Saturday, October 22, 2011

Eureka Moment: I Do Not Look Sick with this Lippie!

There's always a first time for everything right?  Well, it's a first that my Eureka Moment doesn't come with a cheap price tag.  But don't get me wrong, the product deserves this space because....well...just read on! :)

My lips are pigmented to start with, I can get away with just lip balm and people would think I have lipstick on!  You find that lucky?  Nah, I'd look like I have only 1 shade of lipstick forever!!!  Too boring...and boring ain't my thing!

Fast forward, remember those gorgeous nude lips you've seen on other blogs?  The nude lips that looks "oh so natural" like Jennifer Lopez?  Oh my!  Speaking of Jennifer Lopez...let me gush!  She's the queen of nude lips!  I love her!  Okay, I need to find a picture of her!  (off to Google)

I'm back, just take a look on a collage of photos I've made, photos taken from various websites....

Hands down, J.Lo can rock nude lips sans the smokey eye makeup!  How gorgeous can this girl get?

So, the tryin' hard copycat li'l me have purchased various nude colored lipsticks ranging from peach to pink to browns.  All of them worked for me...IF I have smokey eye makeup on!  Once, I used a nude pink lipstick on a natural makeup and the first thing my friend said?  "Are you sick today Nikki?"

*wipes nude lipstick*

That's it!  I give up!  No nude lipstick shade on regular days!  Then I got this.....

Bobbi Brown Lip Color 
in Pale Pink

It gives off a nice, light pink shade on my lips at the same time, does not make me look sick!  Keep in mind that our lips' pigmentation are different so this may look light on my lips but could be darker on you.  

Lipstick straight to my bag!  Yes, I'm bringing this on a daily basis and I did not realize I've been using this for a week straight!  (unusual but true!)

Priced around  Php1,100 (approx $27.00), it is a bit hefty but if it made my lips moisturized and happy?  I don't mind!  

I'm still on to find an inexpensive nude colored lipstick that works for me.  You'll definitely see it on another "Eureka Moment" post if I found one!

For now, help AMW out!
Which brand and shade of lipstick do you use that creates a gorgeous nude look
MINUS the smokey eye  makeup?
Click comment and share some of your secrets! :)

Happy Weekend!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. if you love mac twig as a nude lippie, Fashion21's aqualicious in arctic stone is a cheap alternative :)

  2. hi.. try the ever bilena matte lipstick in mauvey.. and Natasha beauty glam & glide lipgloss in betterbare.. try them to put it together.. for me its a good nude shade.. :D hihi.. :D

  3. im still bummed out that mac creme d' nude made me look like i had a date with a shinigami (angel of death)..
    it's really lovely on the tube but it just doesn't agree with me...

    at least i found the really nude (almost pale) lipstick that works for me.. mac blankety!

  4. i just ordered MAC's bare again from the supreme sheen line. crossing fingers bagay sken. :))

  5. I love Bobbi Brown lipsticks - they're the only pale pinks I can wear!

  6. I am quite dark.. what can you colours/brands cud you reccomend for me? I want to be able to do nude lips but always just too lite!

  7. I love a natural nude lips and I agree that Jlo wears them best!

    My favorite nude lippie at the moment is Wet n Wild Mega Last lipstick in Just Peachy. It's not pale at all.

  8. Haven't tried a nude lippie... Burgundy colors suit me best XD

  9. try the mauve-beige one from the p&j fall collection nikki! it's my favorite nude lippie and i think it'll work out for everyone. :D

  10. Bobbi Brown rarely disappoints. :) (Hahaha. Biased! I'm in love with the brand. :D)

  11. i absolutely adore nude lips in the healthy tanned skin! but unfortunately my lips are always pale and i look sick if i dont use anything -_-'''

  12. yey, mako contribute ako, LOL. the face shop's black label in #7 is a great nude color without washing you out. it's a tad lighter than nyx's bling.
    there are several vip girl lippies from etude house, too.
    but heavenly from covergirl lip perfection is good, too.

  13. @herroyalbleakness Oohh I like MAC Twig's shade dries my lips out a bit! :) Thanksf or sharing the inexpensive alternative, very helpful!

  14. @summer13 Nice! so you use both brands to create a unique look? That's awesome!

  15. @~tHiAmErE~ Girl! When i wear nude colored lippie, I always look like Shinigami! hahahah Oohhh actually Shinigami has better looking lips as compared to mine! :)))))

    MAC Blankety? What's the undertone?

  16. @Lala Uy Goodluck! sana bagay!! !let me know how it goes!!!

  17. @Jamilla Camel I know! i was surprised how it worked on my lips!

  18. @♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ Wow..if you're darker than my skin color, you are lucky as nude lips would work better on yoU! Try the ones with very light hint of peachy tone or light pink like this one! :D

  19. @EveryDay Makeup blog I heard nothing but great things about the Wet n Wild lippie! i will keep the color in mind and see if we have it down here.

    Oh my, I just watched another J.Lo movie on HBO last night and I can't help but stare on her lips! SO GORGEOUS!

  20. @sugar sugar OOhhh I have a Paul & Joe lipstick that's super nice and creamy but its not nudey! thanks for the suggestion!

  21. @xin Sis, just imagine Connie on nude lips? GORGEOUS!!!

    Well for both of us sisters, we have almost the same skin color so we both look sick when we were nude colored lippies! :D we can do a "sicko dance number" together :P

  22. @Marge Ahh, I haven't tried any TFS lippie! would you believe that?? Ok ok, I have to take a look at it :)

  23. i think NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm is nudish but has some pinkish tones to it, could work for you sis!

  24. @Askmewhats
    i have a few thanks to those kim hyun joong promos hahaha but now that tfs is coming out with less expensive items (less than expected - possibly finally dealing with the competition and just waiting for the old stuff to phase out) i got me the black label from tfs, yep, it's a lot like the covergirl lip perfection in pigmentation and moisturizing effect but cheaper ;-)

  25. @MereMakeupManiac *sigh* I have yet to try NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream!!!! Thanks sa reco sis God bless!!!

  26. @Marge I'm intrigued with Covergirl Lip Perfection, will visit their counter for the lippie!

  27. @*MrsMartinez* Aunty Ach! meron! Pero they are usually dry on me :(


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