Tuesday, December 27, 2011

AMW Reviews: Lucido-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion

I have been searching high and low for a curl lotion that's none-sticky at the same time, helps my "waves" or "curls" stay as long as I can!

I have used a couple of products for the past years that I got interested on hair products (which was more than a decade by the way!).  During my last trip in Singapore, I visited Watsons and find Lucido-L products!  My dearest friend Connie sent me my first Lucido-L product as gift and I was able to use it up but I'm searching for one that doesn't require me to "touch" the product!  I know, I'm a bit too lazy for comfort!  Sue me! :P

As I was kneeling down at the racks of Lucido-L products, I chanced a "spray type" curl lotion (and angels started to sing), I grabbed one right away and was able to road test it back home!  (home=Manila)

Lucido-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotions says ---
  •  Smooth and non-sticky finish, keeps created style for many hours even on humid day.
  • Contains Panthenol (hair care ingredient)
  • Light fragrance (green floral scent)
Size: 180ml
Made in: Japan

AMW says ---
  • easy to use spritz packaging
  • smells really good
  • hair feels soft and easy to comb
  • my light, airy curls do last the whole day even on a humid weather.  (Note: my hair is rebonded, easy to style.)
  • Inexpensive even when converted with local currency as product lasts me more than 2 months.
  • Not available locally!
The Lucido-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion is definitely a great heat protectant spray, it prolongs the curls even on a very  humid day and it never weighs my hair down!  This product is designed for "soft" feel curls, not the stiff, over-sprayed curls.  The wonderful scent is a bonus!

  • Once product get into the eye, immediately wash your eyes with warm water.
  • Divide your hair and spritz product at least 5-10cm away one layer at a time before heating or styling your hair.
  • Gently massage product onto your hair before you start curling.
  • For bouncier and tighter curls, use a smaller curling iron.
  • For relaxed waves, use a bigger curling iron.
  • If you prefer to use this for really tight curls, use a styling mousse prior to curling and spritz this for finishing.
  • Do a weekly at-home hair treatment if you frequently style your hair with heating tools.

Will I repurchase?
I did! I purchased another 2 during my KL trip!

To whom do I recommend this to?
The Lucido-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion is best used if you have short to medium length hair!  If your hair goes longer, the curls may not last as long as we want as the weight of the hair may pull the curls down making it hard for the product to work!

This product is best used on a daily basis especially if you are into heating tools. 

Where to purchase and how much?
I purchased mind from Singapore and Malaysia for less than Php400.00 each.

I have to remind everyone that this particular product from Lucido-L is meant for "airy curls" - in our dictionary, it means loose curls.

(photos without watermark taken from Lucido-L site)

Just like this...

and this...
Super love this hairstyle, can't wait for my hair to grow longer !

AMW Version
I've used this for more than 2 months and I'm still loving this!  It helps that it comes with a spray bottle which makes it easier to spray the product on all areas needed.  I do apologize for showing a half face shot!  You know that I don't want you guys to be so distracted by my gorgeous face and not look at my hair!  *laughs*  Hohoho!  Leave that comment as a Christmas present from you to me okay?  *laughs*

Seriously speaking, it's a half face shot as the full face shot will be shown once I do a review on this certain cheek product!  *secret for now*

P.S. this curl lasted me the whole day!

What's your heat protective spray or curl lotion?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. That product sounds so great! I'm also using a few curling hair lotions one by The Face Shop and another one I got from my hair salon and seems like ur stuff working much better!

  2. thanks for posting this :)
    I just had my hair curled with big waves and have been looking for a product that will set it.
    Will visit watsons here in SG ASAP hehe.

  3. thanks for this review! I too have been looking for a curl holder. So I am guessing this is not available in the U.S? :(


  4. @Anastacia how do you like the Face Shop one? Good on humid days?

  5. @Ria Ohhh lucky you, you guys have then all over Singapore :)

  6. @Hi I'm Jane! I think there's a way you guys can have this, I've read one US reviewer who were able to purchase this but I forgot where? heheheh

  7. I would love to give this product a try, kaso nga lang hindi available dito. Sayang :(

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  8. @Chriselle Sy agree, but who knows? There's a lot of stuff that are unavailable before readily available locally :) So let's cross our fingers :D

  9. I live in Los Angeles and I'm going to try to find this in the area. To the other US person, maybe try the beauty aisle of a Japanese or Korean large market store? That's where I pick up my other Japanese conditioner.

    1. Thank you so much for your extra info and for the help :)


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