Friday, March 11, 2011

Eureka Moment: Sunblock with Menthol + Highest SPF Sunblock

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Any reader of my blog knew how happy I was when the brand Mentholatum came down to our shores.  Gone were the "Stalking Sasa website" days for "online hoarding"!  And I'm even feeling giddier when I learn from my dear twitter friend Mimi when she confirmed that SunPlay is indeed available locally!

Summer season is definitely on our way and there are so many outdoor activities we want to do!  As we get exposed to the sun, the ultraviolet rays are harmful to our skin!  

Confused on the difference of UVA and UVB?

UVA rays darken skin color as it penetrates deeply into skin.  Prolong UVA exposure causes permanent damage to our collagen fiber.  Once damaged, our skin will lose the elasticity leading to wrinkle development and aging.

UVB rays, on the other hand, are known to cause sunburn.  It's when the surface of our skin reacts quickly by becoming red, inflamed and freckled.

When you purchase sunblock, you will also see PA and a couple of pluses (+).  And you think they are just there because it looks cool?  *laughs*

PA+      means 2-4 times protection
PA++    provides 4-8 times protection.
PA+++  gives an 8-time protection or more

Now that you get the basic on sunblock, it is natural we choose a sunblock that contains both SPF & PA factors for broader protection! 

I remember how I get excited on SPF25 as its the highest available in the market back then!  Would you believe we finally have the highest SPF and PA in the market available locally?  Eureka Moment!

SunPlay SPF130 PA+++
Php399.00 (approx $9.50)

  • Highest SPF and PA in the market, giving maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Super sweat and waterproof formula for long hours outdoors and water activities.
  • Absorbs quickly onto skin for a weightless, non-greasy feel. 
  • Suitable for daily use on face and body
SunPlay Watery Cool SPF65 PA+++
Php349.00 (approx $8.30)

  • contains menthol for a cool and refreshing sensation.
  • Watery Liquid Formulation provides ultimate sun protection that's weightless and non-greasy.
  • Highly water-resistant.
  • Ideal for sports and outdoor activities.
There are 2 other lower SPF variants available!

SunPlay Clear Water SPF50 PA+++
Php349.00 (approx $8.30)

SunPlay Powdery White SPF47 PA+++
Php349.00 (approx $8.30)

All of them are ideal for face and body, ideal for daily use!  Local readers can find these exclusively in all Watsons stores nationwide!

Definitely a Eureka Moment for sun protection lovers out there!
It'll be perfect if they bring in Mr. AMW's favorite facial cleanser OXY, which has this cooling effect during wash!  Mr. AMW hoarded in Shanghai and he has one tube left! 

(also made from Mentholatum, same company)

I will review the SunPlay SPF130 PA+++ and SPF65 PA+++ once I've used them!  Do wait for my reviews!  For the early birds who have purchased these, feel free to click comment and tell everyone your experiences on these!

What's the highest SPF you've used?
Happy weekend!
Keep smilin'
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  1. Omgsh! LUCKY! I wish these were available in Canada! They seem like the ideal sunscreen! Inexpensive, cute, high SPF, and I assume it has a cooling sensation! Perfect for application in the humid summer weather!

  2. Hehehe SPF130 now we're talking protection! Hahaha! Australia has a maximum limit of SPF30! But I do much prefer the sunscreens with their SPF45-50 especially for my face in this harsh Australian summer sun... ^_^

    For me, I still have to stalk sasa... lol no availability here and no sasa offline =(

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  3. I got these too and was so excited it came in small packaging for easy travel storing. :) so nice noh? i will get the pink one just coz it's pink! hahaha!

  4. LOL spf130 that's like 21 hours of protection for fair skinned peeps. how many hours of daylight do we have lang? hehehe oc-oc mode ☺♥

  5. Looks like a dream product! Too bad we're not heading to the beach this summer! We're actually off to Alaska.. So... won't really need this! LOL

  6. wow nice! where can i buy this po? available ba sa watsons? ty :)

  7. I'm using the Sunplay SPF65PA++ at the moment and LOVING it! I had no idea the PA++ means for the info! I really like this sunblocks as they're not greasy so it is really ideal for humid weather..^__^ I used mine everyday and I still have lots in the small bottle! This stuff is definitely recommended! Oh, one more thing, I didn't know Philippines doesn't hv Sunplay products. Sunplay is available in local drugstore in Malaysia..=)

  8. i have been a user of the sunplay spf130 ever since i discovered it few years back ;) definitely my only and best sun buddy! it never ever got me burnt, not even an inch of sunshield skin ;)

  9. wow, so timely! i was just looking for the right sunscreen to buy since we're hitting the beach on April.... do you think this is ok for kids?

  10. wow, it's definitely a great find. Too bad out trip to Bantayan Island was cancelled...huhu...
    But, where can we buy this, is it available at Watsons?

  11. I have one of those. :P I using it on my arms and ears. :)

  12. I got the first one when it was first out in China (like 9 years ago!) all I remember it was feels pretty oily on the face, beside that, I love the packaging as well as the lip tint that came with it.

  13. wow it's so cheap!...but for daily use hope it's non-comedogenic cause I'm prone to blackheads :(

  14. ~Lisa, I agree, i like the fact that it's water based which makes it easily absorbed into the skin! :)

    Blushfully, really? Can I know why the maximum is SPF30? I used to think SPF25 is enough, but I guess times are changing!

    Shen, so cute the pink one! I think I'll go for the menthol/cooling one especially the summer!

  15. Marge, lol you are one OC girl! hahah I know what you mean, I actually am find with SPF50, but if there's more and it works fine? why not?

    Michelle, wow, Alaska! LOL Maybe you need different protection? Like heavy clothing? :D Take care

    indiegie07, yup WATSON'S!

    aisyah De Cullen, my pleasure on sharing the PA+++ definition. I am glad to know it works really well on you! Yup, we don't have this, it was available in most Asian countries for years and we just have them recently!

  16. Xin, yes dear! You told me about the SPF130 and my mind went crazy! I am glad we have this locally available and not pricey at all!

    Issa, I believe so, how young are your kids? If your kids have sensitive skin, do test it first by applying only a bit and see if they'll have itches or rashes!

    Hollie, yes, at Watson's! You know what? I have tickets to CDO too for outdoor activities like rafting, ziplining etc..but I have to cancel because of some important checkups for mom! :( Oh well, there's always next time!

  17. Pammy, that's nice!

    Citrine, I wouldn't use this on face, I will probably just use this on my body and use a face sunblock for the face! :)

    Anonymous, well if you're prone to blackheads, I strongly suggest you use this for the body instead and purchase a purely face sunblock that's non-comedogenic :)

  18. wow, SPF 130?! This will be really great for summer especially here in the Philippines. Thanks again for another great and very informative blog. Definitely a Eureka Moment. I'm currently using the Natural Oil free Sun Milk from the faceshop with SPF 38 and I love it but I don't really know if it's the best one coz it's my very first everyday facial sunblock (can you believe it? :D) Maybe you could do a review on it and do comparison to other sunblocks/sunscreens :)

  19. Kat_m, yup! it's great no? I heard about SPF130 from a friend in Malaysia and I'm glad we have it available locally na!!!! :) I have tried The Face Shop face sunblock once and I finished it, so nice ! But not the same variant as what you've used!

  20. Hi Nikki, how does this compare with the biore milk sunscreen? Will the menthol cool one be suitable for oily skin too? Thanks.

  21. @Alyssa Hi there, sorry but I can't compare this to Biore as I haven't used the said product. The Mentholatum one is ok for oily skin as its water based :)


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