Saturday, October 27, 2012

AMW Reports: Marilyn Monroe by MAC Retail Event

Good day everyone!  Did you sleep well?  Well, today, I'm in a good mood as it's our 5th Wedding Anniversary!!!  Happy Anniversary to my super supportive best friend and husband --- Mr. AMW :)  And we can't ask for anything more but li'l AMW is the perfect gift we're both excited about!  Thank you Lord!

AMW Reports MAC's Marilyn Monroe Collection!  

It was that fateful Saturday and Sunday that I miraculously felt much better and I was bragging how I'm feeling much better!  Guess I spoke too soon as I went back to having morning sickness again but I'm staying positive it will be long gone SOON!

I was invited to check out the newly renovated MAC Glorietta Store by Kirsten and meet Owen Sarmiento for some quick tricks on how to do a perfect liner and red lips!

I immediately checked out the collection before it's gone!

Then I looked around the newly renovated store and I'm amazed!  Everything looks so neat and colorful! 

Doesn't this remind you of a MAC Pro Store?

Here's my super quick and easy makeover done by Owen!  I am obviously happy and super comfortable with the look!

Some of the makeups used  It was indeed a quick and easy look so let me share you some tips that I learned from Owen himself!

Owen prefers creating a perfect liner as it is without the various eyeshadow shades!  He used a matte colored paint pot to brighten up my lid area after concealing my undereye circles of course!  He then picked his favorite MAC eyeshadow in Ricepaper to prepare the lids on a quick yet perfect eyeliner application.

If you have bigger looking eyes, you can feel free to create thick liner with exaggerated winged look.  As for me with small eyes,  he advised me to go for thin, precise line that's close to the lash line and wing the liner only a bit.  I asked Owen if its alright to do the super thick liner most Kpop stars sport and true to my gut-feel, Owen says it may be great for Kpop stars but not advisable for regular "Janes" like us!

Before and After Marilyn Monroe Makeover
This is my kind of makeup!  Owen filled my brows and complimented how easy it is to shape my brows as it was full to start with!  Less than 5 minutes liner was done using the Marilyn Monroe Penultimate Eye Liner in Black.  Then a gorgeous soft matte coral blush from MAC Marilyn Monroe Blush in Legendary!  And the lips?  I've found the most comfortable red lipstick shade that suits my skin --- MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Charmed I'm Sure!

I gave Owen a huge hug for giving me a super quick, easy and wearable Marilyn Monroe Look!

MAC's Kirsten Brito, AMW and Phoebe 

Do you like my Marilyn Monroe daytime makeover?

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You look lovely :)

  2. I seriously have to visit MAC in glorietta asap! I miss going to glorietta already..



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    1. really? haven't been there for long? ang daming bago na! LOL I haven't been back for a while din!

  3. I can't wait to try the new Marilyn Monroe collection!

  4. I love the shade of your lippies.

    ~ Sweetstrings

    1. me too, I want to head back to purchase that shade, I hope its still available!

  5. ohhh, it's been a long while since i last visited MAC Glorietta. I wanna go soon! I'm waiting for the holiday collection, super excited!

    1. I agree, the holiday collection looks so girly!!! ang nice no!!!! *excited*

  6. MAC MAC MAC MAC!! *drools*
    I love your lip color.

    Oh, and happy anniversary to you guys! :)

    1. Thanks for the greeting and I love the lip color too!!!! *pouts* I felt bad I didn't purchase it, I was too busy loving my makeover! LOL


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