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Manila's Signature Dishes 2010: Chef Robert

I've seen a lot of restaurants popping up nowadays with the Chef's name which I think is a very good idea because it does not only identify the Chef, but it just proves that the food served are of best quality for Chefs to be confident enough to put up their name!

Here's another Food Tripping post for Manila's Signature Dishes 2010

Chef Robert restaurant is located at the strip of restaurants at Banawe Street.  Since we usually pass by the area on our way home, we're always on a hunt for good restaurants within the area, we haven't seen Chef Robert until recently and it wasn't a surprise to know the restaurant just started its operations July of 2009.  The owner Chef Robert Tan is a graduate of business and found his calling for cooking and went to Singapore for his culinary degree at The Global Chef Academy.

At first glance, the restaurant looks like a cafe place but once you check out their menu, you know that you can never judge the book by its cover!  The restaurant serves Asian dishes ranging from Curry to Korean Beef Stew to Filipino Beef Tapa!  I call this variation at one stop!  The 2-storey restaurant can accommodate approximately 30 people on the first floor and around 20 something on the second floor.  Though the place is small, it doesn't look crowded at all!  Probably because of it's tastefully designed interiors with mirrored walls! 

Caesar Salad
with home made Caesar Dressing
With Chef Robert's Caesar Salad you won't go wrong as the salad includes everything you want in a salad!  Fresh green vegetables, slices of egg, crunchy bacon bits and Caesar dressing tossed just right with all the ingredients!

Lengua ala Pobre with Casillero del Diablo
According to Chef Robert: "This was just added to the menu earlier this year.  This recipe was developed as a result of a request by one of our regular guest.  Ox tongue cooked in long hours to make it tender My team and I made this dish very tasty so everyone can enjoy eating such delicacy"
I love mushrooms!  And this dish definitely had me covered with the mushroom department!  The ox tongue was actually hidden under the mushrooms and sauce!  I am a fan of sauce-y dishes so I enjoyed this with half cup of rice!  Bits of crunchy garlic gave a nice texture to a very tasty dish!  Definitely taste like home made cooking!

A closer look on Ox Tongue Strips 

Blueberry Panna Cota
I have to admit, I am not a fan of blueberries, you will only see me take a bite of blueberries once they are on top of cheesecake!  When Blueberry Panna Cota was served, I had a good stare at it for 5 minutes before I've decided to dig in.  It did not give me much of an impression at first bite, but as I dug in to another spoonful, I am starting to taste the milky taste of the creamy Panna Cota perfectly complimented by the Blueberries on top!  The dessert actually tastes like Blueberry Cheesecake with a lighter tummy-feel!  I am glad this was served to me for the night!  I believe Mango Panna Cota are also available at Chef Robert!

 The perfect marriage of Blueberries and Panna Cota

Overall, it was a wonderful experience at Chef Robert.  The servers are very attentive with your needs!  After a nice chat with Chef Robert, I will definitely go back to the restaurant to taste their other bestselling dishes!

Dish prices includes VAT and no service charge.  The restaurant accepts cash and credit card transactions.  Ample parking space within the area and best of all?  FREE WIFI!

They have dessert specials by the way during nighttime!

Chef Robert
847 Banawe Street, 
Corner Linaw Street, Q.C.
Tel. no: (632) 740-9330, (632) 413-0674
Opens Mondays-Sundays 7:00am-10:00pm

I look up to entrepreneurs who follow their dreams at a young age, and Chef Robert Tan is no exception!
Have you tried this dining in this restaurant?
What's your favorite dish?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Unilever Foodsolutions (UFS), being the preferred foodservice business partners among restaurateurs, felt the need to acknowledge notable restaurants who are developing Manila as a culinary city.  They have partnered with select restaurants within the metropolis in coming up with signature dishes.  UFS has synergized with these restaurants, both through dish development and promotion campaign for these signature dishes, in achieving one common goal: coming up with a different culinary experiences that provide value for money and culinary memories for diners.  

If you're a restaurateur (or an aspiring one) and in need of help in coming with your signature dish, call (632) 588-8855 or email at

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