the faster way, there are bike rentals available!  I have to take a photo on a pink bike!  I missed my bike that was stolen way back when I was working in China!

We've decided to take a walk instead and enjoy the scenery!  Here are some of the many shots we took in the almost perfectly aligned trees.

This felt like Prenup photos! *laughs*

Here's the famous heart where most couples take shots on!  It's such a nice relaxing place...

In this lovely island, you will also see the 2 bikes where BYJ and CJW rode for the shoot on Winter Sonata! 

You'll also see random shots on BTS (Behind the Scenes) of Winter Sonata.  Now I felt bad I wasn't able to watch the series before I visited this place!

Another set of super aligned trees!  They look really beautiful in person ...

Take a look at the photo below on the tree branches, don't they look like hands extending out to welcome you?  I guess I'm just too imaginative!

It took us approximately 4 hours roaming around the island taking photos and just relaxing!  The place is so serene and living in a busy city almost all my life?  It's nice to breathe fresh air for a change!

Before we left and head back to the Ferry Wharf, here's vandalizing once again!  Take a look at the ugly drawing, told you I can't draw!  I guess I'll just stick to drawing on nails!

Mr. AMW looking at another woman? *gasp* How dare him!  It's ok though, I'm not the jealous type!  I know I can easily take him back by.....

Taking him to random food stalls and have our tummy filled with delicious food before we head back to the city! 

Whatever route we took on the way to Nami Island, we did it all over again!  Now let's head back to Gapyeong Train Station and doze off for the next 1.5 hours!

As Filipinos would say: "PARA! PARA!" (Stop! Stop!)

I'm almost done with my Korea report!  I haven't been talking about Palaces right?  We did visit one palace called Deoksu Palace!  Another good place to visit and it's just within the city! 

Where you able to watch Winter Sonata?  Which scene struck you the most?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oooh, those are perfect settings for Korean telenovelas!

  2. Your posts on Korea have been amazing because I am dying to go and the pictures alone are reason enough.
    Thanks for the lovely photography and wonderful travel tips especially the ones about the bathrooms for short and tall people,(hello I'm 5'10").
    XO from Mexico.

  3. Skysenshi! Super!!!! I can imagine myself watching the Actors and Actresses before the shoot!

    Wendy, aww, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my posts :)

  4. I really enjoy your posts on Korea. Thanks for all the tips and the beautiful photos. Seems like you're having a fab time.

  5. Gio, glad you enjoyed it, I really love talking about my travel! In short, I really love talking! hahahha


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