Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Christmas Decor" Nails

Because Christmas is a couple of days away, I would like to go ahead doing another "Christmas-y" Nail Art Tutorial!  I know the usual greens and reds are what you've been seeing out there, but hey!  It's Christmas, it's once a year to do such color combination!  Not unless I'm aiming for Stop Light right? *hehehe*  I hope the simple strokes of lines will be enough for you to create your own "Christmas Decor" Nails!

Here's the final result...

Step 1:
Apply your preferred Base Coat prior to polish application.  Apply alternately Red and Green polish shade.  In this tutorial, I've used The Face Shop's RD301 Polish for the Red and Nature Republic GR601 Polish for the Green shade.  Let dry completely.

Step 2:
Using your own thin brush or in my case, I am using L.A. Art Deco Polish in white, I drew lines just like photo below.

You can choose to do different strokes for the other shade for a more random feel!

Step 3:
To create a more festive feel, I have applied glitters in between the white lines and base color using L.A. Colors Art Deco in Gold Glitters

Step 4:
Making sure all the lines are completely dry, apply your favorite top coat to protect the nail art.  I am using Elianto's Top Coat which is another favorite of mine!

Voila! Instant colorful Christmas Nails perfect for the holidays!  It's Green, It's Red and It sparkles! 

What's your version of Christmas Nails?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. such a simple and beautiful christmas mani :), i have done 2 christmas mani but want to make new one after saw urs :)

  2. i wanna bite your nails!!! nom nom nom

  3. They look like sparkling candy balls. :P Really cute. :)

  4. You should handpaint my Christmas balls, kasi mas maganda pa ang nails mo than them! =D Merry Christmas, my dear Nikki!

  5. This is so pretty!! It looks yummy actually! hahaha :))

  6. That looks very pretty but also yummy lol!

  7. green and red are always christmas colors!

    Cute =)!

  8. YoannitaL , wow 2 Christmas designs? that's great! I'll check on your site! :)

    Xin, hahahaha you can't bite it! How will I be doing makeup if my nails are all gone?

    Pammy, thanks!

  9. Dang, hahaha I will be lazy in handpainting or doing art anywhere except my nails! hahahhaha

    Iyah, thanks for appreciating this YUMMY treat :P

  10. Gio, hahahaha everyone wants to have a piece of my nails! Ouch! that sounds painful!

    Pixie D, agree!


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