Wednesday, March 14, 2012

AMW Reports: Shu Uemura's YUME Advanced Makeup Class

Good morning AMW Readers!

Yesterday, I briefly talked about the YUME: Advanced Makeup Workshop that I attended last weekend as offered by Shu Uemura to Deal Grocer clients at 50% off which I bloggged HERE.

If not because of time contraints, I'd go book myself to all sorts of makeup classes!  I love learning and life is too short to focus on the little knowledge we know!  It is, indeed,  time to step out of the bubble and explore! :)

That's what I did!  

As I arrived the Shu Uemura Atelier, I was ushered to my seat area and I was in temporary "Shu Uemura heaven".  Various skincare, makeup base, eye shadows, blushers, brush set and the best part?  We can go around and borrow from our classmates too!  This was the best time for me to test on Shu Uemura products I haven't tested yet. 

Though tired from the  morning's makeup gig, thankfully, the "organized me" took charge and I actually brought with me my very own brush set, the Charm Essentials Vegan Brush Set and some of my personal makeup products.

It was a no-brainer for me to take with me my 2 Beauty Pro Palettes --- Sweet and Smokey Palette and Crazy Colour Palette.  These 2 palettes are enough for me to create various looks and let me share to you the best part about these shadows --- they can be applied both wet and dry!

Now on to the class, our instructor for the day was Ms. Sharon, one of the Shu Uemura's Accredited Make-Up Artist

We started off with Skincare routine and we were all asked to cleanse our face by removing our existing makeup, tone then moisturize.

Rowena was also there in class and look at her without makeup!
She's still very pretty!

Okay, seriously, the photo below is no laughing matter okay?  You'll hurt my feelings if you laugh!  Okay, I admit it, I literally have no eyes without my trustee eyeliner!  Heck..let's move on....move on....yes..move on!!! :P

Since it is an advanced makeup class, we breezed through makeup theories and face structuralization and headed straight to creating different looks!

First look --- Healthy Glowing Makeup
  • Foundation application
  • Highlight best features and contour areas that you want to be hidden.
  • Use any neutral eye shadow shades and you may add glittery eye shadow on top.
  • Lips are recommended to be in neutral hues with lots of shine.

After a quick demonstration, we were asked to do our own faces and it wasn't hard for me to create healthy glowing makeup because I am a fan of highlighters remember? :P  Instead of the usual neutral eye shadow colors, I went bold and used a green eye shadow instead as it works so well on my skin color.

Second look --- Day-to-Night Makeup
  •  Experiment with different shades.
  • Adding additional shades (light and dark version of a color you chose).
  • Eye-lining
  • Use of stronger lip color.

Third look --- Smoky Eyes
  • Smoky eyes are not limited to black.
  • Blending is very important for this look. 
  • If you want to focus on the eye makeup, use a sheer colored blush and neutral colored lip products.

We were given the chance to try on Shu Uemura's famous lashes and Dionne and I played with some of them!  I only applied one eye hence my pose *lol*

 Fourth Look --- Runway Look
  • Create a color palette you would want to focus on.
  • If you prefer to do multiple colors, it helps to refer to the color wheel.
  • Be adventurous and have fun!
Looking back, I missed my makeup school days when I would go creating wild looks!  Though my eyes are tearing up and tired from the day's activities, I was able to create a very strong eye makeup that reminded me so much of the sea.  (not shokoy okay? lol)  

I've done a lot of contouring (hence my slim nose) and used a lot of glow-ons and even applied some shimmer-y powder on my lips to create that "Ice Queen" effect as I believe it could get too cold under the sea! Thanks to Sharon for lending me the gorgeous red and purple lashes which I individually applied.

Overall, the class was a huge success!  There were 5 of us students and all of us were able to practice each looks and Ms. Sharon would give us feedback which I appreciate!  Sometimes, you tend to get used to doing your makeup and a second opinion will always be welcomed!

Is the class worth it?  Definitely!  I'll definitely enroll for more short courses as it's always nice to learn new techniques! 

Before I end this post, I want to share a statement....

"Beautiful Make-Up Starts with Beautiful Skin"

So true, so please take care of your skin as early as NOW!  It's never too late and your skin will thank you for it!

Thanks to the Shu Uemura team at Rockwell branch for the accommodation, thanks Nina for including me in this class!

Have you enrolled yourself in a class recently? (any class)
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Thanks for the photo wheee! I had a great time in class with you! :D

    1. Same here! it was fun!! :D Thanks sa breaktime sama din! Had fun eating! :))))) as always!

  2. haven't enrolled in any class lately, i am a lazy bum :(

    1. awww you have a busy schedule! So it's understandable! :)

  3. Sharon is very nice, she was one of my trainers for the beginners naman. too bad i broke out using shu products =(

    1. oh no! that's sad to hear! Which product in particular broke you out? The skincare? or the makeup mismo? :)

  4. Excellent! You have a really nice blog.

  5. your no makeup photo did not make me laugh. it made me smile and want to pinch you. you are so cute! :3

  6. I hope you do a step by step on ur last look, I've been attempting the double line but the line on my crease only end up looking like I did the panda eyes when I open my eyes..I love how easy it is to read ur blog for a make up non pro like me :)

    1. Ohh really? I don't think anyone would like the tutorial to it! hehehe it looks more natural on my part when I open my eyes as it looks like regular eyeshadow! I guess that's the beauty of Asian Eyes hehehe

  7. I like the falsies! I wonder how much it cost?


    1. mare, may mga thousand plus ang mga lashes nila..or kung wala man, nearing that range :D

  8. Ang ganda ganda nung Shu Uemura lashes! Sana both eyes may photo. Also yung runway look! Ang ganda! I want it on me. Haha.

    1. sorry sis, didn't put both as we were rushing for the next look! hahaha :)

  9. When will be the next schedule of the class. I reallly want to attend. Like the basic first.H


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