Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Hello PAC-man!

o all boxing lovers out there, Pac-man is not Manny Pacquiao!  :P
Good morning!  Nail Art tutorial for the week!  Yes, I'm still on a gaming mode and this time, it's a classic game most of us grew up with from Namco Games!  I actually do not like playing this game because I feel like peeing all over due to tension!  *sorry for the Tuesday grossness hahaha* But yeah, I could never go far because the ghosts are toooooo fast!!!  

Here's my Pac-man game inspired nails
Step 1:
I used Zoya Basecoat Anchor to protect my nails from yellowing.  Apply 2 coats of The Face Shop nail color in BL604.  You can opt to use plain black polish but I don't have it.

Step 2:
On most nail art designs, make sure the base color are completely dry before you proceed.  I used L.A. Art Deco in Light Blue to create random lines like that of the Pac-man game.

Step 3: "Cherry"
Pac-man likes to eat the cherry for extra points, I actually like cherries on nails so I've done 2 dots using Prettynails 2-way nail art pen in Bright red.


Used Nature Republic Nail Polish in apple green to create the stems.

To create a 3-dimensional looking cherries, I lined white polish on the cherry itself just like photo below.

Step 4: Pellets
Using light yellow polish from BNC and nail art dotting tool in its smallest size, I drew random dots as pellets for our dear Pac-man to eat

Step 5: Speedy a.k.a. "Pinky"
The closest color I own to create "Pinky" is the Essie polish in Splash of Grenadine.  I carefully create a dot first with the brush then gently form the "legs" of the ghost.

Making sure the "ghost base" is dry, using a dotting tool, create 2 dots beside each other for the eyes.

To complete the eyes, dot a tiny black dot using Prettynails' 2 Way Nail Art Pen in black.

Step 6: Bashful a.k.a. "Inky"
Similar as step 5, I used Essie Polish in Turquoise & Caicos

Making sure the green shade is totally dry, dot on 2 white dots to create the eyes....

Also finish it with black dot to complete the eyes

Step 7: Pac-Man!
The tiny pac-man is quite challenging to do without a brush!  I am too lazy to use a separate brush so I opted to use the brush from the polish itself.  I used Elianto's Bright yellow polish for this.


With a lighter yellow color from BNC, I drew dots for pellets in which Pac-man readily eats :)

Step 8:
To create a more "outer space" experience, I used the Winmax polish that has nice hint of glitters to top the entire design!

Step 9:
Protect the playful nail art design with Zoya Topcoat UV Block Armor, applying even the tips of the nails to prevent nail polish from chipping.

If you have the time, do your toe nails too!

Are you good at playing PAC-man?  
Any tips?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. thats cute~~~~~ great nai tutorial

  2. omg!!! its sooo cute!!! i love it.

  3. soo cute! gotta try this soon.. :))

  4. ang kulit naman ng nails mo today Nikki! love love love! unique ka talaga

  5. Ahh I LOVE this nail design! Pac man was one of my favorite games growing up!

  6. Oh Nikki I LOVE your game themed nail arts!! This is amazing!! :D :D

    I suck at pacman though! >.<

  7. you're very creative miss nikki!!! so talented! this is cute!

  8. You think of the most creative designs for your nail art! these are sooo cute :)

  9. Nikki, this is so cute! I've finished one stage pa lang, ever! I always end up being dead with this game. :P

  10. Hi Nikki! Every time I see your nail tutorials, I wonder how you manage to create the designs for both hands nicely? Are you ambidextrous? :)

  11. I loved this game when I was growing up! And your nails look amazing, you are so talented!

  12. you're so creative Ms. Sunshine!

    Well, I used to be scared of playing it... hahaha! Maybe because of the sounds... or the ghost? XD

    Great job, Ms. Nikki! Request! Sailormoon! XD

    Joke lang! =D

  13. That's nostalgic ^^ Also very nice detailing!

  14. @Neeyuh awww me too! I love PACMAN game the game just hates me!

  15. @Neeyuh awww me too! I love PACMAN game the game just hates me!

  16. @Jenn hahahah *high five* welcome to the "I suck at Pam Man Game" club! If there is one :)

  17. @Denise seriously, I may get out of ideas soon!

  18. @Pammy hahaha ako in fairness, more than 1 stage naman! mga hmm..I actually went up to quite a lot of stages, but the FEAR is always there! and the "Wanting to Pee" feel! :P

  19. @Ira I am definitely NOT ambidextrous, I would say, it came from YEARS of practice :D and still struggling at some designs to be honest :)

  20. @gio thank you for liking my "super old" game nail art!

  21. @angelamhiere I think its the ghost who's running pretty fast! :) Sailormoon? Sapok? gusto mo? hekhekhek!

  22. i've been doing some of your nail art tutorials and i get complimented all the time. =) thanks for always sharing what you know to noobs like me! hehehe this one is sooo cute!

  23. So cute! I love pacman. I remember they even made a cartoon of it with Mrs. Pacman and baby Pacman. Anyway, galing ng nail art!!! Wish I could do them too. Kaya lang I'm having trouble putting it on my right hand using my left. Maybe I should practice more.

  24. waaahhhh you make it look so easy to make.....why oh why I cant....hehe


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