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AMW Reviews: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation SPF10

As a makeup artist who loves to focus her craft on Brides, AMW is always on a lookout for "Bridal-friendly" cosmetics!  Meaning, lightweight, can stay more than 10 hours, waterproof, sweat-proof and tear-proof!  

That's a huge demand not every makeup brand can handle!  As I go through this journey of finding the best of the best (via product reviews as I love to look back on my own reviews and compare products.), I will definitely share it here as I try on different products on myself and on clients!  

Please, feel free to click comment and share your experience as an "end user" and maybe, if I have any professional makeup artist readers, do share some of your great finds as the world is a better place with beautiful people helping each other stay beautiful! :)

Spotlight: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation SPF10 
which was hailed "Best for Brides" in Brides Beauty Awards, Brides Magazine June 2010

Winning an award in the US won't stop me from raising my brows as we have unique weather here in Asia.  I'm not sure I read it right but I believe there's a Western and Asian version of this foundation and the Asian version is made in Japan.  If that's the case...this...might work!  Smile and read on for my full blast review!

Estee Lauder says ---

15-hour wear, light as air-long-wear makeup is now lightweight makeup.
  • Fresh, natural, comfortable.
  • Goes on sheer, leaves skin free to breathe all day.
  • Controls oil.
  • Resists smudging and won't "melt" off through heat and humidity.
For a look that stays vibrant and fresh whether it's a workday, a workout or a weekend. Smooth it on once and don't think twice about it.

Formula facts
  • Oil-free
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Won't clog pores
  • Fragrance-free
  • Photo-friendly
Size: 30ml
Shades: Intensity 1.0 (lightest) to 3.0 (darkest)

AMW says ---
  • I used to be very OC when it comes to tube packaging, I like to peek at the hole to see if someone squirted out some of the foundation making me feel uncomfortable as I don't get what I pay for!  *laughs*  So getting a "sealed" product always makes me feel good that the product is "fresh from manufacturer" and I get all 30ml!  (I know, I'm sick!  hahaha)
  • Feels super light on skin.
  • You can create light to medium full coverage.
  • Once you pick the right shade, you get a very natural look no matter how much you apply!
  • Can even out my skin tone and reduce redness.
  • Does not dry out my skin even without moisturizer underneath.
  • Very easy to blend.
  • Indeed photo friendly, none of the white cast!
  • Fragrance free!  I'm not a fan of scented foundation.
  • No allergic reactions.
  • Very limited shade availability.
  • Gives a bit of "sheen" which may translate as "oily" to super oily-skinned individuals.
  • I can't say this is a15-hour wear with our super humid and crazy weather.  Let's say max 6 hours for normal/dry skin and 3-4 hours for oily skin? 
Though the color range is small, I'm glad I found a perfect match on Intensity 2.0 which works for NC20-25 skin.  I like how this foundation feels so light and blends like a dream! 

Tested on an oily-skinned client, I got a feedback that the foundation looks as good as it was freshly applied with minimal oil-control film-blotting after 2-3 hours.

  • Concealing may still be needed for that extra spots and dark under eye circles.
  • To prevent the product from sliding off especially for combination and oily-skinned, a good oil-control primer would help make the foundation last longer!
  • If you prefer a very natural finish, feel free to leave without setting the foundation.
  • Try on different brushes to pick which one works best for you!  For this particular foundation, I love using the foundation brush.
  •  The foundation dries pretty fast so you have to work quickly and blend properly.
  • Brush with downwards stroke, same direction as the growth of your facial hair.
  • Start foundation application on your skin that needed the most coverage!  I always start at the center as that's where most of my redness are!
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  For myself and for brides!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Everyday liquid/cream foundation wearer and because of the low SPF, I also highly recommend this to brides!

Where to purchase and how much?
Available locally at Estee Lauder counters for Php2,000 (approx $46.50).

Product Photos and Swatches

  A tiny hole making it easy to control the amount of product needed

 Shade Availability:
6 shades in other countries but 
3 shades locally (Intensity 1.0-3.0)


A tiny drop of Intensity 2.0 
has a yellow base undertone
This shade reminded me so much of MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation in NC25

As you lightly blend the foundation it sinks into the skin quickly showing some of my lines which scared me a bit, at this stage, please to not fret and continue to blend the product to "warm" it up.

 Once blended, the foundation disappears making it look like my original skin - the better version!
Looking very closely, there is a tiny hint of 'sheen' making your skin looks extra healthy and glowing.

I requested Mr. AMW to take my before photo in as much natural lighting as possible for you guys to see the redness at the center of my face (ex. sides of my nose) and you can also see some tiny veins on my cheeks + dry patches (that's how thin my skin is and a dermatologist agreed.).

Right photo shows my skin after applying Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation in Intensity 2.0 using a foundation brush blending with my clean fingers patting motion.  As seen on photo below, my skin looks super even and all the redness were gone making it look like I have naturally gorgeous skin! It was an added bonus that the foundation did not dry up my skin considering the fact that I skipped moisturizer application for the sake of product review. :)

I haven't really looked into Estee Lauder as a brand for my clients but after having a good experience on this foundation, I'm definitely giving this brand a second and third look!
Any other Estee Lauder star products in your kit?  I would love to know so I can try them myself!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product received during an event. Reviews 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.  The author highly recommend buyers to try on testers before purchasing.)


  1. hmm, i only have this is their original formula which can be a bit thick to be used everyday. i love the original formula but i would love to have this as well. too steep lang talga ano, but hey, if it works, why not!

    1. sis the original formula I think is thicker nga, this one feels really light! Kaya siguro they made a light version for everyday use :)

  2. Does this oxidize kaya? I oxide like crazy eh. Would want to get an Intensity 1. I am using MAC NC20, but I am NC 25-30 talaga...Match kaya for me ang 1?:) Thanks!

    1. it may or may not, it really depends on acidic your skin is! I strongly suggest you try on the tester on counter, they have testers naman and will even help you apply! :) Go for it, before you purchase! And try 1 because it's the lightest considering your skin is acidic :)

  3. Hi Nikki,

    I am a silent reader of your blog, great stuffs and I love it :) I've recently tried the DW Light Intensity 2.5 and loved the natural look it gave me. When the make up artiste used the loose powder as finishing, it gave me a wow factor :) Looks awesome considering my face is full of acne marks and imperfections. I've tried various foundation but so far this is the best. It doesn't oxidize on my oily skin that much, perhaps thanks to the Estee Lauder primer. All in all, I think I love this product and will buy it. Only thing is, I am always rushing to leave house for work in the morning and being a make up amateur, applying foundation is a big challenge.

    The friendly BA gave me a small jar of DW Light and primer, I shall practise on the weekends! :)

    1. Hi there! *waves* thanks for being a reader and thanks for finally commenting! :) Nice to hear from you.
      I'm glad to hear your wonderful experience on the brand, wow ! Now you got me intrigued with the loose powder! I know that "matte" and very clean effect a foundation + good setting powder gives! It's like "almost a Bridal makeup look" :)

      Tell me your thoughts on DW Light! I hope you liked it the way I do too! :)

  4. Hi! May I ask what eye cream you were using when the before and after was taken? I realize the photo was taken to show how well the foundation evens out skin tone but all I could focus on was how the skin around the eyes looked "lifted" and younger! Wow!

    1. Hi Elle, it is the foundation that I used to cover the undereye area too :)

  5. thanks for this review! im an NC20-25 too and i had no idea what shade would work out the best.

  6. Hi Ms. Nikki. I love your review. So informative. But is Double Wear Light Stay in Place available here in the Philippines? Thank you. :)

  7. My name is Drea pahabol. :D


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