Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fashion Report: PFW SM Ladies' Fashion

It's Fashion Week and I was invited to the SM Ladies' Fashion Show last May 23rd at the SMX.  I can't decline an SM Ladies' Fashion show as I've always been a fan of their clothes!  I love how I can find different pieces for different occasions and they're always within the budget!

I was expecting for a fashion show that would showcase "runway" worthy pieces but imagine the surprise when I ended up "mentally shopping" all the gorgeous pieces I've seen!  I nudged Mr. AMW so many times and whispered: "That's a Nikki outfit!"  *laughs*

Let me show you some of the pieces that I would wear!  (Note: Photo heavy post)

The event started with models strutting various Parisian shoes  

Colorful pumps are definitely IN

A favorite pair of mine!  This is also available in red!

Cute yet simple outfit in front

 Vavavoom-sexy at the back
My kind of outfit! I'm quite adventurous when it comes to my back!  *laughs*

Preppy outfit that screams "California Girl" ala Katy Perry

My mom used to wear dresses as short as this and I'm not surprised why she got my dad's attention!  
My mom have gorgeous legs!!!*proud daughter*

Floral pants 

Another favorite top of mine! 
You'll know why.... check out the back!
I don't care if I'll get sick, I have to wear this at least once in my life!  *lol*

Simple statement piece - irregular hot pink top
probably inspired from the mullet skirts!

Romantic floral dresses

 Fashion bloggers also strutted the runway...





Beach wears were also showcased during the fashion show, from sexy one piece bathing suits to two-piece "show your body" suits!  Conservative you say?  Don't worry, they have a lot of cute cover-ups, flowy pants and shorts that can still make you look sexy amidst the "cover".

Cover-ups used to be boring back then, I'm glad there are many choices nowadays to show what you are proud of and hide what needs to be hidden! *tee hee*

SM Ladies' Fashion 2012 uses lightweight material perfect for our weird weather.

Orange is definitely a dominant color for the night

As well as pinks

Print on print

A nice print dress that can be worn on a beach trip

There are so many inspiring office attires too!
  Here's a gorgeous outfit I wouldn't mind wearing!
I may end up with holes on my stockings but who cares?

Palazzo pants are now more colorful than ever!

I am loving how tall a vertical printed pants can make you look!
The model's legs go on forever!

Office attire doesn't have to be the usual plain black and white,
you can match colors and spice up everything with a colorful bag!

Another nice outfit that's perfect for a "meeting" day

Night date outfit
Not too casual but not too made up!

Versatile outfit for work wear...

...or weekend food trip with girlfriends!

This, I like on stage but can't imagine how I could wear this!  My short legs won't give justice to this dramatic piece!

I want to thank Omnican Media Group for the invite, it is not always I get to sit at the VIP area and get the best view!

And what's a fashion show without posing at the "Wall of Fame"? :)

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Ferretti Bone Pumps

Do you agree that SM Ladies' Fashion is getting more and more interesting?
I can't imagine how much photos I've posted!  I've picked so many pieces I wanted to try!

Which outfit caught your attention?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. OMG! What exciting show! Those bright neon outfits looks just amazing!! Never was at fashion shows but this seems like a lot of fun!

  2. Nikki the dress looks so cute on you!
    I almost bought that same dress a few times, but got too shy and timid that I bailed on it. Seeing it on you makes me want it again! lol

  3. Luv the office outfits! :) Must be really fun to be there. I wish I was able to come. :(



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