Saturday, February 5, 2011

AMW Reports: HBC and San San Products

One weekend, after a long day, I've decided to stop at the SM mall nearest my place!  The mall I heard that has the most number of visitors!  Not SM Mall of Asia nor SM Megamall!  It's SM San Lazaro!  New found information right? :)  

Anyways, I usually go there just to buy what I need or probably have a quick dinner or take out as I don't want to stay too long in this mall because its always crowded!  As we were on our way to the car park, I nudged hubby when I saw a display that puts "bling" into my eyes!  SALE and PROMOTIONS!  Who doesn't want to save money?  I know I do!

HBC is my "to-go-to" store when I need the basics!  I used to go to their main branch back then when I need to purchase hair cutting tools like scissors, cape, brushes, hair clips and a whole lot more!  I even ventured on purchasing San San Nail Polishes just because the colors are quite nice!

I wasn't looking at their makeup collection back then!  But after months or years, things have changed!  They have been upping their game and the store is looking more and more visit-worthy!

The store is bright and welcoming, the staffs were there to greet you courteously the moment you stepped in!  It doesn't hurt to see the gorgeous Anne Curtis poster!  I can also see the HBC Make-over zone which is a great idea for people who wants to learn how to use the makeup prior to purchase!

(Note from author: Sorry for the blurry shots, they were all ninja shots taken using my phone camera.)

The store was divided sections per sections base on the brand name!  One brand caught my attention because of its colorful display is called Allue!  Allue I would recommend to teenagers starting on makeup and does not want to spend so much! 


Just by mere looking at the display, the lip glosses are definitely must try!  So  many to choose from!

It took me longer time in front of the San San Cosmetics area.  Well, not because Kris Aquino and myself are of the same age (definitely NOT!) :P  But because the variety of products available in this brand fits consumer on my age range!  I would say College graduate to working girls! 

The liquid liner is inexpensive for Php86.00 (approx $2.00) and the pencils are not bad as well for Php72.00 (approx $1.50).  I will definitely go back to give them a try!  I need to finish up what I currently own..which is a lot! :P

There are a whole lot of powder and powder foundation, blushes and lipsticks!

I took home 2 intriguing products which I hope works well because they are inexpensive!

San San Mousse Foundation
An airy-light, whipped face base
Php150.00 (approx $3.40)
L-R Natural, Beige and Olive
 San San Matte Touch Mousse Blush
Php120.00 (approx $2.70)
Color: Pink Blush

 San San Matte Touch Mousse Blush
Php120.00 (approx $2.70)
Color: Mocha Blush

They also have a brochure!

Product names, details and prices all included!  There are also some tips to learn!

What's your favorite HBC product?
I can't wait to test the products out and will report to everyone!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product provided for PR consideration.  The author is not paid to write this post. All information written are based solely on author's personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I used to buy glycerin soaps from them before switching to organic soaps. And it works just fine. :)

    I hope the San San Mousse foundie & blush works!

    Happy weekend, Ms. Nikki! Looking forward to another foodie post. :)

    All the best! ♥

  2. i love hbc's hair treatment products & san san nail polish! never forget to visit them everytime i'm in a mall. ;)

  3. Hi Nikki! That's so cool! Did HBC send you the mousse items too? :)
    I got the same stuff!

    Im also nearest to SM San Lazaro!!! haha small world indeed!

  4. I had a blush once that reminded me of Estee Lauder Peach Nuance and it was nice. My friend swears by the SanSan powder foundation. She even likes it better than MAC. Looking forward to your SanSan reviews. :)

  5. how are the products? the blush looks quite interesting!

  6. i'm a fan of HBC! good for staples! my older sister swears by the SanSan pressed powder (very pigmented and has yellow under tones for Asian skin) and the Allue Pretty Cheeks in Desert rose.. i myself like the 2-way cakes and waterproof mascara. the liquid foundation is super pigmented that i even use it as concealer though the tones leans toward pink..the mousse blush is best applied with a dense synthetic kabuki brush because it is a bit difficult to blend, but when applied properly, it gives a natural glow.

  7. Wow ang galing, i just posted about their mousse collection too. I love HBC especially for the basics for hair! I am a fan of their keratin hot oil treatment

  8. I have been usingn the powder/foundation in 01 and works really well. I am also a fan of their hair products.

  9. wow, i haven't tried their makeup too...looking forward to your review...btw, i am also nearest to sm san lazaro! :)

  10. Juana, oohh My friend used to purchase those soaps din, maganda daw!

    Jasmine109, I haven't tried their hair treatment line! Wow, so many products to try there!

    K, yes they did! and I guess we live near each other din if SM San Lazaro is near your area? We should meet up!

  11. Pammy, wow your friend likes SanSan Powder Foundation compared to MAC? It must be good!

    Char, still testing it dear :) Will write a review once I'm really done with the testing

    Christine, thanks for sharing the products your sister like, sounds like San San and Allue is a good brand to try no? Glad to know inexpensive brands like these have good quality!

  12. Kumiko Mae, Keratin hot oil treatment? Will take a look at it! I am into hair treatment!

    Jazz, wow another fan for hair product and thanks for sharing the product you like

    Issa, hahaa another Manila person! YAY!!! We should all meet up!

  13. hi ms nikki, malapit ka lng pala sa sm san lazaro...malapit lang din ako...:) a must try nga yun san-san mousse blush ah....:)

  14. Hello there, I have been an avid user of San San products... Just recently I got curious about the made in P.R.O.C acronym on the back of my 2-way cake foundation.. anybody here knows where San san products are made, kindly tell me... thanks much!


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