Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Revlon Super lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pop Review

I do not watch the Gossip Girl but I do check out makeup trends every now and then through YouTube videos and online images!  I can't help but notice how everyone started to upload their version of Blair Waldorf's Wedding Makeup tutorials!  Though clueless, I am liking the "sweet" vibe as they used mostly pinks on both eyes and lips!  

To those who's unfamiliar, here's a screenshot of the Gossip Girl episode were Leighton Meester got married!  

No wonder she is one of the present beauty icon, such pretty face!

As you can see, she's holding a Chanel mirror so I would probably shrug my shoulders and say: "Ah, she's definitely using an expensive lip gloss in this episode!"

A closer look of her tiny cute lips with the glossy candy pink shine!

I nearly fell off the seat when Eman told me the exact lip gloss used was from Revlon!  Don't get me wrong, Revlon does make good lip products but really?  With that packaging?  

Revlon's Super lustrous Lipgloss
in Pink Pop

Packaging looks very high-end!

Revlon Super Lustrou Lipgloss says ---
Silky...Sexy...Brilliant. Glossy formula combines sheer color and intense moisture with light-reflecting spheres to create amazing shine. SPF 15

AMW says ---
  • Gorgeous packaging for a drugstore brand!  
  • Sealed upon purchase.
  • Ingredients list are listed on the "open flap" sticker.
  • Applies smoothly.
  • Not too sticky.
  • No weird scent.
  • The shine lasts!
  • If you have thin lips, this will give you an instant "ooomph" or sexy thickness!
  • Can be applied on its own or topped with your choice of lipstick underneath.
  • If you are going for the exact Blair Waldorf shade on photo, this is not the case as the lip gloss is pigmented but NOT pigmented enough to create the exact deep cotton candy shade.
Pink Pop is really a great upper-lifter lipgloss shade!  I can wear this on its own and I can still look more "made up".  The gloss is not sticky, applies smoothly and moisturizes the lips as well!

  • Extreme dry lips may exfoliate the lips to prevent lines from showing up.
  • To create deeper shade of pink, use lip liner or lipstick shade of your choice.
  • If you have uneven lip color like mine, neutralize it with a lip neutralizer or concealer or apply matte lip color close to your lip shade!
  • It helps to wipe the lip applicator before putting it back in the case.
  • Never share the same lip applicator.  If you are a make up artist, use disposable lip applicators.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who loves cute candy pink type of gloss!  I strongly suggest this gloss to people who has extreme dry lips like I do!

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Revlon counters for Php350.00 (approx $7.00).


Top photo --- my original super dry lips
Bottom photo --- applied with a coat of Revlon Super lustrous lipgloss in Pink Pop

(P.S. sorry for the uber dry lips, I'm not joking when I told you  I'm born with the alligator lips!)

Do you like the packaging of Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss?
Would you go for the Blair Waldorf Wedding Lip color on your wedding day or special occasions?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow i wouldve never guessed! but i do remember chanel lipglosses to be similar but thinner and longer. it also looks a lot more pigmented in the shot with blair. I guess she probably over-layered it =) thanks for the review!

    1. I agree, but the heck! She's holding a Chanel Mirror! hahahah

      I agree with you, it's over layered OR she has lipstick underneath! But doesn't she look like a doll?

  2. She topped her lipstick with it, I guess.

  3. looks very pretty! have heard of so much good about revlon glosses yet i have never used it >< shame on me

    1. Xin, are REvlon Glosses overpriced in Malaysia? Could be that reason? :D And you have such wonderful lipsticks lately!!!

  4. aaaayyy, it's a very pretty shade but I want to get the exact shade Blair Waldorf is wearing, hihihi... feeling Blair ako! :)

    1. ahahahha demanding? hahaha well goodluck to us, not unless we know the lipstick or lipliner she used underneath or you have the same lip pigmentation, then go BLAIR! hahahah I like the way it shines and looks so candy pink though! Malapit lapit na din! I will try to find the exact shade by using different lipstick and achieve this!:D

  5. the Superlustrous glosses remain one of my all-time favourites! :) I think I've got several shades, but not this bright pink one - gorgeous colour though! :D

    1. Wow what other shades can you recommend? I've read how people LOVE this as compared to the other shades! But the gloss is just gorgeous and not sticky at all! With your cute tiny lips Bee , I'm sure this will look wonderful on you!!!

  6. That looks so pretty! I can't believe I haven't tried these glosses yet, should remedy that soon. :)

    1. Yes, I'm sure it'll look great on your gorgeous lips! And go for this shade!!!

  7. I hope you can do a gloss over lippie look to get Blair's lip color there :) perfect for summer..so unexpected in bridal makeup :)

    1. Hi Jessica, You read my mind! I am on the search for the perfect lipstick so it'll look almost the same as the one with Blair! For now, I just applied it on its own so readers can see the exact shade it produce on my lips :D

  8. Oh, this looks like a gorgeous barbie color. Will test it next time I pass by Revlon. =) I have no issues with the Super Lustrous tube.

    1. Yes, give it a try, I've brought this along with me on my Japan trip and even at a cold, dry weather, it helped moisturize my lips!

  9. Revlon Super Lustrous does make a good dupe of Chanel's from afar. haha. Both are squarish. But I do think Chanel is better in terms of how soft it finishes on the lips, it is like nothing is there.

    1. Really? Well it's high time I give Chanel a try! thanks for the feedback


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