Thursday, April 19, 2012

Something New: Perfection by Cream Silk

Have you seen the newest hair commercial by the gorgeous Georgina Wilson?  I did!  And I had my jaw dropped for a good 10 seconds!  She looks absolutely perfect!  No wonder Perfection by Cream Silk got her as their face for the new premium hair care line!

A couple of bloggers, including yours truly, was invited for a nice, relaxing Saturday afternoon at The Spa!  It was just a perfect timing as my body was aching from all the walking around Tokyo for the past week.  I drove myself on a very hot Saturday afternoon to The Spa, BGC branch.

As soon as I got in, I met up with Sarah Lim from Unilever who excitedly shared to me the new product line.  

"What's the difference between Perfection by Cream Silk and the regular Cream Silk we love?"  I immediately asked!  (Don't I sound like a reporter there?  *pats myself on the back* lol)

Sarah told me how we love our hair after stepping out of the salon, and how we wished to prolong the gorgeous look!  Now it's possible as Perfection by Cream Silk features a superior technology called Keratinology (yes the same one used for Keratin treatment to prevent frizz.)  The size is one thousand times smaller than nano technology which makes it easier for the product to penetrate deep into the hair up to 3 layers!  

There are 2 ranges available ---- Full-Bodied Straight and Anti-Hair Fall 

Product information (L-R):

  • Leave-on (for daily use) Php275.00
  • Intensive Treatment Mask (for weekly use) Php230.00
  • Detangling Spray (for daily use) Php300.00
  • Daily Treatment Conditioner (for daily use) Php10.00 for sachet and Php145.00 for tube

To experience the Perfection, we were treated with a 45 minutes body massage *ah, pure bliss* and we took a shower and were given the chance to use Perfection By Cream Silk for Full-Bodied Straight.  

What I noticed is the tiny hint of fragrance that doesn't irritate my senses.  I used the Daily Treatment Conditioner and left it for a couple of minutes before I washed it off with cold water!  

As soon as we got out of the shower, we were led to an "almost" salon set up were we had our hair dried and styled with the help of Detangling Spray to protect my hair from heat and finishes up with the Leave-On treatment.  We were jokingly telling each other how our hair ended up looking like it came straight from a Keratin Smoothing Treatment!

So far, Cream Silk never failed me in terms of hair conditioning!  I am looking forward to use this premium line and the price isn't bad at all!

To the rest of you who wanted to have a similar hair pampering experience like we did, feel free to visit Cream Silk Mobile Salons and give your hair the treatment it deserves!

April 22, 2012 at Eastwood Atrium

April 28, 2012 at SM Megamall Atrium

Feel free to add Cream Silk Hair Reborn on Facebook to know more about their promos and activities!

Thank you Cream Silk Team, Media Contacts and Fuentes for the lovely Saturday afternoon!  Thanks to fellow bloggers whom I shared some laughs with!

L-R Vern, Alyssa, Shen, Me and Marge

Would you be interested to give this full range a try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. haha my jaw dropped too! such a great commercial :D

  2. Omg! Is that Shen?? I almost didn't recognize her. She is so skinny! Looking great girls!!


    1. Yup si Shen nga! :) Sumesexy na si sisterette! :D

  3. This product sounds amazing I can't wait to try it do you know if they sell it in the US?

    1. I'm not sure! I think not! But you can probably find them in stores selling Asian made products?? :D

  4. I used that earlier... and wow!! Ang lambot ng hair ko and it straightened my hair.. I used vitress cream after.


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