Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Yellow on Red, Red on Yellow

Happy Thursday everyone!  Are you as giddy as I am as the weekend is super reachable?  Today, I am excited to share another simple nail art tutorial that uses only a few shades, this is dedicated for readers who own limited shades of polish and I chose the 2 shades that most of us would have! 

Red and Yellow --- I did not add Green as I don't plan to do a "Stop Light" nail art tutorial! :P

Here's the finish product, the point is to create sharp-edged petals on both sides for that "Christmas-y" feel. To make the design pop, I used only 2 colors against each other thus the name Yellow on Red, Red on Yellow.

Step 1:
Protect your nails with a base coat.  Promise!  It HELPS to invest in a good one, my nails haven't been yellowing much!  Once base coat is dry, apply coats of yellow and red polish alternately.  Used Caronia's Yellow polish called Sweet Surprise and Paul & Joe Red Polish in no 012.

Step 2:
It is vital to make sure both shades are completely dry.  Once dry, apply red dots on top of the yellow base for that nice and bright contrast.  While the dots are still wet, drag both ends with a needle!

Step 3:
Same step as above, apply yellow dots on top of the red base.
 Step 4:
Once the flower petals are completely dry, it is optional but I prefer to do this, apply an alternate shade only on the inner side of the petals for that 3 dimensional look!

Same goes for the rest of the flower petals!

Step 5:
You can choose to use rhinestones as flower bud, in my case, I dropped glittery polish at the center for that nice "sparkle".
 Step 6:
Once nail art is completely dry, top it with a top coat!
Enjoy looking at your bright nails that screams....
"STOP right now, thank you very much.."
(Sing it a la Spice Girls)
Hope this brings sunshine to your day!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i need to buy nail art tools now like the dotting tool. u make it look so easy :P

  2. Ang cute naman nito. Parang hawaii hawaii lang... :D

  3. I love ur beautiful flowers! The red and yellow looks awesome together! Very pretty design!

  4. Love the flowers! So artistically made. I can only do dot flowers. :)

  5. ahh another nail art tutorial - impressive yet again! :)

    this would be perfect for a luau parteh! ;D
    i love that you quoted Spice Girls lyrics haha! so 90's!

  6. ang ganda nanaman ng creation mo!

  7. Wow, looks nice~ I'll try doing it later. :D

  8. you don't need the crackle polishes because you do excellent nail art! when i apply it on myself, i feel i look tacky..ewan ko lang ha..haha but if i see it on someone else, i think it looks okay..that's why i haven't done my nails with crackle polish..i immediately remove it

  9. Love it! The flowers are so pretty!

  10. @Gellie Abogado If you can't find one, you can use ballpen! Try those that doesn't have ink na! :) medium point ballpen is the best as a nail art dotting tool

  11. @Sweethestia Sana, pa Hawaii Hawaii na lang tayo! :)

  12. @Anastacia Thank you Anastacia, but nothing beats your super gorgeous nail art!

  13. @Nicole Congratulations on Dot flowers, I promise you, from there, you'll graduate to different versions of flower petals :)

  14. @MereMakeupManiac Of course, Spice Girls generation ako (feeling) hahahha

  15. @Issa Kelangang maganda ang creation sis, para gumanda naman ako :P hahahahhaha

  16. @Abygail Goodluck! go go go and do your nail art design!!!

  17. @miemiemie Ako naman nagingilabot lang talaga ako! I'm not used to it, probably we're so accustomed in trying so hard not to make our polish crack!

  18. Beautyful....looks easy to follow I might try this on my nails......I have not tried pulling polish technique yet.....I hope I can replicate this...


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