Friday, September 16, 2011

AMW Reviews: San San Gel Eyeliner with Vitamin E

Eyeliners are probably invented for people like me who were born with small-looking eyes.  After years of usage, I've probably mastered the different strokes of eye lining to change the shape of my eyes from time to time.  No wonder gel liners are close to my heart because they can withstand hot and humid weather like the Philippines.  

Let's not forget....I'm a crybaby!  So the battle of gel liners (or other forms of eyeliners) will always be ON!

Recently, I am trying out the most inexpensive gel liner that I own, local reader would know the brand for sure, it's from HBC under San San Cosmetics line.

San San Gel Eyeliner with Vitamin E
The shade I got is Brown
The pot is smaller than regular gel liners.
Net weight is 0.07 oz/2 grams

If you wonder why would a gel liner be packaged in such long handle?
Pull out for a surprise!

The San San Gel Eyeliner includes a free brush!

Attach to the cap for easy handling!
Cool huh?
Now you've seen the "specs" of the exterior of the gel liner, let's move on to the real deal! 

San San Gel Eyeliner with Vitamin E says ---
Nothing much written on box.

AMW says ---
  • Super cute and innovative packaging!
  • Well sealed upon purchase so you get them fresh from the manufacturer.
  • I appreciate the tinier gel liner packaging as I could never finish up a gel liner without them drying up on me first.
  • The free brush is actually good!
  • The shade is true brown, not reddish brown, but just plain, matte brown.
  • Since the shade is not as dark and "obvious" as regular gel liners, best used by newbies or first-time gel liner users.  
  • Non-smudging nor smearing. (though it tends to disappear rather than smudge, which I prefer).
  • No weird scent.
  • Can be used to apply both thin or thick line, can also double up as an eyeshadow base for smokey-eyes.
  • Great to use on the lower lash line, shows up like a pencil liner. Very natural-looking.
  • Can be easily removed by using regular eye make-up remover.
  • Very affordable. 
  •  Not as dark and pigmented as other gel liners.
  •  If you rub your eyes a lot, this gel liner tends to disappear in the middle of the day.
  • Not as waxy or applies as smoothly as compared to other gel liners.
  • I have to go through the area a couple of times to get the desired and consistent shade I want.
The San San Gel Eyeliner's texture is that of a soft crayon.  I find it very easy to apply on lids and it stays on the eyes longer than eyeliner pencils.  

  • Always store in cool, dry place.
  • Try to store it upside down so the oil underneath will transfer on the top portion to prevent it from further drying.
  • If you're not comfortable with the free brush, feel free to use your preferred gel liner brush.
  • Wash the free brush before use.
  • Wipe the brush every usage with a wet tissue or spritz it with make-up cleaner.
  • Practice applying on both upper and lower lash line.  One small stroke at a time.
  • For super oily lids, use an oil-control primer prior to gel liner usage.
  • For makeup artists out there: This is actually the best liner to use for mature clients, I find the regular gel liner to look too strong on mature makeup.  Pencil liners are a bit too harsh on their lids, so this is perfect!
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
First time gel liner users or anyone who likes the natural look of an eyeliner pencil.

Where to purchase and how much?
At local HBC stores for Php115.00 (approx $2.78).  Told you, its the most inexpensive gel liner I own! (to date)
Swatch on Hand without base
First 2 lines were applied approximately with 2-3 strokes
Last 2 lines who that the gel liner is not waxy enough for it to glide from end to end.

Applied thinly on upper lash line 

Applied thickly on upper lash line
Unlike other gel liners, this look like an eye shadow

Using San San Gel Eyeliner as my eyeshadow base

My L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro in Purple 

shows up more vibrant and pigmented

So far, I'm giving a thumbs up for San San Gel Eyeliner because it may have some cons but the inexpensive price tag makes it a "pro" as this can be easily bought by our hardworking consumers.

Have you tried San San Gel Eyeliner with Vitamin E?
If not, what's your most inexpensive gel liner to date?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The packaging for this liner is gorgeous! Love iiiiit!

  2. We recently got a product with the same packaging (well almost the same xD) however apparently the liner stays put throughout the whole day. Haven't put mine to use yet so don't know about that, but the other Canadian ladies have said it is a must for the oilier faced lovelies~

  3. ive tried it and its so amazing i actually recommended it to an officemate who wants to venture into makeup but is tight on the budget--typical first time woe perhaps :D

  4. The review sounds very good actually! And those swatches looks so nice and quite natural! Wish I can get it in some Asians markets

  5. good review, hmmm my bobbi brown and maybelline gel liners are still good, going on 3 yrs! LOL di ako makabili ng bago hahaha

  6. I use this too, but I use the black shade. I had to wait for FOREVER for it to be on stock again coz it's always OOS. Agree, it's nice for gel liner beginners like me. :) It just smudges a bit on me after a few hours. I have monolids kasi kaya I have difficulty looking for THE perfect liner :/

  7. I like the packaging of this liner. And it seems like it works great as an eye shadow base. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Great review and this liner looks great. I agree with Pammy, the packaging is really cute!

  9. great review! I didn't know sansan has this haha! I really need to get out more ^0^

  10. I like the compact packaging, and that it comes with a brush! Too bad it's not pigmented enough.

  11. nice review!!! i've tried sansan's blush when i was still in phil.

  12. @B Agree! cutest gel liner packaging ever :)

  13. @rasilla Now you got me intrigued, what brand is it do you still remember?

  14. @Kumiko Mae Yes! Nice no? I mean I am quite surprised with its performance :)

  15. @Anastacia Hey, let me know if you plan to buy one, I can send them to you :)

  16. @Marge WOW! lasted you that long ha? :) My other gel liners are still ok, but my favorite Stila Gel Liner dried up na! I did not close it tightly after a gig and its super small na because it dried up to the nth power LOL

  17. @Aya I am intrigued with the black one! is it SUPER black? :)

  18. @Pammy My pleasure! glad to share this review

  19. @EveryDay Makeup blog I agree with both you and Pammy too on the gorgeous packaging! The free brush is so cute!

  20. @Bun Bun Makeup Tips I don't mind though as I can easily pile it on and it'll get to the darkness I want :)

  21. @Jess What's your favorite San San Product?

  22. The black one is not super dark but it looks like it's more pigmented than this brown. :)))

  23. @Aya But the black one sounds nice now! As most "blacks" in gel liners are SUPER DARK and looks too obvious on a blank it'll be another great addition for natural looking makeup :) Thanks dear

  24. naaliw ako sa packaging - innovative and space saving!


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