Monday, February 6, 2012

Sniff Me, Again!

Coach, in my heart, will always be a bag!  I can still remember the first Coach Bag that was gifted to me by my dear Aunt when she visited to attend my wedding, she gave me a leather Coach Bag which I kept and took care off until the very moment.

Who would've thought I would own something Coach and it's not even bag related?  Yes, my love for fragrance has, again, kicked in and my fragrance collection is growing!

I searched online and checked their ad...
Coach Poppy Flower Fragrance

So girly, So me!

PHP 3,700 available at Rustans
To be honest, the scent is not the usual floral ME but one whiff you would understand why I appreciate the scent!  It smells fun, quirky and happy!

"The notes are a blend of citrus, lychee and cassis blend with water lilly and jasmine petals in an airy scent."
Then the start of the year, I got a gift from a very good friend of mine Emily! :) She delivered it to my home and voila!  A perfect gift for Ms. AMW --- The Sniffer! :P

Tous L'eau de Parfum
 For a perfume, what I like about the scent is the fact that it's not overwhelming and I can even use this on day time!

 SRP: 30ml PHP 2,200.00 | 50ml PHP 2,800.00 | 90ml PHP 3,600.00
"Tous L'eau de Parfum is a floral, woody, musky scent that was created by Nathalie Lorson.  The composition opens with notes of mandarin, lemon and floral accords.  The heart of freesia, jasmine, white peony and black currant is settle on the basis of white musk, patchouli and transparent amber."

No wonder, the combination is as unique as it smells and I do not own a similar scented fragrance like this!  Well, it doesn't hurt that the packaging has a cute tiny bear which both Mr. AMW and myself love!

And the gift came with a tiny sized Tous L'eau de toilette

I personally like the Parfum (pink) better than the Toilette (blue green) so the blue green bottle goes to Mr. AMW as he took one sniff and liked it! :)

Sorry, all inanimate objects turned animated once it enters into our home :)
That's the way it is! :P

What's your newest fragrance included in your SNIFF-ollection?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. my fave fragnance at the moment is Miss Dior chérie !

    ohh, i love it :)

    1. Oooh the scent of Miss Dior Cherie is nice!!!!

  2. Uy, perfume shopping! I've always been meaning to get Tous Tous (the gold one). But for some weird reason, I always end up liking something else. :p

    1. hahahahha how's the scent of Tous Tous? I can't imagine! Siguro more floral?

  3. hi ms. AMW.. wow, i love your new perfume, smells really good, i have it too..:)my fave now is chanel coco mademoiselle.. :)

    1. oohhh come to think of it, I do not have Coco Chanel! not sure why? hahahhaa


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