Saturday, June 25, 2011

AMW Reports: Dove Event

Good day everyone!  Over the rainy week, I was invited by Franco from Bridges PR for an intimate dinner with the rest of the bloggers and the people from DOVE. 

Sophie and I were one of the first to arrive at around 7pm and we were greeted with the friendly people from Dove Philippines and Bridges PR.  As bloggers are starting to pour in, we enjoyed lovely dinner at the Ascott Japan Room.  We also have a Dermatologist guest from Aesthetic Science Ms. Yanee Vasquez-Santos, MD.

The event started with a talk about The Magnitude of Moisture by LCA Tiongson, MD, DPDS.


When it comes to skin talks,   Skin Types are usually present on slides!  It proves how important it is to know your skin type as a key to better looking skin!

Okay, can I claim that I'm combination skin now?  When I saw "Over 50 years of age" under Dry Skin, I mentally changed my skin type!  *laughs*

Why are Moisturizers important to ALL skin types?
  • With the harmful rays of the sun or the strong wind, our skin's natural moisture gets to strip off in the middle of the day and moisturizers can actually replace natural skin oils.
  • Moisturizer can cover tiny fissures in the skin.
  • It can provide soothing protective film.
  • Slows down evaporation of water on skin.  Dehydrated skin can make your skin look older than it is.
You can click photo to enlarge and read the types of moisturizers

After the short yet informative talk about Moisture, we were given a short quiz to get to know the real age of our skin!  I scored "21 years old!!!"  --- no violent reactions ok? :P

After the quiz, we were asked to go to the washroom to have our skin moisture level checked with the Skin Moisture Tester.  Before I washed my face with Dove, my skin's moisture level is 34.6%.  After a quick wash on the face with DOVE White Beauty Bar Moisturizing Milk, my skin's moisture level jumped up to 51%  IMPRESSIVE!

To finish off the educational yet fun event, we were introduced to well-known makeup artist Ms. Xeng Zulueta to teach us the "No Make-up Look".  She stressed out that creating a good no makeup look, a good, well-moisturized skin is one basic requirement. 

Hannah of Flaircandy modeled for the no make up look!  Here are the steps done in which I took a mental note to share to all of you!

Spots, Marks and Undereye Circles
Conceal the areas of your faces that you want to hide.  Most concealed areas like under eye circles, sides of the nose, corner of the  mouth and pimples if you have any.  Choosing the right shade of concealer is very important, never go for lighter-than-your-skin-tone concealer as it will enhance your flaws instead of hiding it!

A cream blush is best used for normal, dry and combination skin.  It's best applied under powder foundation so the glow gets to show up from within.  If you have oily skin, then go for powder foundation.

Set the concealer and cream blush with your favorite powder foundation.  Powder foundation has a bit more coverage as compared to setting powders.  

The Pout
Use a natural looking gloss or moisturizing lipstick and gently apply all over lips with a lip brush.


Brows and Lashes
On natural looking makeup, filling the brows with your choice of brow gel, brow powder or eyebrow pencil helps in making a person look younger and fresh!  

You can skip eye-lining when you try to create the "No Make-Up" look, curl your lashes and apply coats and coats of your favorite mascara!

It was a super fun night!  I want to thank, again people from Bridges PR, Dove Philippines, Aesthetic Science and of course Ms. Xeng Zulueta for the successful event.

A photo of me with Ms. Xeng Zulueta, if you want to ask make-up advise from her, you can follow her on Twitter, she said she answers each query as much as she can! :)


AMW reporting...signing off! :)
Hope you learn something from my post!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This is JOJOBA and this is the millionth of time I have been trying to leave a message on your blog. It hasn't allowed me doing so for the past few weeks or so. I wanted to say a lot of things about many posts here but all failed. I hope this get through and whatever glitch there is, it's DEAD!

  2. i'm not a dove fan as a facial bar but i use it as my night body soap!

  3. Whaaat !! 21? So 18 ako ganun?! lol

    Pareho kayo ng smile ni Xeng sa last photo!


  4. @~tHiAmErE~ Same as you! I haven't tried Dove bar on my face but I've been using the brand on my body and I love the silky feel! :)

  5. @*MrsMartinez* Ayaw mo talagang magpatalo Auntie Achie! Pero sige, since I love you, papayag na ako and na missed kita ng bongga!

  6. Wow so this is what I missed! :( Thanks for sharing these very useful tips...yeah, same smile nga kayo ni XZ!

  7. I have been a Dove fan since I was a kid. It has been so good to my skin.

    Wish I could also know the "age" of my skin. :)


  8. wow, 21 yrs. old! that's good! :)

  9. very informative. I always learn from your posts =)


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