Friday, November 9, 2012

The Newest Revlon ColorStay LongWear Nail Enamel Review

Happy Friday fellow nail polish addicts!
Look who's back!  Well not exactly!  I haven't been using much nail polish for the past 4 months not because of the ingredients but I can't handle the scent!  Thank goodness my pregnancy hormones have settled down a bit so I'm okay swatching!

My sister test drove the newest Revlon ColorStay LongWear Nail Enamel and I used the same ColorStay line for my mom's toenails (I used face mask by the way and felt so professional!  *laughs*).  After a month of testing, I'm ready to give my thoughts on these!

Revlon says ---
Colorstay nail color formula is fortified with unique ingredients that provide high impact color and gel-like shine in fashion forward range of shades and finishes. This technology is based on a unique combination of resin and high molecular weight polymers designed to provide flexible, shatterproof color with excellent color retention and gloss. 
**Note: When worn with Colorstay base and top coat.

Available in 32 shades.

AMW says ---
  • Great range of shades.
  • The polish is free from the Big 3! (Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde and Toluene)
  • Very pigmented.
  • Inexpensive.
  • If applied correctly, the polish is indeed long lasting.  Can last more than a week!
  • Polish effect is smooth with loads of shine even without top coat.
  • Some polish shades may not be as pigmented as the other. 
Good pigmentation and consistency.  Has a wide range of shades.  Drying time = Just like any other normal polishes.  What's the biggest selling point?  Free from Big 3 and price isn't bad.

  • Best to apply any nail polish with a base and top coat to protect your nails from yellowing and chipping.
  • Application should be done without the presence of a fan.
  • Since the flat brush is wider, be careful in application as it tends to deposit more polish then regular polish brush.  Wipe off excess polish at the mouth of the polish bottle prior to application.
  • Keep in mind to apply first coat on fingers then immediately continue on second coat after.  It is best not to wait too long for the first layer to dry to proceed to the 2nd layer.
  • 1 layer is enough for a more toned down shade.
  • Roll the polish between your hands instead of shaking it to prevent bubbles.
  • Do not wash your hands 30 minutes prior to polish application.  The water that evaporates from your nail bead is one suspect to nail polish bubbles.
  • Do not forget the "wrapping" method to make polish last longer. (Wrapping method: Apply polish on nails including the tip.)
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I've always been a fan of Revlon polishes.  I used to buy them in Hong Kong.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Nail polish lovers!  Those who prefer the flat brush for easier application.

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Revlon counters for Php325.00 (approx $7.74).


 The unique brush of the newest Revlon ColorStay LongWear line

Side view.  Not too thick nor too thin.  The brush is shaped just right.

The shades I got for review.

L-R Marmalade, Fall Mood, Rich Raspberry, Stiletto and Midnight
  • Marmalade - bright orange shade that would be great for both toenails and fingernails!  Perfect for an instant "boost" of optimism.
  • Fall Mood - this shade is not for everyone.  I know I am one of the few who dislikes glittery polish as it tends to be harder to remove.  As for this particular shade, this can be an exception as it is a nice champagne-shade that would work well on both formal and informal events.
  • Rich Raspberry -  a very playful shade that works beautifully especially on your toenails!  The shade is very girly and I can totally imagine myself drawing flowers on top of the polish base.
  • Stiletto - this shade should be applied in 2 coats as 1 coat will show unevenness.  This particular matte black shade has a glossy finish even without top coat.  
  • Midnight - this particular shade may be called midnight but it doesn't remind me anything of midnight at all!  Each time I see this particular shade, I think of mermaids and ocean (excuse the super creative mind *winks*).  The shade is quite unique and reminded me of a shade I got from OPI (sorry forgot the name).  This particular shade too must be applied with 2 coats for a more even application.

Top: Applied with 2 coats
Bottom: Applied with 1 coat.  Gives an opaque effect.

Revlon ColorStay LongWear Nail Enamel also came up with their own base and top coat!  I have used the regular Revlon Top Coat for years prior to my addiction on Zoya and so far, I remember they've been really good so I bought a couple of backups each time I visit Hong Kong.

As for now, I can't give you an in-depth review yet but I will definitely test them out once I'm fine and will share my thoughts on these 2 products!  

Please keep in mind that whatever polish brands you use, it is very important to invest on a base coat to protect your nails from yellowing and a top coat, to keep polish longer whether you are domesticated or not! *winks*


Have you tried any Revlon Nail Lacquers in the past?
Which among the 5 shades would you purchase base on swatch alone?
Base on swatches alone, I would go for Fall Mood in an instant as it looks classy yet the extra glittery texture makes it young and unique!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow! the brush size looks great! I like all these colors :D

    1. Thanks, I love the brush size and I love all colors too!

  2. I love the colors! especially the pink and the orange! xMarina

  3. Beautiful colours! I especially love midnight!

  4. yum. am liking the marmalade, am wondering its longevity

    1. So far, longevity is good, can last me good week with good base and top coat!

  5. I always wash my hands before nail polish application..i didn't know that it might cause bubbles..thanks for the tip!


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