Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Ya Kun Kaya Toast and King Chef Restaurant

Yes, 2 restaurants to talk about in this weekend food post because, I want to share some good restaurant finds I've tried!  I visited one midweek when I was off from work to renew my drivers' license, got a coupon from dear friend Mark (thanks Mark!) to Ya Kun Kaya Toast and it was perfect timing to visit the restaurant before we head off to Robinson's Galleria!

First things first, Kaya Toast, what's that?

Kaya toast is popular snack amongst our friendly neighbors Singaporeans and Malaysians. According to Wikipedia, the delicacy is credited to the Hainanese as they replaced the western jams with native coconut jams!

I remembered my dear brother who gifted me 2 bottles of Kaya spread when he got back from Singapore!  I just can't get it at first why people are "craving" for it, and after dining at Ya Kun Kaya Toast, I know I've been doing something wrong with the bottle of Kaya Spread that was given to me (sorry bro!).

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
I know I should visit this place during breakfast but hey, a hungry girl is still a hungry girl!  Now move away and let me in!  :P  It was around 1:30pm?  Perfect time to relax after a busy morning!

Cheesy French Toast with Kaya
Full Set: Php160.000 (approx $3.72)

French Toast with Kaya
Full Set Php150.00 (approx $3.48)

Kaya Toast with Butter 
Half Set (1 slice) Php125.00 (approx $2.90)
Full Set (2 slices) Php160.00 (approx $3.72)

Peanut Butter Toast
Half Set (1 slice) Php125.00 (approx $2.90)
Full Set (2 slices) Php160.00 (approx $3.72)

The prices above is for the Set.  The Set includes 1 or 2 soft boiled eggs (Half Set/Full Set) with hot coffee/ tea.  The toast are made perfect with the right combination of butter and/or kaya!  My favorite of all is the French Toast with Kaya!

The soft boiled eggs may look weird for people who are not into eggs (like myself), but the right way to eat this is add a dash of pepper plus the Singaporean Dark Soy Sauce that's readily available on each table!  Mix them a bit and voila! 

Oh my, love at first sip!  I love this! PERIOD!

Brewed Coffee
Strong coffee to perk me up!  I actually enjoyed the tea more (considering I'm a coffee person).  The coffee tastes good but I guess I was quite biased as I love the taste of their tea!  Best "nai cha" I've tried to date!

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
G/F AYK Bldg., Escriva Drive (Right beside Astoria Plaza)
San Antonio Village, Ortigas, Pasig City
tel. no: (632) 470 4285

Service was great!  I want to thank Mark again for the coupons, we went out FULL!  Super full! 
And that fullness was gone when we visited another restaurant called King Chef.  It's new as they were on "Soft Opening".  So many customers flocking in which intrigued us more!  We got our seats right away and ordered! 

Xiao Long Bao 
Php 85.00 (approx $1.97)
The skin was too thin so the soup was all gone before we were able to enjoy it!  Too bad!

Spring Rolls
Php75.00 (approx $1.74)
I used to love spring rolls of any restaurant as each restaurant has different recipes for their Spring Rolls. 
I am not that contented with these as the meat isn't that tasty as expected!

Satay Chami
Php190.00 (approx $4.45)
Really tasty and the noodles were served with abundant seafood and chicken meat!  I was expecting it to be spicy but it's not!  It doesn't matter though, it tastes really good!  Must order!

Pigeon Lettuce
Php395.00 (approx $9.18)
Not too oily as served by other restaurants.  This passed my expectations!  I just wish I don't have to see the head of the pigeon though.  Have this guilt feeling while eating!

King Chef 
989 Banawe Street. Quezon City
Tel No: (632) 410-4919 (632) 697-7781

For a restaurant on Soft Opening, the service is quick and the servers were very attentive!  The restaurant accepts cash and credit card transactions!  Will definitely go back to try their other dishes.

Note, I've eaten them all before Maundy Thursday and Good Friday!  I skipped on meat for 2 days so I'm a bit dizzy *faints* Just joking!

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. OMG I just love the Xiao Long Bao! Making me hungry..
    By the way, I tag you

  2. Wow, I love King Chef! My family and I eat there approximately once a week, lol. You should try to catch their dimsum promo time, most of their dimsum is only 48 per order, and it's the same quality as the regular priced dimsum! :)

  3. wow looks good and it's near where i work ;-) thanks for sharing. LOL anything in ortigas i'd actually look up. astoria's not a bad place either. my sister has a time share there and having a santis deli around is always a good thing in my book ♥☺

  4. they haf Ya Kun here in PI alr? cool! i always haf their coffee after lunch..super makes me awake during ofc hours in SG haha! Niceeee post! I love you na Nikki haha!:))

  5. Janlee, thanks for the tag :)

    Denise, oh really? Well maybe you were there when I dined in? hahah laging puno!!!

    Marge, ahhh yeah, I've seen a couple of worthwhile restaurants! Too bad I work at One San Miguel so it's a bit far to walk during lunch time!

    Geishcharles, yes! We have it here! So happy! :) I love you din girl! :)

  6. wow the food looks total yum there! Im drooling over the french toast and last few chinese dishes!!

  7. the satay chami looks good! i wanna try it!

  8. Waaah, now I really want Kaya toast. Been craving since last week *weep*


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