Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AMW Reviews: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Liner in WH-1

How's the second day of the week treating you?  
Don't we all dislike it when we look tired and sleepy during the day?  
One of the many few requests I get from clients are the following: 
  • I want to look wide awake.
  • I want to look like I have 8 hours of sleep.
  • Can you make my eyes bigger?
During the 70's, makeup artists would probably say: "Yeah right!  That's impossible!"  At present, aren't we lucky there are so many beauty products for us to at least "fake it"? :D

One secret weapon for eye brightening ---
White Eyeliner Pencil

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Liner in WH-1

Maybelline says ---
Bolder smoother.  Unlike any other.  Experience the power of cream with top-to-bottom glide.  Experience the new generation of liner.
  • Oil-free cream formula holds the highest concentration of pigments for more intense eye drama.
  • Smudge-proof and waterproof for 16 hours.
  • Most intense line for lasting drama.
  • Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist tested.
  • Contact lens safe.
AMW says ---
  • Inexpensive.
  • No need to sharpen.
  • Pigmented.
  • Doesn't irritate my eyes.
  • The pencil could get a bit hard.  (Read tips below on how to warm up eye pencils.)
Pigmented.  No need to sharpen.  Inexpensive.

  • Before applying any liner on your water line, wipe the extra tears with a clean cotton bud first.
  • Keep in mind that a little goes a long way, applying too much will make it look fake.
  • If the pencil feels a bit too rough on your sensitive eyes, rub the pencil gently onto your hands to "warm up" the product first before you apply it on your waterline.
  • Scroll down on photos below on various ways on how to use the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Liner in White.
  • For professional use:  Please wipe the tip of the liner with makeup wipes to prevent irritating your clients' sensitive eyes.
  • To make your eyeshadow pop, you can use the white liner pencil as your eyeshadow base.
  • For a more natural "bright eye" look, finish up by applying dark brown or black eyeliner near the lash line.  This method will make the eyes appear larger.
  • If the color white is too harsh against your skin, use a light pink or beige colored pencil.
  • Do this extra step in makeup removal to prevent eye irritations: Clean the waterline with clean cotton bud dipped with very gentle eye makeup remover.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who's on a budget and wants to try good quality white liner pencil.

Where to purchase and how much?
Local Maybelline counters for Php359.00 (approx $8.54).


Product well-sealed upon purchase

The total length of the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Liner
Since a little goes a long way, this may last me more than 3 months!

Swatch on hand using light-hand application

Used as brow highlighter
After sweeping a good amount onto the brow bone, gently blend it with a brush or clean fingers.

The pencil can also be used to apply 
on the inner corners of your eyes.

Applied on waterline

Overall effect

How would you use your Maybelline Eye Studio Master Liner in White if you own one?
I personally love using this for my waterline as it stays and gives my eyes the healthy, wide-awake look even with insomnia!  As for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners of my eye, I still prefer my Benefit High Brow, though way pricier, it's perfect shade works so well in brightening those areas!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product received for PR purposes.  Review 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. I used to own a white eyeliner but I rarely reached for it - I simply love black liner. I don't know why but it looked weird on me? I just applied it on my waterline. You're probably right about not putting too much of it though - that could be the culprit!

    1. Yes applying too much gives a super weird appearance! I get what you mean!

  2. that's a sweet product. would definitely try it out ;)

    1. I'm sure you'll love it! BTW< love your profile photo!

  3. It did a great job on the waterline! I wish they had fleshy tones so I can get away with looking awake without anyone figuring out it's a makeup trick :)

    1. I agree, that's once product quite difficult to find. I know Stila has the fleshy tone that we both want but I haven't checked Stila local counters pa :d

  4. What a nice and versatile product! And so cheap too!

    1. I am happy Maybelline is creating better quality products!


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