Sunday, December 25, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: KL with the #EVURL Girls

Merry Christmas!  I'm sure a lot of you slept a bit too late from all the eating and partying!

I had fun yesterday!  Mr. AMW and I are proud to say, we've done our "panicky" last minute Christmas Shopping in half a day!  That includes delivery!  *laughs*  That shows how efficient we were under pressure!

One of the best Christmas present I received before the year ends was the NAPBAS 2011 invite.  Though I've been saying it again and again how tired I was from all the running around plus the lack of sleep, don't get me was well worth it..and what made it even better?  Seeing the gorgeous Petronas Twin Towers at a gorgeous night like this....

PLUS...meeting my Malaysian Beauty Blogger friends again!!!  It was funny how we've been online friends for more than 4 years and the 4th year was the charm!  We met twice this year and even thrice between me and Lisa!

L-R PB, Xin, Bee, Connie and Lisa

After a day of shopping at KLCC, Pavilion and Sungei Wang, PB instructed me to go to the JW Marriott and they picked me up and drove me to a nice, cozy restaurant were a lot of people go!  #evurl girls, help me out on this!  I forgot the name of the restaurant *slaps forehead*

It was a first for me to try chicken wrapped and fried on a sheet of paper!  Thanks to my inquisitive mind that I asked about the exterior or else, I'll end up eating fried paper!

The chicken meat inside was juicy and flavorful.

 They also ordered some veggies

Beef Noodles!
I think down here, it's called Beef Hofan noodles with a lot of sauce!  The dish tastes just right, not one ingredients overpowered the other!  The beef, I may have to add is easy to chew. 

Pork Ribs
Another flavorful dish!  I am very tempted to grab these with my bare hands but I had to stop myself, I'll probably do that on our 3rd meeting!  *Laughs*

Fried noodles
This is almost similar to the Beef Noodles above but the ingredients were served differently plus the noodles are fried!  I think I didn't get the chance to eat much of this as I was already full by the time this dish was served!  At this very moment, I want to hit myself because I wasn't able to eat much during this meetup as I was busy catching up with them at the same time, I was really tired and sleepy that my appetite went from THIS (big) to this (small) ....

Oh!  Thanks to PB for insisting that I try their Barley Juice!  Remember the first barley juice I had at Wee Nam Kee?  This one is way better! 

Thanks Lisa for taking this shot!  See how many people were dining just by looking at the background?  No doubt, it's really a good and must try restaurant when you get the chance to visit KL!  Okay, don't ask me where, I hope one of the #evurl girls will tell me the name of the restaurant and the place!  *laughs*

After the wonderful dinner + story-telling..we continued our bonding at PB's place, it was an early Christmas Party as well with the exchanging of gifts!  Here's a family portrait....
I can't wait to see these girls again whether in Malaysia, Philippines or anywhere in this world!  I am so happy and thankful for wonderful friends I've met through blogging!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. aw i missed you again :( but hopefully there's a next time! :D

  2. That's a beautiful picture of you and Keith! Merry Christmas to you too, Nikki :)
    I can't remember the name of the restaurant either. I'll leave that for PB :p
    I think the first plate of noodles we had was venison and not beef. I think!

  3. Merry Christmas, Beautiful! I'm so stuffed from our family Christmas dinner, yet your food photos have me wiping drool from my chin! YUM!

    And your fun-friends photos are wonderful -- especially love the one of you and your lovely hubs. All the best for a delightful 2012!


  4. @plue Plue! I know! but hey, we'll get the chance to meet again for sure :D

  5. @Connie De Alwis Connie my dear, I really appreciate the time and I love hugging you and seeing you applying and re-applying and re-applying your nail polish again and again! hahahahha :) I'll wait for corrections via the #evurl girls :)

  6. @Janine . BEAUTYGEEKS Merry Christmas Janine :) Have a wonderful 2012 too :D

  7. awww KL, loved the food shots. hangsweet ng last pic!

  8. Ang cute ng photo niyo ni Keith!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. @Marge Hahah the last pix was taken at a photobooth and I cropped it lang to have a fuller face shot! hahahha thanks dear !

  10. @*MrsMartinez* I'm sure you and DH have loads sa Korea trip niyo!!!

  11. Hey dearie! Sorry I only saw this post now. Eeks. But had to say... you and Keith are tooo cute! Missing you both! *HUGS*

  12. @Syen Aawww you and Alex are cute as well! so we're even! Can't wait to spend more time with you and Alex!! Keith and I misses you both! SERIOUSLY!

  13. LOL since PB hasn't commented yet, I'll end your hunt - the name of the place was Soo Mee Kee! :D

    From not meeting to twice in less than 6 months, we're definitely on a roll..can't wait for the next round!! ;) *hugz*


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