Friday, December 24, 2010

A Love Story about Fragrances

Remember how excited I got when I own 2 of the cutest fragrance bottle around?  I was obviously excited because I've created a love story between the 2 of them.  You can smile and click HERE for the past post.

The 2 DKNY fragrances may look similar on bottle design, but their scent is as opposite as night and day!  The DKNY Fresh Blossom (Pink) has this fresh, feminine scentwith a blend of grapefruit which spells sophistication, perfect for the day! DKNY Delicious Candy Apples Limited Edition Sweet Caramel (Green) on the other hand smells sweeter because of its creamy caramel and vanilla scent which works well especially at night!

Here they are enjoying each other's company for 6 months now!  I like using them alternately depending on what outfit I wear or which occasion I will be attending.

After 6 months, their relationship moved up to a new level

Someone, I mean...something..came up!!!

It was a labor of love!  Oh my goodness, what am I even thinking?  *lol*  Oh well, I just want to share to the world that I am a proud owner of DKNY Limited Edition Mini Eau de Parfum Be Delicious

Though I am in love with the lovely bottles of the mommy and daddy, I appreciate it when fragrance companies give options to their consumers!  I am actually toting this mini bottle along with me all day for that instant "spritzing" before I attend an important meeting or event!  I can assure to the world that I am spreading wonderful scent wherever I go!  And best of all?  I can do this discreetly because the bottle is just right enough to be hidden inside my hand!  Now it's easy for me to say: "I was born to smell this way!" *harharhar*

Anyways, sad to say, this tiny bottle is not available for sale, I do believe I've seen a couple of limited edition miniatures inside Duty Free Shops though!  So keep your eyes open for cute stuffs like these!

Thanks to Estee Lauder Philippines for gifting me with this several months before Christmas!  This can seriously put a permanent smile on my face everytime I pull this out inside my bag!

What's your favorite fragrance you wish to have a miniature version?
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  1. LOOL, what a cute story!! So sweet! ^_^

  2. so cute! i love DKNY perfumes. Merry Christmas Ms. Nikki =)

  3. Lucky girl! these are my favourite fragrances. fresh blossom and the original green apple. the candy apples this year were yummy too. happy holidays!

  4. even with so many launches of different perfume, my favorite is still be delicous! (the original one) ^_^

  5. ang cute! i love perfumes too! natry ko lang ang Be delicious green apple sa store, i super love the smell. Planning to buy it soon =)

  6. Awww that is such a cute story!

  7. Haha! That's a cute story, Nikki. I like the minis too. I have the red one and I like that I can easily bring it with me everywhere too. Merry Christmas. :P

  8. Lisa, have you received your winnings? I guess not huh? :) Glad you like the simple love story

    Abby, same here! they are really nice even for men!

    Jan S, wow, guess I got your favorite scents eh? Happy Holidays to you too

    Xin, yes, the green one is our ultimate favorite! even the hubby and I share the same scent!

  9. Khymm, *high five* super into scents, I wear them differently depending on my outfit and mood, kaw din?

    Gio, hahah thanks for liking it

    Pammy, the minis are great to carry along no? Can you imagine carrying a huge bottle? Hassle!

  10. Hahaha! Seeing this made me laugh! Me and my husband loves perfumes. We both should have a perfume wardrobe for owning to many. Loved DKNY be delicious original and having perfume mini versions are so much easier to carry around but I did noticed that always a smaller bottle cost more than buying the full size one. Currently using alternately are D&G-light, Victor and Rolf-flower bomb, Marc Jacobs- daisy and  my fave at the moment.. Dior- Escale' a' Portofino (I share this one with my 2.5 y.o daughter it's so light she loves the smell of it.)


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