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AMW Reviews: Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner

I have to admit, my favorite gel liner of all times Stila Smudgepots has been stored inside my make-up train case for quite some time!  Yes, products that get to be stored there meant it's going to the clients instead of myself!  Well, aside from the fact that I'm giving up what I love for my clients, I actually found a good replacement for daily lining! 

Aside from pencil liners, I alternate it with liquid liners!  Yes, liquid liners are trickier to apply but it's mess free and instant! (Mess free = no brush washing)

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner says ---

7 shades available: 

AMW says ---
  • Nice packaging, you know you got 'em fresh due to its packaging and seal!
  • Brush is really soft!  You can even reuse it as a gel liner brush once you finish this up.
  • Has manufacturing date noted on the packaging for you to know if the product you are purchasing is old or new stock.
  • Shades are gorgeous!  Quite unique! 
  • Synthetic brush is sharp which makes it easy to create winged liner!
  • Once dry, never smudge or smear!  I think i even cried with this liner and it didn't smudge at all!  Don't ask me why I was in tears, ok fine!  I was watching this local tv series!  *laughs*
  • Does not irritate my sensitive eyes.
  • Easy to remove with regular eye makeup remover!
  • The color stays true for the whole day and no flaking!
  • More inexpensive compared to the Shiseido Automatic Liner that I've been wanting to purchase for years!
  • Perfect to tote around during travel! And I don't mind whipping it out as the packaging is Go-ORgeous!
  • Not as pigmented as we want it to be, need at least 2 swipes.
  • A bit tricky to apply for first timer as the brush is soft!
  • Does not dry up as quickly as gel liners.
  • It's a bit of a guessing game in dispensing the product!  You have to keep in mind how many clicks it takes to dispense the right amount.

The shades are not really blue, brown or whatever you are expecting.  The Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner uses a black base and adding up a bit of the colored pigments like blues, greens, browns to create unique shades!

  • Draw tiny dots on the upper lash line and connect the dots one at a time.
  • Try to maintain the "half closed" eyes so the liner won't smudge before it gets dry.
  • Always seal in cap tight, with the "click" sound.
  • Do not twist a lot at once, give at least 5 clicks for first time usage, for the rest, try at least 2-3. 
  • Wipe the brush with clean tissue paper before closing the cap!
  • Shake first before you start clicking.
  • Oily lid friends out there?  Prep your eyes with an oil-control eye primer!  This will probably still smudge on most of you!
  • Never use this to tight line or even try to apply this on the waterline HUGE NO NO!
  • Be careful not to dispense too much as you may end up messing not only your eyes but your clothing!
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who wants to start using liquid liner but is afraid of the brush!  You can hold this like you hold a regular pen which is easier!

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at Majolica Majorca counters for Php695.00 (approx $16.15)

You have to remove this pink plastic, then press the "ink tube" inside to 'activate' the brush!  You know you get really fresh liquid liner straight from the manufacturer!

Click to dispense product
Reminder to keep in mind how many clicks for you to get the "right" amount!
New: Needs at least 4-5 clicks
for application: 2-3 clicks each eye

Can easily draw thin and thick lines!
Yes, the BL603 looks black with hint of blue shimmers!

Applied medium thickness line on the upper lash line 
Making sure my eyes stay this way for at least a minute 
to make sure the liner dries

Before and after shot of an eye without liner and with BL603
eyes look a bit bigger and more defined :)

Who says liner makes their eyes bigger?
*raises hand* I do!
What's your favorite liquid liner?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(note from author: Product sent for PR consideration.  All reviews are honest and based on my personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion).


  1. this brand has a very nice packaging talaga. the tip is really thin.. and it looks so pigmented.. nice review nikki

  2. Felt-tip liquid liners are so nice to use! Especially for doing cat eye :) My favorite is the one in black stick by Stila, but this one's packaging is sooo much cuter :P

  3. currently, mine is the lioele one [thanks to fuzkittie LMAO]. but since this brand is now more accessible then i'd definitely try this as well ;-)

  4. great review! you're really the queen of reviews! haha :D

    Nichido's liquid eyeliner was my favorite when I was in college then turned to maybellines gel liner.

    Eyeliner is one of my must haves! :D

  5. I used to like Maybelline's Impact Express Liquid Liner till I used their gel liner and never looked back! :P I like Majolica Majorca's packaging, it's the cutest! Great review on this product. :)

  6. Thanks for the review! I need a new one soon cos mine is beginning to get dry. Im using the Beautilicious one and it smudges with water and stains skin. Urgh~

  7. oh I love Stila Smudgepots too, But since it's DCS, my fave is MAC fluidline and Skinfood choco jam gel liner ^^ u'll want to give both a try

  8. I want to try this! I'm pretty wary of the click thing because I feel like I'd click just a little bit and like everything will come gushing out.

  9. i really like their packaging! thanks for the review miss nikki! :)

  10. Dαddα, glad you find this helpful

    Donnarence, well its not as pigmented as other liquid liners as this needed at least 2 swipes, but the shade is really unique and gorgeous

    Adrienne, oohh Haven't tried black stick from stila, but yeah, agree with you the packaging on this is fab!

    Marge, ahhh Lioele, where did you buy yours?

  11. MissKatv, hahaha lol thanks for the "tag" you gave me! hahaha I agree with nichido's Liquid liner, I have read raves about it! Agree on eyeliners being must haves!

    Helen, ahh I haven't tried any liquid liner from Maybelline, how was it?

    Isabel, ahh this one doesn't smudge on me so I hope it works for you too!

  12. Hye Rin, ahhh are they discontinued ? I think they still sell them down here! Thanks for the reco, will give those a look!

    Y, ah no, this one, you won't overclick, as it has this "lock" thing, you click once, then twice..then that's it! you won't be overclicking as it has a mechanism that controls each turn! I hope I was able to explain it well! LOL

    Issa , agree with the packaging! thanks for reading!

  13. i can never leave home without eyeliner! if i don't have it on, my eyes look weird. lol.

  14. Bea, I agree, myeyes look weird without eyeliner too! :)


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