Thursday, May 19, 2011

AMW Bulletin: The Darker Side of Black: Manels Rocks to School

Dear "Young" Philippine readers and the "Young-at-Heart":

**photo from Manels
I can totally remember those days when I was in school!  Back to school means new shoes!  That's one thing I am looking forward to each year and I would feel bad if my old shoe isn't broken yet because my mom wouldn't let me buy a new pair!  I am sure a lot of you share the sentiments as I do!  Don't  you just want to tear the shoes apart?

Ok, before I go ballistic over school shoes, I got an email from Manels and wow!  Kids nowadays are lucky they can really be Cool to School!

"We want to bring the sexy back into black" says Mark Siggaoat, VP of Operations of Manels.  The Manels "Black Rockin' School"  collection highlights mid-cut leather boots, rubber-soled oxfords with a sneaker-tupe finish, and casual loafers for the men.  For the ladies, modern Mary Janes and patent leather finish highlights the collection.  "The Black Rockin' School collection has a little bit of something for the rebel in each of us" says Siggaoat.  While the brand continues to carry its comfort staples and classic school shoes, the campaign takes a fresh angle into the Back-to-School season by giving style-conscious students a chance to "strut their styles" into the hallways this season.


I like both Mary Janes in the middle
those are my shoes during "my days" :P

 Would totally wear the plain black flats!
Looks so comfortable!

Checkout Manels at all major Metro Manila Malls.  Checkout their Facebook page at Twitter via @marksig_manels.

Hay, I want to be a kid again!
But I don't want to study!  I changed my mind! :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(The author is not affiliated with the company/brand.  This post is for information purposes only.)


  1. It's the end of summer, already! Wow, time really flies so fast. Back-to-school again. Good thing that Manel's is offering new style of shoes for the students. Yes, everyone has a rebel in each students. he he he. I like the mid-cut leather boots for the men or the young men. And the bag with the flats. I like it!!!

  2. I miss my school days too! The bag looks cute and I think I can use it as an office bag to have that school girl feeling without going back to school =) Hehehe!


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