Monday, October 3, 2011

Travel Report: Hotel Innotel, Singapore

Yes!  I'm in the beautiful City of Lion --- Singapore!

I arrived around 2pm and went straight to a grocery to purchase water, a unique Coca Cola bottle/can, some chips JUST in case the Anaconda inside my tummy gets hungry! :P  

I swear, a huge luggage won't stop me from checking out a grocery at the Terminal 2 before we headed to the city proper!  
I tell you, it was a super EVENTFUL bus ride!  I like the adventure but I got a lot of bonuses out of it!  Ahhh the driver was a classic!  I won't forget him for the rest of my life!  Not because of his driving!  Let's just say, I don't seem to understand him and he does not understand me either and we're both speaking in English!  *lol*   Okay, just leave it like that for now as I'm still super "embarrassed" :P

I booked our hotel at Hotel Innotel via Agoda.  I'm so happy that the hotel wasn't hard to find!  Based on reviews, the hotel prides its location as its just 2-3 minutes walk to the Doby Ghaut Station which connects to other MRT lines.

I want to compliment their service!  Once I got to the front desk, they have clear folders on all the online bookings and my file was found right away.  I was asked to show my passport and credit card to confirm the booking.  In just a couple of minutes after, I was ushered to the room!  Quick and efficient!  I  like it! 

Onto the hotel, the room is just a regular sized hotel room BUT its interior is modern!  I smiled once I saw this sight.... white paintings with a colorful stripes  accent at the back of the kind of room! :)

Here's the other side of the room, take a look on how "hip" the color of the door is!  Each room number has different color combination! 

The bathroom is small yet its surprisingly spacious!
Okay, I got myself confused here with my statement
but you'll know what I mean once you scroll down
 The sink is located OUTSIDE, just right after you stepped inside the room.  It takes a bit of time to get used to this room configuration!  I'm starting to like it though as this totally feels like "home".


The hotel room has a couple of hangers, 2 bath robes, a safe...

Basic toiletries.  Ahhh, I see coffee, creamer and sugar!  
*made a cup for myself and Mr. AMW*

The most important part?  The bed is not too soft nor hard!  Ahhh, because of the wonderful bed, I slept in and woke up a bit too later :P

Free WIFI/Lan internet.  Once they give you the room keys, they already have the internet password printed out for you to use!  Ooohhh, blow dryer is available in EACH room plus this super cute mirror!  

I can use the computer to look at myself in the mirror (normal and macro mode) anytime!  (as if! LOL)

Oh my!  Before I end this post, can I share something?  Remember those very thin, card-board like slippers that hotels give out to use for free?  Oh my goodness, cardboard bedroom slippers NO MORE!  The hotel has 2 pairs of really good quality hotel slippers! Call me childish but simple things like these matters to me!!!

Just in case you're interested, mission accomplished on day 1!  Adding up to Mr. AMW's Coke collection...

Right in front of our hotel, there's a cute lion smiling at us!  Can't help it but we need to take a shot of him sitting so cute! Check out his bangs! :P

And the saying that I totally agree ----
Spent a wonderful dinner at Watami Restaurant, The Center with gorgeous Blogger friends!  Most of them have to fly all the way from Malaysia for this!  Thank you so much girls!  I had a fabulous time and my tummy is super duper happy! :)

Singapore is a bit humid even at night but the wonderful friends I met and a whole lot of funny moments made me realize how lucky I am! :)

I'll report back when I get the chance!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. enjoy SG Nikki. swear you'd gonnna love it there:))

  2. Hi Nikki! I'm based here in Singapore just recently. I have attended one of your make up workshops before. I'm planning to study make- up at Cosmoprof Academy by next year, but if you have any recommendations, please let me know! I'd love to hear from you. Enjoy your stay here in SG!

  3. I am going to standby for more posts from you. Might copy some of your itinerary for my trip to SG next month. :-)

  4. Hello Achi!

    Are you still in SG? Enjoy shopping and don't forget my pasalubong lol


  5. What a great weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  6. love it there!!! really convenient for travelers..

  7. awww this post super makes me miss SG. idk, i guess, bkk was just too similar to downtown manila kaya parang wala lang sya sa akin, pero SG was just wonderful to me. LOL city slicker me ;-)

  8. I'm so jealous... I wanna be there too!! T_T

    Lol! looks like you're having a great time in SG! You and Mr. AMW look really cute in that bathroom shot! :D

  9. So so thrilled that I finally got to meet you and Keith! :D Your energy is simply contagious! The hotel does look pretty decent. We're back in Malaysia now and missing you already :( Enjoy the rest of your stay in Singapore!

  10. SG is a wonderful place to go to, very organised, i dont know but i feel safer being there, your post makes me miss SG more!Enjoy your stay and thanks for sharing :)

  11. @wickeRmoss You're right,I'm loving it here! so much!

  12. @Kate personal opinion, I haven't tried the Cosmoprof Academy but I believe they are really good base on what I heared. The most important thing in choosing a makeup school is to know the curriculum and the studying does not end once you graduated, its a never ending learning process! I'm sure you'll do well! sorry wasn't able to help much on the school thing but I'm sure its good!

  13. @*MrsMartinez* yes, still here! :) super saya! miss you!

  14. @Jessagree! and everyone's just so helpful!

  15. @Marge must be the convenience, i do pray ONE DAY...well ...sana miracle that the Philippines get to copy the transportation system in Singapore!

  16. @Jenn Jenn!!! I wish I've met you too! but heard you were far away! You're not in KL right?

  17. @Connie De Alwis miss you Connie, you're gorgeous in real life and i enjoyed meeting you!!! You're our baby! and I missed you all!

  18. @angel agree! i do not mind walking late at night! :)

  19. @Affordable Medical Insurance Me too! Sentosa is just one gorgeous place that every tourist MUST visit


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