Friday, April 13, 2012

Japan Report: Harajuku Street, Tokyo Station Character Street and Ginza

In every travel, it is very important to research on areas that's best for shopping not only for oneself but for the people you love!

In today's post, I will be talking about 3 main areas where Mr. AMW and myself shopped for "pasalubongs" (gifts).

Harajuku (Meadow Lodging) is an area located at Harajuku Station.  We went to this area twice, once on a weekday and another on a Sunday!  The reason why we returned on a Sunday as I've read that most young boys and girls would dress in variety of clothing from Cosplaying to Gothic Lolita during Sundays.  Harajuku, by the way, is hailed as the fashion capital of the world for its unique fashion!  I don't know why but I do see girls in extreme costumes but not as group but rather, randomly on streets!  The weather was a bit too cold for them to dress up I guess?

There are two main shopping streets on the area, one is Omotesando (up-scale fashion shops) and Takeshita Street (youth fashion).  We've decided to walk to the latter as it is more unique in our culture!

The infamous photo of young crowd at Takeshita Street, though it is busy, I am surprisingly not bothered at all!

Stores that sells random accessories.  One of the famous chain for accessories is called Claire's!  I've seen 2 branches within the area!  I did not go crazy as I'm a smart shopper! *winks*

Nail Care stuff

A girl wearing colorful clothing to attract customers!

Calbee Plus Store offering fresh potato chips!

Lines were long!
Consumers flock to have a taste of hot, crisp and freshly made potato chips! 
 I even saw one with chocolate syrup ! YUM!!! 

Random socks!
Okay, that's funny, it seems like I get attracted to colorful socks whenever I travel!
I think I have a photo like this during my Seoul Trip! :P

You can also find Daiso at Takeshita Street, I was expecting it to be better than the one in Manila but I guess most of the stuff sold here in Tokyo can also be found in Manila, except THIS....

My MOST FAVORITE ICE CREAM at the moment!  Meiji Almond Chocolate Ice Bar!  Daiso Philippines, PLEASE I beg you, bring this here!!!

Since we got a bit hungry from all the walking, we took a break and finally tried Yoshinoya!  The restaurant is definitely smaller as compared to the ones we have here in Manila, the menu are also limited so we went for this...

How to get to Harajuku Station ---
Take the JR Yamanote Line to Harajuku Station.

After some fun, quirky shopping for the young, let's head on to the place for the younger crowd or shall I say, the "young at heart"!  Tokyo Station is known for the Character Street!

Tokyo Character Street is on the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station.  It is an underground mall with 100 souvenir shops and restaurants! I didn't feel like it was 100 stores as I didn't get tired running around like a headless chicken!

Some of the character you may find here are Disney Characters...

 Hachiko Plush Toys

Hello Kitty goodies!

My Neighbor Totoro Characters

Strike another pose! :)


Cute Lego Keychains 
wherein you can put your name!
And of course, they make it even more cuter when they made superhero chracters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman etc...using Legos!!!

The cute whale from One Piece
(nakanganga siya, so kelangang isara ang bibig! Lol)

The fat character from Shaun the Sheep!

Would you believe TOWERmini is also here just in case you want to find some of your favorite Japanese music!

Now, if you think you want to get some serious shopping and you have the money for it!  Let's head on to Ginza Street!


Here in Ginza, you can find numerous department stores like Isetan..

Matsuya Ginza

And a whole lot more!  You can also enjoy the view of the luxurious buildings of brands like Chanel, Dior, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.  Here, you can also find the flagship retail stores of Sony and Apple Store!

If you are on a budget, you can still shop at Ginza as here I have found the 6 storey building of Uniqlo

H&M on sale!

Also Forever 21!

Ginza Wako
The Hattori Clock Tower originally built by the founder of Seiko!  Inside the building you will find luxury items and jewelries are sold!

Though the place Ginza is known for its very expensive coffee and pastries, we can't help but opted for a stopover to take a rest before we continue our shopping!  We stopped by Doutor Coffee Shop --- owned by a Japanese company and you see them all around Tokyo just like Starbucks.

I ordered Cheesecake

And Matcha Latte
How to get to Ginza ---
Take the Ginza Subway line, the Maruonuchi Subway Line of the Hibiya Subway Line to Ginza Subway Station.

Do not forget to drop by the store named G.U. Japan (sorry no photos taken as I was busy shopping for gifts!)  G.U. is a Japanese discount casual wear store who also owns Uniqlo.  The store is heaven for girls and boys alike as the prices of good quality jeans and clothing is around JPY990.00 (approx less than Php500.00)

If given the chance, which area would you go first and what would you shop for?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. If given a chance....i am not sure which store i would go first!!! i'd be probably roaming and bumming around like a headless fly!

    1. same here! I've been doing that and Keith had to ask me to calm down and told me "WE HAVE TIME!" hahahhaa

  2. Takeshita Dori!! One of my favorite places in the world haha. Did you go to the bridge (the one right in front of Meiji Jingu)? That's where the cosplayers usually tambay. Although when I went there on a Sunday before noon, there weren't much of them... it was probably early

    1. I did go to the bridge, I've seen one or 2 cosplayer, not a lot! I guess it was a really chilly day!

    2. Ohh, I see! My friend who lives there also said that the cosplayers "moved" to Akihabara and some places that's why there are fewer people in Harajuku


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