Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Food Tripping at: Eli's BBQ Tagaytay

Happy Sunday lovelies!  How was your weekend?  I was stuck in "Manila" traffic both Friday and Saturday, I know!  I should get used to it by now but let me tell you one thing, if you want to see me growl like a tiger, watch me drive!  You won't hear the end of it when I'm stuck in traffic!  *laughs*  I'm sure a lot of you can relate!  :P

Let's set the negativity aside, to those who follow me on Instagram (AskMeWhats), you've probably seen how much I enjoyed spending the weekend with my high school friends!  What's a Tagaytay trip without Food trip?  My dearest friend suggested we try Eli's Delicious Bar-B-Que as none of us have tried the restaurant!  

Sorry we were too hungry and we just ate the salad away and I didn't get the take note on the price.  The salad isn 't something unforgettable but it's a nice appetizer!

Krispy Fried Chicken 
8pcs for Php516.00 (approx  $12.00)

The famous "Tom Sawyer's Fried Chicken"!  I know a lot of you probably don't remember Tom Sawyer's but according to Mr. AMW, we do have Tom Sawyer's Restaurant back in the 80's located at Greenhills!!! (boy!  He's a real foodie!)  *laughs*  I wasn't born yet *super lying*  hahaha  Honestly speaking, I can't remember as we don't dine out much when we were younger, it was not until I was in high school that we started to eat out!  

Eli's Krispy Fried Chicken is amazing!  The parts were quite huge and it was fried perfectly!  The chicken comes with gravy on the side but it's tasty on its own.

Chicken Oriental BBQ
8pcs for Php566.00 (approx $13.15)
Hmmm, I don't know how to explain this but I would've loved this chicken if it wasn't THIS burnt!  The sauce is great but it didn't seep inside the chicken so yeah, I'll go back to my favorite Krispy Fried Chicken instead.

Fish and Chips
a Beer Battered Crispy Fried Fish Fillet and comes with Tartar Sauce and Potato Fries
How can you go wrong with crispy fried fish fillet with tartar sauce and fries.  This was the order for the kids and I saw how much the girls loved this! :)

Pork Baby Back Ribs Hawaiin BBQ Platter
served with steamed white rice and Hawaiian Macaroni Salad
Php495.00 (approx $11.50)
 The meat was a bit dry to taste and the sauce did not get to seep in the meat. 

Java Rice
Nice!  Best eaten with their Oriental Chicken BBQ as the Java rice is very tasty.

Super Beef Bulalo
Large for Php695.00 (approx $16.50)
For a restaurant that has a huge "BBQ" sign, I am quite surprised how much we loved the Bulalo!  Huge serving of tender beef and the soup was very flavorful! 

Though the food was a bit mixed (good and not so good), we had a wonderful time as it's the best place to dine in and bond with friends and family!  Servers are very friendship and there is a good parking space right in front of the restaurant!  

Eli's BBQ 
Grandview Complex, Tagaytay Rotonda Junction
Tagaytay City, Philippines
Tel no:  (632)-726-9329 

 Have you tried Eli's BBQ in Tagaytay?  What's a must visit restaurant in Tagaytay?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!
Happy weekend food tripping!


  1. OMG everything looks good. I agree, the salad looks eh...but everything else was making me drool. I gotta follow you on Instagram. I didn't know you have one.

  2. This is the first time I have 'heard' of this restaurant. We usually eat at Buon Giorno because the food is great and the ambiance is just perfect. I've tried Josephine and Leslie's too.

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for eating at Eli's. Your dining experience is very important to us and it is our mission to improve our service and taste. We look forward to having you back and be our Customer always.
    ELI'S BBQ -


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