Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Wonder: "What Do You Love About Your Body?"

Last October, a few of us bloggers were invited for a very informal dinner at Lugang Restaurant.  We didn't expect much but probably to get acquainted with new Dove product line.

It wasn't the case, after the scrumptious dinner, Dove's Brand Manager, Mr. Gem Laforteza stood up and showed us a video...You have to watch this, it'll only take less than 2 minutes of your time yet the video left a very powerful message, so powerful it got stuck inside my head and I'm willing to share it to everyone!

If you're going for a positive person who always sees the good side of everything *raises hands* -- me!  But with the same question thrown at me "What do I love about my body?"

That took some time...*clears throat* it actually took me a lot of time to give myself an answer.

My answer would probably be.... My legs?  When you remove the scars that I recently got from last week and probably the tiny veins that's starting to show up after all those walking! (I sense negativity there!)

To make this activity easier, copied a bit of what the video did, I went up to my dear friend Bea and we did the same activity and it was actually fun because she told me she'll have me floored with her answer and I told her it'll be the same for me!  I just have so much to say about her!

My dear friend Bea has the world's brightest smile!  She can lit up the whole room the moment she shows her sparkles.

When I was studying makeup, I love putting eye makeup on her and call on her as my "practice face" as she's got the gorgeous eyes with huge lid space!  Any eye color would work so well on her gorgeous big brown eyes!

Other people would go for fair-looking skin and would probably go crazy on whitening soaps and lotions.  I'm glad Bea is proud of her skin and I like how healthy her skin looks --- with or without makeup mind you! :D

And her skin glows in any type/color of clothing!
I can go on and on but let me put at least one last one that she probably doesn't know, she'll probably kill me for posting this but Bea has one gorgeous pair of legs!  They are not as long as a model or as fair as those seen on glossies but they are easy on the eyes and works well with her shorty shorts! *winks*  Last time I check, I'm still a girl okay? :P

Before I end this post, I got Bea's feedback on what she loves about my body! *handed a hundred dollar bill to her*  hahahah

Bea says ---
I love Mrs. AMW's hands. Hands down!!! Hahaha! Well, I've done numerous holding hands with Nikki *not the romantic kind or Mr. AMW will definitely deep fry me!* and I can attest it's soft and smooth! Whenever she gives me a makeover, I feel her palms on to my face or when she consoles me when I'm frustrated or depressed, I can feel how she has taken care of it. Second, everyone can attest that she has the best fingernails and toenails as they're all dolled up all the time! Her endless nail art designs keeps on inspiring others to do the same. Come to think of it, it's really hard to do your nails with just swiping the polish.. how much more designing it??! One thing I learned from her is to file my nails in square shape. I just did that recently because I loved how her nails are shaped.. it's a perfect square! Not too long and not too short. I know that for a fact since she needs to maintain that length for her to properly type in her laptop keyboard really fast! Hehehe! :) *Trivia: I was too "boastful" that I can beat her out in that keyboard typing game. But I was no match!! Hahaha! She beat everyone out while sporting her gorgeous nails!*

To show some "proof" how much I love her hands, here are some "evidences" of our so-called "touch therapy". Hahahaha! See some BFF/girl action in here. Estrogen galore!! More than the physical look and feel of her hands, I thank God for giving me a friend and a big sister like her, who never fails to extend her hand anytime and every time for me :) 

Bea, thank you so much for sharing what you love about me, actually you shared too much!!!  *laughs*  I am quite at awe with her testimonial as one of the most hated part of my body was my hands.  I used to call them "Laundry hands" as they are dry and I even felt uneasy holding hands with friends, or even then boyfriend "Keith" *blushes* that time!

With this activity, now I've gone one thing I am turning to love about my body!  Okay, starting today, I'm shouting to the world that I got soft hands!  *celebrates*!!!

Wanna hold hands with me?  *winks*

With this activity I recently enjoyed doing, (gave me the boost of confidence on down days), I'd love to ask the same question to you: "What Do You Love About Your Body?"

Having a hard time?  Share this activity with a friend and tell me "What Do You Love About Your Friend's Body and What She Loves About Yours!"

I love my friends' - "legs, arms, neck..." etc..
My friend loves my - "eyes, cheeks, nose..." surprising, I didn't know I have good looking "eyes, cheeks, nose.." etc...

Trust me on this, this is an activity that showers us with positive vibes!  It helps us stay confident amidst the crazy judgmental world!

Thanks Dove Philippines for this eye-opening activity.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(This is a sponsored post.)


  1. awww both of you look so so sweet together!!! can i try your hands next time? :D
    /cracks head to think of a self body part that i love

  2. Awwww...I have to agree with both of you:) Bea really does have a gorgeous smile(shucks big head na naman sya) but honestly Nikki, you also have a smile that can brighten up days, my days to be exact. That was the very first thing I have noticed about you the first day you talked to me--you were wearing a yellow top that matched your sunshine-y smile! Shucks I'm beginning to sound like a boy! haha and i guess it is the same smile that reminds me of you whenever I miss our old fun days--Nikki = Smile:) Miss you!!!

    Miss you girl! MMMMwah!

  3. very nice and heart-warming post. i commend dove for really bringing out the beauty of every person, even if they don't see it themselves.


  4. I can agree that you have great legs! I've seen quite enough of your thighs to know! And I shall gawk at them even more this weekend ;)

    Btw, I love that first pic of you. Extra adorable! Can't wait to see u again!!

    wow!! that's a lot of exclamation marks in one comment!!

  5. Here in Brazil, some weeks ago, there was a video about that... It was easier to mention something good about your friend... not about yourself... tough, isn't it?
    I really liked this video... and I also like Dove products, very good.
    Have a nice day!!!
    Rock Ur Outfit!

  6. @xin XiN! can I help answer for you since I saw you in person just this weekend? You have gorgeous smile, dimples and hands!!!!

  7. @The Ghetto Gurls Sobrang sweet mo Ghetto S! Thanks for saying so! I do miss you too!!!! :)

  8. @Sweet Balucanag I agree, that's why I willingly support such confidence booster campaign!

  9. @Connie De Alwis LOL! love the thigh gawking, we didn't do much of that but I enjoyed our huge hug! thanks again!!!!


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