Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Summer Festivities!

Happy Tuesday! Nail Art Tutorial time! It has been a series of "game-inspired" or "cartoon inspired" nail art and I feel bad for those who are not into those types of nail art!

So, for the "not-so-childish" readers out there, I've done a colorful nail art inspired by the Festivities happening in my own country! I can't say I'll be celebrating summer as the weather went ballistic over the weekend, with the typhoon, all I can say is..Bring in the Sunshine! Bring in colorful festivities happening all over the country! Let's celebrate life! Let's be happy!

Step 1:
I applied Zoya Anchor Basecoat to protect the nails from yellowing. Apply 2 coats of BW Peachy polish. Let dry.

Step 2:
Using Caronia Frosted Polish in Sweet Surprise, I drew diagonal shape as shown on photo below.

Step 3:
Making sure the yellow polish is completely dry, I drew an opposite diagonal line overlapping the yellow polish. As shown on photo below, I am using Revlon Polish in Siren.

Step 4:
Draw random lines with L.A. Color Art Deco Polish in Black.

Imagine whiskers at this stage! :)

Step 5:
With L.A. Art Deco Polish in White, I drew another line going upwards.

Step 6:
Since I'm in the mood for colors, I've added L.A. Art Deco polish in Sky Blue. At this stage, it all boils down to your own style and creativity! If you find it too colorful, you can stop as early as Steps 4 or 5!

Step 7:
Aside from lines, I wanted to include dots. With my trustee nail art dotting tool, I've created black dots and yellow dots!

Step 8: (Optional)
Since I'm a sucker for extra steps! LOL I made a plain yellow base on my left hand's pinkie finger and plain orange base on the right hand's pinkie finger. Random dots!

Step 9:
Making sure the nail art designs are COMPLETELY dry, I applied Winmax glittery polish! This actually helps make the nail art pop out!

Step 10:
Applied ZOYA Armor Topcoat and UV Block. Will review the ZOYA base and top coat soon! I find them really good!

Looking at the colors, don't you think what a wonderful world we live in to enjoy such lovely colors? I get cheer-y whenever I glance at my nails!

Thanks for reading this tutorial!
What do you do to brighten up your day?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Looove this nail art! So festive! :) -Ica

  2. so pretty~~~luv the vibrant colours

  3. I admire your skills! I can never hold the art deco polishes properly. The brush is too long and flimsy but you hold it like a pro. =)

  4. really very festive! i can imagine traditional dance in the woods around some wood fire :p

  5. Very creative and those colors are vibrant! So reminiscent of summer. :)

  6. these nails will definitely brighten up a day!!!

  7. Love it, the nails are so festive and creative.

  8. so pretty:)

  9. cute colorful nails!


  10. Impressive! Can't believe you did each stroke on each nail!!! :)

  11. Nice and pretty. Very colorful!!! By the way, where can I buy a nail dotting tool?

  12. Much love on this post! I recently bought some nail art brushes and I have no clue on how to use them. This helped a lot! Btw, I love your designs! :) -Dawn

  13. new follower here, like all your nail art tutorials - so creative! =) and the colors orange and yellow really fits the summer season

  14. it's sooo nice! is this in preparation for the fiesta at your place? hehehe....

  15. @Anonymous Ica, thank you! are you into nail art too?

  16. @αвву M. Glad this passes the "creative" adjective :) thanks girl!

  17. @Jessy I'm lucky I can wear vibrant colored nails even at work :)

  18. @Bun Bun Makeup Tips Oh thank you! I'm glad someone said the brush is too long? I actually like to cut them shorter??? Let's do that!

  19. @xin You and your imagination! hahahah Wood Fire is nice though! Imagine me in colorful costume dancing? Fire dancing? hahaha

  20. @From Broadway I'm glad my nail art tutorial brightened someone's day! thanks

  21. @AyLin Thanks for the visit, nice to meet you here!

  22. @AyLin Thanks for the visit, nice to meet you here!

  23. @OSeñorita I believe there are a lot of nail art stores now! They have one stall at Robinson's Place. There are also a lot of multiply sellers :)

  24. @PEACHY PINK SISTERS Dawn, yay! so you'll start with nail art? I'm excited!!

  25. @Stefistic8ed Thanks for following and glad you liked the nail art design :)

  26. @Issa OO, Ati-atihan galore! hahahah ako ang bida! :P

  27. Very pretty! I really like your tutorials, very easy to understand and recreate the look. I was reading several, one after another :)

    I also like how you used beauty world polish, they have some really good kits! Their most recent that I am going to blog about soon is their dot art kit that comes with a double sided dotting tool.
    Take care!


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