Thursday, April 28, 2011

AMW Makeover: Pre-Nup Pictorial

Hi everyone!  I haven't posted about makeovers for quite some time and it's time I do! A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend Emily has a best friend who will be tying a knot soon and she wants me to do her best friend's Prenuptial Shoot make-up.

  • Natural looking foundation!  Face that matches the neck and the rest of the body.
  • Make-up that shows up on photos.
  • Make-up that can withstand the heat as the client will be having her shoot noontime at UST grounds!  (oh my goodness, with this kind of weather!)

Client's skin condition:
  • She actually has really good skin!  Very soft and smooth, easy to apply foundation all over.
  • Gets red/rashes easily.
  • Perspires easily on the nose and above the lip area.
I primed her skin with oil control primer on areas that oils up easily and use a regular moisturizing primer on drier areas.  To cover up her redness, I used Make Up For Ever's Green Corrector.  Making sure the corrector is applied evenly, I chose the foundation that matches her skin (as she's not acidic).  I used Graftobian Foundation.

Using foundation 2-3 shades lighter than her skin, I highlighted areas like the bridge of her nose and on the cheekbones.  Set with powder foundation then I proceeded with the eye make-up.

Client wanted to get out of her comfort zone.  She's not comfortable wearing eye makeup, she's actually just a foundation and lipstick person!  Thanks to her open-mindedness she actually told me to do whatever works for her face!  I was going for eyes that's well defined!

With the help of false lashes, cream blush topped with powder blush, lipstick and a bit of contouring.  She's ready for her pictorial!

Oh with regards to her "perspiring a lot" issues, I advised her to pat with regular tissue paper then advised her to use oil blotters for areas that oil up easily!  As much as possible, I asked her not to retouch too much with face powder as the shade of her foundation may change!

Before and After Photo

It wasn't difficult to prettify her as her gorgeous 1,000-watts smile can lit up any room!
Told you!  Keep smiling!  Stay happy and you'll look gorgeous!

Have you gone out of your comfort zone recently?
I actually did!  I went from Caffeinated to Decaffeinated coffee!  *laughs*
Hey!  That's HUGE deal for me! 
Ok keep wearing that smile and have a wonderful day!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow, I especially love what you did with her eyes, and the nose bridge--that's just so impeccable!

    You really have the talent Nikki, and I admire you for that! ;-)

  2. i'd have to agree with Roanne, i super love the eye shadows. and her foundation is flawless ;-)

  3. I love this kind of post! =D I actually have the same problem as your client. I perspire like crazy on my nose and my upper lip even when it's not hot...=__= any tips?

  4. yeah, i need a tip on that too! what oil control primer did you use? i love the makeover!

  5. Thanks Roanne! Glad you liked the makeover and I appreciate your compliment!

    Marge, thank you!!!

    Aisyah, do read it again as I inserted the perspiration issue in between hehehe thanks for reminding me, I was supposed to write about it but got sidetracked!

    Issa, I used the primer from Cover PX.

  6. awww...turns out only tissue could help with that problem..>__< I carry a pack everytime I go out and used ALL! ahahaha..I hope my nose would not perspire too much..It looks like I'm feeling hot eventhough I'm not =( maybe a bit of weight lose would help? ahaha.. thanks for the tip anyway ^^

  7. I love the make-over! Ako rin! Joke!

    I somewhat got some "tips" from this post... Thanks so much, Ms. Nikki! You're a big part of my big day! ^__^

  8. She looks beautiful and flawless! You did a great job!

  9. @aisyah De Cullen actually yes, Tissue turns out to be the best way to pat on perspiration! And let's not go for stopping perspiration as perspiring is good :)

  10. @angelamhiere glad you like the makeover and glad you get some tips! keri mo yan!

  11. @beautifulwithbrains thanks for the compliment! I'm glad you liked the makeover!

  12. Wow Nikki, I am impressed with this makeover. You really know how to do eye make up for single eyelid girl. (Did I see correctly?) Maybe next time you can do a mini tutorial on a monolid model. I would love to see that.

  13. very impressive!!!you really highlighted her beauty:)

  14. @Lavender Hi girl! Yes she has monolids and yes, I will try to do more tutorials for monolids! I will try ok? hahaha It's hard to do a step by step tutorial on a client! :)

  15. Wow! You did really great! And she is very pretty, too! :) Somehow, I got some tips from this post. Hehe! More power miss Nikki! :D

  16. @IyaV thanks! glad you were able to grab some tips here and i'm glad you liked the makeover :) Agree, she has a pretty face to start with so it's not difficult to 'prettify' her :D

  17. wow! you made her prettier and picture-perfect. great job! :)

  18. she looks terrific! you're right, her mega-watt smile is really radiant :)

  19. @Mona As I always say, Smiling definitely is the "free" way to be beautiful! :)


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