Thursday, October 25, 2012

AMW Wears: Regatta Clothing

Happy Thursday!  
Shopping, let me see, I haven't done some for the past 3 months!  I have been very sick and if I get the chance to go out, it'll be a super short trip as I can't stand or walk for long!

Last Saturday, there was a tiny window of me "feeling human" so I grabbed that opportunity to go out and trust me when I say, I felt like a bird that got out of the cage!  *laughs*

I went to MAC Store at Glorietta to check out the Marilyn Monroe Collection (will share that experience soon) and then off we went for a shopping trip!  I may have a closet full of clothes but I finally do have the right to say: "I don't have anything to wear!"   

I didn't gain much weight on my first trimester (I actually lose some!) but my tummy has a mind of its own, yes, the growing uterus and the growing li'l AMW makes me want to tear all my shorts and jeans apart! Each time I try to button my shorts/jeans, it makes me feel like throwing up!  *laughs*  Too much information eh?  Sorry!

Since I got an invite to take a look at Regatta store, I find it a perfect way to shop for bigger sized clothing comfortable enough for my "sexy bodeh's" needs!  *laughs*

Regatta isn't new to me as I have purchased a couple of their male shirts as a gift to my brothers!  I always find their designs to be in good taste!  With Mr. AMW by my side, I thought I'll be shopping more for him as I have this mindset that they cater more on males rather than females!

Don't you love it when I'm wrong???

Colorful menswear right in front of the doorstep!  And the lucky AMW 'family' is lucky enough to find most of their stuff on sale!  

 I was setting my eyes on the cute orange top for Mr. AMW!  Mr. AMW actually looks good in bright colored shirts!  (He just doesn't know that! :P)

On the left hand side of the doorstep, I saw cute, colorful belts, bags and wallets!

On the right side, I see some female clothing!  And mind you, I saw some gorgeous pieces I would love to try at first glance!  

The nice color blocking dress plus body mists!


More tops for guys on sale.

Looking back,  I am not surprised to find something my family would want!  They have different shades of shirts and different prints that would suit anyone's taste!

AMW in action!  I'm a quick shopper I tell you!

The gorgeous yellow/navy blue dress that I want!  They're on 50% sale but I gave it a miss!  *sad*  The sizes left are Extra Small and Small, though this one fitted me perfectly, I don't think I'll be able to wear this for the next 6 months!  So I focused on clothing that I can wear comfortably even during pregnancy.

(Looking back at this photo, I do feel a bit of regret for not getting this!  Don't you love how the navy blue portion hides my growing tummy?)

The cute green dress that immediately caught my eye as it was worn by the mannequin at the store's visual display!  I took home one size bigger so I can still wear this till my 2nd trimester!  I plan to wear this as a dress and once my tummy gets too big, I can wear this as a top with leggings!

Because I wanted to try a top but I was wearing a dress, I've decided to randomly pick a pair of shorts and guess what I saw?  Pastel colored shorts that I've been looking for!!!  I want all colors but I picked the shade that I do not own and it was the light yellow!

So yeah, good job, I got them both!  

 Tired yet happy after a quick shopping trip at Regatta.  Check out my shopping-mate!  *ahem*  Sorry Mr. AMW, he poses better than you! * winks*

I also picked a couple of shirts for Mr. AMW, he's too shy to have his photo taken.  :)


So far, I left the store feeling happy with my purchase and the price points aren't bad!  They definitely have clothing for everyone and their staffs are super helpful!  

Check out their Website to know more about their collection.

Visit Regatta stores at Alabang Town Center, Greenbelt 3, Glorietta 3, Trinoma, SM The Block, Eastwood Mall, Gateway Cubao, SM Southmall, Robinsons Place Ermita, SM Fairview, SM Calamba.

Which among the items I bought is your favorite?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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  2. You look so happy on your photos! :) Aww, sayang yung yellow/navy blue dress, bagay na bagay sayo! I love the top that you bought because it looks so comfy. Grabe you look so sexy pa rin kahit preggy :)

    1. Sis oo ng amedyo nagsisi ako nung binoblog ko siya! Pero no choice! hahaha sakto siya sa akin eh! so isang month lang siguro lumipas di na siya kakasya! thanks sis! Ngayon lang, kasi may morning sickness! hintay mo pag wala na, lalamon ako!

  3. Sis! u still look so gorgeous!!! i think u can fit into any of my clothes even when you are on full term :S

    1. sister, you are so good to me! hehehe thanks for saying so but I don't agree with you!!! hahahaha

  4. ang cute mo sa pics ms Nikki! love that all of your choice has some pop of color

    1. Sis I love colors! hihihi thanks for the compliment!

  5. you're great at matching clothes.. @_@
    I wish you could teach me how. D;


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