Saturday, August 4, 2012

AMW Reports: Shu Uemura Chocolat Donna and Ultime8 Launch

Dear Shu Uemura,
Thank you for bringing in a new collection inspired by women's bestfriend --- chocolates!  

The Chocolat Donna is Shu Uemura's 135th mode make-up and it's part of the autumn/winter collection. To celebrate this milestone, I was one of the lucky blogger who get an invite to celebrate precious moments with a friend whom I know will enjoy makeup and chocolates as much as I do! 

Since I had the chance to know Angela during our Nuffnang Blog Awards in Malaysia and we had loads of fun times tasting on various chocolates at the Chocolate Factory, Kuala Lumpur so I thought of inviting her and I'm glad she had as much fun as I did!

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"Chocolate as a milestone of your life, a piece of chocolate evokes your precious memories bittersweet memories of first love, of joyful celebrations breathe in the chocolate aroma, taste the creamy, soft, crunchy textures, every single piece rich with happiness and comfort.
Close your eyes, savor the flavors of life, evoke the next chaper of an exciting journey that you have never tasted before." --- Shu Uemura press release


Nina Solano, Sr. Business Development Manager of Shu Uemura Philippines welcomed everyone with a gorgeous smile and as always, it great seeing catching up! 

Aside from sharing her excitement about the Chocolat Donna collection, we were also introduced to Shu Uemura's most luxurious Cleansing Oil to date.


Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil
The number 8 is there because there will be 8 outstanding skincare benefits after 4 weeks of usage.  Skin will feel revitalized, more translucent, more radiant, nourished, refined, smoother, suppler and moisturized!  That's 8 benefits in ONE cleansing oil that we all want to try!

And of course, the cute Mon Shu Girl made an appearance.  Mon Shu girl is Karl Lagerfield's creation as inspired by Japanese Manga.  Oh she's got red eyes by the way, I wasn't able to take the final shot of her final look with red eyes! 


Karen Crisostomo, Management Trainee for Shu Uemura Philippines did a wonderful job welcoming each of the bloggers and guests aside from introducing us to the newest collection.  She obviously showed to everyone her excitement on how we can always have the "Shu Uemura" fun with the customized eye shadow palettes.

Chocolates + Makeup will always be a wonderful combination!


Eye Shadow Palettes (Limited Edition)
Php4,000 (approx $93.00)

top to bottom: 
  • Mint & Vanilla Palette - a fresh spice and savory herb selection that includes glittery golden vanilla and mint, and powdery matte vanilla shades; complimented with pearl mocha with gold accents and rich cacao for defiining the eyeline.
  • Orange & Pistachio Palette - A hint of spicy orange glitter; nutty pistachio, hazelnut and crystallized ginger peel-with gold accents - in pearl.  Blend with rich shades of matte milk chocolate with golden accents or define the eyeline with cacao.
  • Raspberry & Mocha Palette - This fruit infused set includes glittery mocha; raspberry, creme mocha and gold accented mocha in pearl; blend or layer with matte milk chocolate with subtle gold accent or rich cacao to define your eye.

Glow On (Limited Edition)
Php1,095 (approx $24.50)

Shades: (top to bottom)
  • Apricot - Dip into this sun kissed shade to spice up your chocolate covered world
  • Framboisier - A touch of this luscious berry shade will delight the senses.

False Eyelashes (Limited Edition)
Php1,500 (approx $35.00)
These limited-edition false eyelashes are miniature creations inspired by decorative gourmet chocolates.  Brown feather with gold and silver accents add the perfect flavor to any shade of eye make-up.

Nail Color (Limited Edition)

  • Dark chocolate - brush on this melted, dark chocolate shade for a chic yet feminine allure.
  • Icing glitter - this ultra-fine silver and golden glitter can be used by itself, or layered over another color for a luxurious decoration.
Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte
Php1,195 (approx $28.00)
Choco-inspired colorful confections ranging from milky beige to hot cherry pink.  This first ever extreme matte yet soft creamy texture with comfortable moisture feel on lips that crescendo's with intense color pay off. 

The bloggers who were there with friends sharing lovely dinner and wonderful chocolates!

Shen's friend, Shen, Martha, Earth

Rowena, Tara, Angela, Me, Sophie and Jacqe

Nikki and Liz

 Dinner at Chocolate Fire!  We were full with breads and pasta! 

Chocolate Fondue after a sumptious meal!

I think I gained 5 pounds that night!  *laughs*  Oh well, the fun of makeup talk and food!  Life is too short to worry about calories!

Which among the limited edition (above) caught your attention?
The eye shadow palettes are definitely a MUST in my opinion!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Everything :) Hehehe! Because I just love chocolates.

    1. *sigh* the collection is perfect for girls like us who loves chocolates!

  2. What a fun event! And I love the collection, especially the palettes. They look scrumptious!

  3. Thanks again, Nikki girl! :D I had so much fun!!! Well, it's always nice to see and talk to you. Positive vibes all the way! :D mwah!

  4. oh, the eyeshadow palette is eye catching! it's gorgeous! :)

  5. Hello! :D Thank you Nikki. This is a really nice feature :) Hope you did enjoy yourself that evening


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