Monday, April 4, 2011

Tip for the Day: Summer-Ready make-up!

April....ahhhh everyone's going out for a short trip or beach!  That's the gorgeous part of living in a tropical country like ours!  

"I want to look gorgeous but I don't like the sticky feel of make-up!"
"I will be going out with my friends and my crush will also be there, how do I stay pretty?"

 *photo from Google Image

These are the usual issues most of us have especially during the summer season!  Putting on make-up on a hot and humid day is a drag!  Because I've been there and done that...not that I'm an expert in this field!  I would like to share some tips to look "Naturally gorgeous!", well I am  not saying I am, but it wouldn't hurt if you lie!  *bwahahaha!*

Okay, kidding aside, here are some tips I can share on top of my head!  Feel free to click COMMENT and share yours!

(Note from AMW: All photos taken from Google Images)
  • Wash your face with oil-control cleanser (for oily skin) or moisturizing cleanser (for dry skin).

  • Wear sunscreen under your makeup to prevent your face from burning during outdoor activities.

  • If you need to use concealer, conceal only on areas needed then gently pat on with setting powder

  • Foundation addict?  Switch your foundation to light or oil-free during the summer!  Apply only on areas needed coverage.

  • If you can get away with no foundation, opt for tinted moisturizer or BB Cream then set by dusting light powder!

  • Very Oily Skin?  Use an oil-control primer!
  • Apply bronzer for healthy looking skin!

  • Eye makeup: Opt for very natural looking!  Sweep just a tiny amount on the lids for a nice wash of color!  Do not use heavy eyeliners, go for waterproof brown pencil liners if you need to line your eyes.

  • Lips: Apply lipbalms with SPF to protect your lips from the harsh weather!  Apply tinted balm or moisturizing lipstick!

  • Take along with you oil control sheets so you can pat on excess oil anytime of the day!

Stay Sizzling Hot during the summer! :)
Hope these tips help and feel free to share yours!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. oil control films/sheets are a girls bff's LOL

  2. thanks for the tips Nikki! Di ako hiyang sa sunblocks when used on my face. Napansin ko kasi nagkakaroon ako ng tiny bumps the next day after using one, thats why I opt for BB creams with high spf instead (Missha, Dr. Jart, Purederm) =)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, as for me, I substitute my liquid foundie with mineral foundation. Light & non sticky! =)

  4. thanks for the tips ate nikki! I would really opt to use this for some events this summer ^-^

  5. I can live without foundation but I'll die without tinted moisturizer! LOL

  6. These are awesome tips, thanks for sharing.

  7. Debi, my pleasure

    Marge, I know what you mean, especially girls with makeup on!

    Khymm, really? well at least you have alternatives! BB Creams!

  8. Dangski, agree, mineral foundation is great on summer days! thanks for adding it up!

    Photoescape, yay glad my post help :)

    Michelle, wow, really? Well at least tinted moisturizer! it's really light on you :)

    Gio thanks too for reading

  9. these are really helpful tips Nikki. Thanks ;)

  10. Sis, I do love summer bacause of bright and lighter outfit specially with English weather... However, I would say that the best foundation for really hot sticky days is MAC studio fix. I dab this all over my face on random spots and blend it all over evenly using a light make up brush then finish it off with pressed powder. I really can't leave my house without good coverage foundie. Hot or cold, I'm always caked with make up. I don't even care if some beauty columnist give this an ultimate No-no hahahaha!

  11. Charry, glad you find these helpful :)

    Gracie, I know! I've "read" how much you've complained about the winter! :) I love seeing you wear summer outfits too! SEXY! *roar*! :P


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