Tuesday, January 24, 2012

AMW Reports: Clinique Celebrates Real Beauty and Art

Clinique Philippines celebrates Real Beauty and Art and I was lucky enough to be invited at the event place White Space last January 19th. 

Once I got in, I was transported into a different world... a world of beauty and grace with huge screen of various Clinique products that flashes as cocktails were served!  I took a glance at the sides of White Space and saw various art designs.

The gorgeous ladies who were my "cocktail table mates" 

After catching up with friends from Clinique and meeting new friends from various publications, the event started with a breathtaking performance.  

It was lovely to see Ms. Joey Mead!  I have seen her hosted a lot of events in the past but her makeup that night was my favorite of all!  I can't help but found myself whispering at Shen telling her how fresh and flawless her makeup look!  I can't help but compliment her lip color too!

Mr. Paul Slavin, VP and GM of Clinique Asia-Pacific, gave a short welcoming remarks

And the fun part of the night!  Fashion show!
Gorgeous models wearing plain white outfit 
sporing different styles of makeup for different occasions.

This outfit reminds me so much of an office outfit 
that can suit for a night out!

Another simple office girl look!
Check out the shoes!

A more formal wear like feather-y long dresses are also seen during the night!

My super favorite piece!  Reminded me so much of a "hip" bride!

Gorgeous ladies walked the final walk!

My last time to check out "Nikki's Pick!" 
I can't as I love them all!

The Clinique SAs and Makeup Artist Mr. Paolo Maranan came out as everyone gave them a huge applause for job well done!  I love the makeup on all models and I wonder if he has done Joey Mead's as well? 

Did I say the night was a star-studded event?  I see stars everywhere! Photos without watermark were taken from Clinique Philippines (Official) FB Page!  

Lovi Poe

Isabelle Daza

 Iza Calzado

Bianca Manalo

G Toengi

 Phoemela Baranda

 Isabelle Roces

 Solenn Heussaff

Me and Laureen Uy
It was a semi reunion with Nuffnang NAPBAS 2011 Guests

 And of course!  The real star of the night....*laughs*  Just joking!  It was great to enjoy the night of real beauty with Shen and Trixie.

One of the star  product from Clinique is the Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm!  I can't wait to try this!  I see Moisturizing...I hear LOVE! :)
**photo from Clinique

Who have tried the Chubby Stick of Nourishing Lip Balm?  Care to share to me what to expect? :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i was blown away with your picture of solenn!! grabe ang gondooo niya!!!

    1. Grabe no? As in can't help but stare! Super simple yet sexy and gorgeous!

  2. hi nikki! i'm using the Clinique chubby stick now in 04 mega melon! it's the best. it's my go-to lipbalm if i want a hint of color. :) i'll try to post a review soon in my new blog URL http://lootwagon.blogspot.com

    1. Really? Now you got me really excited!

    2. post is up! back to using the old URL though. nalito ako with the new URL eh. deadma na. hahaha.


  3. What a fantastic event! I love my Clinique Chubby Sticks!

    1. What's the color you use? I am excited to use mine! :)

  4. I love the outfit of the models! ang ganda!


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