Friday, February 17, 2012

AMW Reports: Pond's Age Defying and Flawless White Launch and the night I got Lucky!

On my way to the Pond's Event at Midas, Hotel.  I was in good mood as I did not get lost and parking was quite easy!  I thought it was just a regular "lucky" night but I guess God has more surprises in store for me! :)

As I stepped in Midas Hotel, wonderful friends from Ogilvy greeted me right away so getting lost is not an option (that I usually end up with).  We had a chance to rest and take photos because the whole "Hermes" inspired lobby was so unique and we can't help but "pose" and didn't care what other people may think!  *laughs*

Just a couple of minutes after, we were ushered to the function room and surprise!  A wonderful stage set up greeted us and it was a very intimate gathering with only a few tables.  I was looking around to see what the launch was all about but as usual, the Pond's people are good at keeping secrets! :P

I do miss the rest of the "usual suspects" and familiar faces that I see who can't make it to the event.  Girls you know who you are! :D

We were greeted by Cosmopolitan Philippines' Chief Ms. Zo Aguila,  

And gorgeous Pond's Global PR Head Ms Apples Aberin

I've always loved how Pond's would take into detail the table centerpieces which in my dictionary, very important to create a romantic and welcoming atmosphere.

Pond's Sr. Brand Manager, Jacque Yuengtian, welcomed the bloggers with opening remarks
It was very informal and relaxing as it was a pretty small group and all of us have known each other for quite some time!

Assistant Brand Manager Mr. Jules Gollayan  hosted the event making sure our queries were heard on each presentation done by the guests.

The event started with a presentation sharing the journey of a Pond's Woman.  It was also additional knowledge for me to learn that Pond's work with team partners from the University of of Copenhagen, University of St. Andrews, The Institute of Perception and Universite De Montreal to explore Where, What, Why and How Much behind our perception of aging and skin lightening. 

Asst. Brand Manager Dian Yu, continued to share how Pond's pioneered anti-aging in the Philippines since the year 2006.  I can strongly recall the commercials shown on screen and let out a tiny chuckle on how I used to "snob" the said commercial and here I am, a consumer of anti-aging products!

Dr. Helen Meldrum, who traveled all the way to the Philippines from the Pond's Institute shared to us scientific points on how certain ingredients added to the Pond's reformulated Age Miracle are proven to make you look up to 10 years younger.  One major ingredient B3 is known as a skin lightening agent that can help fade dark spots, decreases transfer of dark pigment to the skin's surface and the best part, it prevents the darkening at source.

An added 12HSA is also present to work hand in hand with Vitamin B3 to work deep within and the genetic framework of the skin!

A before and after photo of a test done

*whew* It may sound a bit of a nerdy talk but I actually learned a lot!  I've attended so much about skin talk but I always learn something new each time!

2 of the new Pond's line was unveiled just right beside our table!  It was hidden all along by a nice purple curtain!

Pond's Age Miracle
with Intelligent Pro Cell Complex

 Pond's Flawless White
with GenActiv

We were given a chance to ask questions to Dr. Helen, here are some of the questions that got stuck inside my head :)

Price Points: the prices of the reformulated Pond's range will almost be the same as the old one for the next 3 months, increase of price may be done but it will be very minimal as Pond's is going for accessibility to consumers.

Loyalty of Consumers to the old Pond's Age Miracle Range:  Newly reformulated products doesn't mean that the old formulation will be changed.  Most of the time, the Pond's Institute continuously do their research and would add beneficial ingredients instead of removing "what works" in the past!  In short, there will always be the "base" of ingredients that Pond's believed in and the newer versions will always be for the betterment of consumers base on needs and wants.

Photo with Angela, Dr. Helen, Lace and Kat

Pond's Philippines team 
Jules, Jacque and Dian

 Unilever's Media Services and Activation manager 
Ms. Nel Capila
(yes, another reunion after Vaseline, Dove, Sunsilk
and a whole lot of Unilever events)

 Tara with Apples

and I also took a shot with Apples 
Secret: I tiptoed and still look like a dwarf!  *laughs* #fail

Oh, did I missed telling you the surprise?  I won an iPad2 in the raffle!  I was in daze and all I remember was Jacque calling out my name, I stood up, went up on stage, smiled holding an iPad2 went down and forgot a bit about desserts (which is unusual by the way).

Thank you Pond's for making me feel that life really isn't always about being down, there will always be "up" moments and as materialistic as an iPad2 is, tonight, made me feel like, I do get lucky too!  Given that I have a super positive attitude! :)

Tee hee, no need to share iPad with Mr. AMW! *hugs my own iPad tight* :P Hahaha, do not be like this, selfishness won't bring you anywhere! LOL!

Pond's Philippines team with Dr. Helen plus 
Invited Bloggers :)

Have you seen the new Pond's Age Miracle and Flawless White range?
Have you tried any of the products?  Care to share your thoughts?
Am I lucky or what? *shrieks*

Thank you Lord :)

"Pond's have on ongoing Facebook Contest  called Pond's Greatest Acts of Love! You and your loved one can win a wonderful getaway for 2 to Bali!  Smile and click HERE for more details.  Goodluck!"

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Congrats, hun! Hope to see you on Instagram. :)

  2. thank you girl! :) The thing though is, I have instagram for quite some time already but just didn't get the chance to use it! LOL :)

  3. wow you won an Ipad2? Congratulations! ^^, I like Ponds products can't wait to share this to my friends! :)

    1. OO SIS! as in! gulat ako! I never win techie stuff! So I guess this is going to be a lucky year for me! :D

  4. Congratulations!! That's awesome. I wish I could get that lucky, but I never do! Haha. Sounds like a really great day :)

    1. I used to say that..and hey, after a couple of months,'ll get your time! trust me on that!

  5. So awesome! You all look so pretty, Nikki! ♥

  6. Another exciting event! U looks beautful!!

  7. Congrats Nikki! Waaaaah! I want one too! :D Ponds is the only facial wash that works for my skin so far. I might check out this line when I reach ze late twenties. :D

    1. Thank you sis!!!! :) and about the line, well you can try the Flawless White and go for Age Defense, hey you can even use it even when you're not in your late 20s :D

  8. The event looks so nicely done up. Congrats :)

  9. You look so cute in that dress! Get the cardigan off, lol :)

    Ang swerte mo!!! Yay for winning an ipadTWO!!

    1. hahahah trust me....I had it off when we were doing pa cute picture taking! hahahha

  10. awww i first met you at a ponds event!

    1. Ay oo!!! tama!!! :) ang galing ng memory mo! Or ..masama lang ang memory ko! hahahha

  11. Congratulations! :) lots of apps to download! enjoy :)

    The Pink Margarita

    1. Thank you :) For sure! I'm enjoying my iPad to bits!

  12. wow, congratulations! :) so happy for you!


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